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12:39 PM on 07/23/2008
Well, maybe if McSame didn't repeat the same old tired lines and actually had something to say, the press might cover him. As it stands now, he says the same garbage over and over, even repeating the same lies and mistakes.
Independent thinker.
12:37 PM on 07/23/2008
"I'm a big boy" Then grow up.
"Let us march on 'til victory is won"
12:33 PM on 07/23/2008
A flip flopper on EVERYTHING! Better save that money used on the "press passes"--oh, they serve as true evidence that the Mc campaign has been whinning.
12:33 PM on 07/23/2008
the teakettle is just about to blow, sit back and watch...................
12:56 PM on 07/23/2008
GOD i hope you are right!
Just an earthbound misfit, I
12:29 PM on 07/23/2008
"Nothing to see here, Katie. Move along."
12:32 PM on 07/23/2008
well, it's not like the media is getting 'leg tingles' over him or anything...
12:23 PM on 07/23/2008
So the new ads from Macinbush about the media being in love with Obama just happened to show up when he knew that Obama would be in the spotlight in the media wile on the trip Mac pushed him on? Timing is everything and so is a correct timeline. It seems like whenever Mac makes a flub/gaffe/goof he has to make funnies and lie about what he said. The "I never said that" has gotten really old when there is video or print/transcript of him saying what he said. Reminds me of Bush and how he played that game. The other thing that is getting tired is the surrogates saying one thing when he says another or the surrogate explanation where the person comes out after the gaffe and explains it to us in a way that tries to make what Mac said as normal but with wrong words. I want the same microscope that is used on Obama to be used on Mccain all the time. Why anyone can defend and support Mccain is beyond me when facts are what they are. He has voted againest bills for the vets and did not support the new GI Bill even though he and bush have tried to rewrite hisstory on that one.
12:21 PM on 07/23/2008
"I'm a big boy." "I think its fun to watch." Yeah, right.
12:19 PM on 07/23/2008
someone get the hankies
12:17 PM on 07/23/2008
Mvvain got scared because his crying of the media has resulted in more of his gaffes being played over and over on MSM. Becareful what you wish for Mcsane!.
Proud Reagan Republican to Indy and Back!
12:14 PM on 07/23/2008
Well, I'm sure he must be slightly peeved that even a potential Obama VP (on the list) avoids MSM coverage of the most recent scandal.
12:14 PM on 07/23/2008
I've never seen a candidate say so many times that different people on his staff don't speak for him. Scary. Why are they on his staff? So many people have had to be fired or just plain quit. I guess in the end it could ruin many careers if they had to explain why they supported him.

When my 8 year old grand daughter wanted to know what we were talking about and we discussed with her the Iraq war and what got us there - when we explained the atrocities of how horrible the circumstances were for the soldiers - with the lack of clean water and decent food and housing. When we discussed what this election was about - she understood - better than most adults. And with the wisdom of a child, she asked, "Why isn't our government doing the right thing?" The concept wasn't difficult for her, but it sure is difficult for many adults.
12:02 PM on 07/23/2008
Poor Mini Me...I mean, he's little, angry, saddled with a whiney voice, my friends. The press has been very kind to him but now that he's not the flavor of the day, he's hurt! And jealous. His "hero" status has been placed on the back burner - not that being a "hero" should be a criteria for President (I mean, Duke Cunningham was a real "hero" and I think he's now in prison).

Keep whining! Now, that is fun to watch.
Professional science fiction/fantasy writer
11:58 AM on 07/23/2008
Flip-Flopper, meet Flipper, meet McCain.
We call it Revolution!
11:52 AM on 07/23/2008
Hey, john, the wheels of the straight talk express are flying off everytime you open your mouth. From an Obama supporter, all I can say is Thank You!!!!!
11:48 AM on 07/23/2008
"Who is this mumbling idiot that thinks Czechoslovakia is still a country and wants to keep our troops for 100 years in a place he doesn't even know the basic geography of.....whoever he is, he's certainly fun to watch, it's like watching a train wreck, you can't look away."

"Sir, that's you."

"Oh...not so fun anymore."
11:58 AM on 07/23/2008
They'll still try anything to make you believe there's a real horse race going on.