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09:55 AM on 07/22/2008
Irony, parody, satire, blah, blah, blah. If only that defense had been available in 2006, George (don't call me macaca) Allen most likely would have won in VA.

We'll continue hearing a lot of racial and ethnic "satire" for the rest of the year.
10:53 AM on 07/22/2008
Yeah I'm from have a point!! I just think its is so apropos right now that you mentioned Va in relation to racism!! I think Va once again may "take a stand" against it!! We'll see Nov. 4th!!
Former Marine, Liberal, Student, Trader
09:47 AM on 07/22/2008
This guy needs to be kicked out of office.
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09:38 AM on 07/22/2008
Domination, oppression, and intolerance: cornerstones of conservatism. What they fail to realize is that by their actions they prove evolution via devolution.
09:38 AM on 07/22/2008
Spreading hate & lies is NOT protected speech under the 1st. Amendment.
11:53 AM on 07/22/2008
I'm afraid it is. If not, there would be no KKK rallies.
09:37 AM on 07/22/2008
You would think John McCain would denounce Bryant's BS and tell him he does not want that type of support.

Bryant; however, fits right in with McCain's Campaign people ... Karl Rove, Steve Schmidt, Phil Gramm ...

Didn't Karl Rove orchestrate the 2000 Presidential Primary Commercial saying, "Would you be more likely or less likely to vote for John McCain for president if you knew he had fathered an illegitimate black child?"

A man's home is his castle
09:32 AM on 07/22/2008
I can't wait for Obama to get back and let loose some of his war against ignorance on this idiot.

He should demand an apology immediately.

I just donated to his opponent. Thanks for that link, jdenham.
Progressive thinker...
09:29 AM on 07/22/2008
That is such an outrageous attemp at smearing a VERY IMPORTANT candidate for the position of POTUS. How ignorant can some people be. This is a Congressman acting like a 4 year old. Outrageous.
09:27 AM on 07/22/2008
Typical Republican stuff. This is all they know. Pathetic.
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Ceci n'est pas un micro-bio
09:17 AM on 07/22/2008
Why do Repubs always have to act like something that has to be scraped off the bottom of your shoe?
12:18 PM on 07/22/2008
They're going to get much worse as we get closer to November. And the MSM will eat it up and exploit all the hate politics!
09:12 AM on 07/22/2008
You would think a State Senator would know better. Senator Kevin Bryant is a prime example of the small minded hate in the Republican Party. This man shows no respect for a US Senator and Presidential Candidate. This brings into question his Patriotism that he would disrespect a sitting US Senator.
Oh don't forget to help his opponent if you can.
09:26 AM on 07/22/2008
Well, the blog post is back up, but an e-mail to Bryant's official state senate address was bounced back. Apparently he can dish it out but can't stand to take it. What a creep!
10:53 AM on 07/22/2008
What a republican!!
Articulate AND Handsome (he believes!). ;)
10:06 AM on 07/22/2008
dr. meadors sounds like a great guy! i just sent his campaign $50.00. i hope some of the other readers here can too! we gotta stick together!
12:03 PM on 07/22/2008
I just made my donation!
09:10 AM on 07/22/2008
If anyone is missing the picture, The Repugnant party is reaching out to it's base: the dimwits of America; All 58 million of them according to 2004 election [ok, not all of them]. Those that the MSM politely refer to as the "uninformed" voters. Or as I prefer to call them voters in the double digit IQ.
The senator from NC is just playing the game of misleading the herd. He knows the answers to the questions asked of him but refuses to answer honestly. I mean Coooome Ooooon! He doesn't know what religion Senator Obama is affiliated with?
My micro-bio is a desolate wasteland
10:25 AM on 07/22/2008
The GOP base is not going to vote for Obama with or without this t-shirt. To most of the GOP faithful it is just funny, to the intelligent faithful it is savvy rhetoric, to the dim witted and over emotional in the GOP it feeds their fear of islam and liberals. However, that is not the real point.

The point is to b.s. the undecided. The truth does not matter and lying on the chance that this picture will push someone's bigot button and make them vote for McBush.........priceless.

Conservatives never really hated the totalitarian communist governments, they were jealous.
50yr old, Moderate-liberal in S.NJ/Phila
11:28 AM on 07/22/2008
whats going on with NC and SC these days - they've both been in numerous stories lately...seems the real weirdos are coming out in full force....if they are CRYING "TERRORIST"....they're BEATING THIER BUY-BULLS! Something in thier water?
11:56 AM on 07/22/2008
Don't worry about NC - it's going BLUE in the Fall for certain.
Buddy McCue
01:25 PM on 07/22/2008
It's pronounced "Bah-bull" in South Carolina, not "Buy-bull." Just so's ya know.
09:09 AM on 07/22/2008
Senator Bryant: "You know, blogs are for satire and whatnot and, um, that's why it's up." Does everyone remember the nonstop uproar and outrage from the republicans when had a 30-second video contest - in which One of the thousands of entries equated Bush with Hitler? To put it in terms they might understand, current republicans are possibly the sorriest, most malignant, bunch of hypocritical, extremist, Orwellian loons that have ever disgraced our earth. Guised with hidden agendas, they are on a successful brink (if not stopped in November) of purposely destroying everything our country once stood for. Further, I feel the same about Christianity as Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens did about Islam when he said "they have hijacked my religion." Does the Truth hurt, Senator Bryant? Probably not (now). But some special and glorious day will come. I am not referring to the one you and all the other "Bushies" think will be so welcoming - though it will be. I am referring to a day that what will come after - when your excuses of satire, and their claims of (destructive) works done in a certain name, will fall on deaf ears.
08:50 AM on 07/22/2008
Well, one real difference is that Osamas' relatives are great friends of the Bush family!
11:02 AM on 07/22/2008
Osama too!!
08:46 AM on 07/22/2008
What do you expect? He's a Republican. Their idea of political discourse is cheap shots and schoolyard taunts. Most of the Republicans I know have the mentality of a sixth grader.
08:48 AM on 07/22/2008
You can't beat good old fashion racism.