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12:53 PM on 12/15/2011
Maybe I'm stupid but I would NEVER EVER give up my pet for no man, no matter what especially if the dog was there first.
12:19 PM on 12/15/2011
there is no harm in acquiring a hunting dog, or a guard dog to protect one’s sheep or property. [Al-Hadiyyah al-’Alaiyyah 347]

It is related by Abu Huraira (Allah be well pleased with him) that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Whoever acquires a dog, with the exception of a dog for hunting, or guarding sheep, or protecting the harvest, then a large portion of his reward will be diminished every day.” [Reported by Bukhari and Muslim]

Abu Talha relates (Allah be well pleased with him), that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “The angels do not enter a house that has a dog or a picture.” [Reported by Bukhari and Muslim]
10:21 AM on 12/15/2011
There are several issues here:

1) Muslims should not expose their sins to others. If someone chooses to do something Haram, they should not brag about it on the Internet.

2) When something is clearly Haram, one should not state that it is permissible.

3) One should not encourage others to commit the same sin. Otherwise, the share of sin of the others will fall on the one committing the sin.

4) We should not pick and choose our hadith to suit our needs. Islam should be taken as a whole.

5) We should not claim that we are a Muslim scholar, when the basics of purity and impurity have not clearly been understood.
Stacy Ann Tucker
Liberal with a capital "L"
02:32 PM on 12/15/2011
Puncastle, I don't always agree with you, but I think you've educated a lot of Muslims and non-Muslims about the trickiness of Hadith interpretation. It also illustrates why change is very difficult in Islam. People like this author and some HPers (like Tolerant) try to use some Hadith to justify a more modern view of life, however there is a strong tendency in the Muslim Community to rely on traditional interpretations because of the points you made above.

The problem is: how can a community move into the modern era with such constraints? I don't have any answers, which is partially why I an no longer Muslim. I continue to struggle with the issue because I feel that it is at the crux of the conflict between Islam and other cultures and that affects everyone, Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
06:32 PM on 12/15/2011
To the modern, progressive, Islam may seem backwards. And I agree. It's because Muslims are pursuing something that is not immediately tangible. We live in a society where people have no patience. Computers are so fast, but we want results faster. Therefore, expecting a reward in the afterlife may be too difficult for some. However, if we look at the bigger picture, there is nothing in this world that can compare with the reward of the afterlife and there is no suffering in this world that can compare with the suffering of the afterlife.

On the Day of Judgement, God will take the person who enjoyed life the most in this world and will immerse him for a single moment in the Hellfire and will then ask him, "Did you have any enjoyment when you lived on earth?" The man will answer, "I have never enjoyed anything". He will then take the person who suffered the most in his life on earth and will immerse him in Paradise for a single moment and will then ask him, "Did you ever suffer in your life on earth?" and the man will answer, "I have never suffered."

We have lots of technology and entertainment, but in the end, it is nothing.

God states in the Qur'an: "Surely We have made whatever is on the earth as a glittering display for them, so that We may try them (as to) which of them is best in works." (18:07)
08:24 PM on 12/20/2011
one of the problems with your comments is that there are so many people interpreting the koran and sunna and mo's word differently, it's so crazy complicated, that one knows for sure what to believe.
Rosella Alm
magic is everywhere..look
09:30 PM on 12/14/2011
My dog lies beside me as I read this incredible b**l s**t. Makes me so happy that I learned some critical thinking skills, and a big plus, that I was not born a Muslim. Dogs are wonderful companions, usually more loyal than humans, completely uncritical of your political or social choices and they love you no matter how you look in the morning.
12:54 AM on 12/15/2011
You should have taken your "critical thinking skills" and actually read the article before posting an inflammatory comment. Dr. Mattison clearly states her pet dog is a blessing for her family.
09:00 PM on 12/14/2011
The position of Muslim scholarship on dogs contains two key issues. The issue of ritual purity is noted; however, the base issue of having a dog at all is neglected. Though the schools differ on the inherent purity of the animal, they are in agreement that a dog should only be kept for securing agricultural property, possibly by an extension to other types of wealth, and for hunting. What dogs clearly should not be used for is human companionship in the form of caring/keeping dogs as a replacement or test for caring/keeping children; eating dinner with them; dressing them in outfits, sleeping with them, etc. Muslims have an animal that can be used for companionship, this animal is known as a cat, as is mentioned in many religious texts.

"FrenchKissed," mentions how can Shadia pull the religious trick out the hat when she is covered in tattoes? This is exactly why I disagree with Ms. Mattson's comment that the TLC show is a good way for people to see Muslims. From my understanding of the show, the people on it do not follow the principles of Islam; they are more just representing certain aspects of Lebanese/American culture that have nothing to do with Islam much of the time. I think the show should be called something else, because most Muslims that I know are african-american or pakistani/afghani, and neither groups receive any recognition on a show labeled "All-American Muslims,"
Abdul-Halim Vazquez
10:33 AM on 12/15/2011
The Canadian "version" is called Me the Muslim Next Door and is much more culturally, racially diverse in terms of the Muslims it portrays.
10:44 AM on 12/15/2011
The show is not intended to teach people about Islam. The show is to show the lives of American Muslims. Since all five families are Lebanese Shi'a from Dearborn; it is not an accurate portrayal of all Muslims in America. However, it is a representation of many Muslims living in America.
03:44 PM on 12/17/2011
I would hesitate to even say it represents many Muslims in America. Like the poster said, it is a group of Lebanese Shi'a's...they dont even remotely represent the rest of the Muslims in this country.
06:12 PM on 12/14/2011
Fantastic. I can't thank you enough for this article. I have never questioned the "no-dogs rule" And now; I wish I had! Very enlightening and reminding us of the beauty of ALL God's creatures. Thank you again :)
10:27 AM on 12/16/2011
Sr. Ingrid is not a Sheikha or 'Alima. She is just voicing her own opinion on the matter. It is neither a fatwa or a green light to keep dogs as pets.

Please seek knowledge regarding the deen from a qualified 'Alim and not from HuffingtonPost.
11:37 AM on 12/16/2011
Please read my comment CAREFULLY. I stated I had never questioned the rule before, not that I was going out to get a dog. After reading this article I did a lot of reseach contacted Bilal Philips through a relative and discussed it at a study circle. I won't follow any scholar or author blindly without evidence and rational logical explanation.

You do not need to remind me where my fatwas come from.
08:47 AM on 12/30/2011
Do Sister Ingrid have to be a Sheikha or 'Alima to know how to reason with sound logic and good common sense? There is not priesthood in al-Islam. And I am so tired of those who always feel like they have to put the "holy warning" before me by saying I have to defer the use of my brains and common senses to a "sheikh". There are those to take the "sheikh's and 'alim" for their object of worship. I don't. Everytime I am in a qur'anic discussion those of that type they can't find confidence in their ownselves without saying "they are not a sheikh". Do we have to be a sheikh to understand the guidance that's in the Qur'an? Allah guides whom He pleases and Allah is always teaching us for any who is regardful, so says Allah in the Qur'an. It did not put a qualifier before me saying unless I become a Sheikh first, or it will be thru the sheikh. It only says that I must have TAQWA, regard-fullness for G'd.

This is not necessary an attack on your orientation if that's what you are comfortable with. I am only addressing this in general terms because I have always advocated that dogs are not allowed in the house. I thought some of the points that Sister Ingrid made were made with good reasoning. I heard her do interviews before and she comes across as a very balanced and informed Sister with good understanding.
See perfection in every situation
06:03 PM on 12/14/2011
"So what is the Islamic position about dogs?"


See this by an eminent scholar of Islamic Law, Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl:

"Chapter 80 of The Search for Beauty in Islam The Lord of the Essence: A Fatwa on Dogs"


He formulates his argument in a unique style.

The Muslims by and large have a wrong view about dogs, which provide great benefits to humankind in terms of sniffing out drugs and other material, search and rescue, guide for the blind, etc.

The Muslims have dug a lot of holes over the past 1400 years.

And their general opposition to dogs is one of them.
Damn Damien
01:57 PM on 12/15/2011
Couldn't agree more.

I would like to add...

"The ____ by and large have a wrong view about dogs..."

Instead of 'dogs,' you should have said 'gods.'

"The ____ have dug a lot of holes over the past 1400 years."

Need help getting out of the "holes"? Always ready to help.
05:12 PM on 12/14/2011
all I know is she knew very damn well that he had a dog for the few years they dated and got married but didnt care. why didnt she state the fact that dogs are dirty before getting married and that she would make him give it up afterwards. that poor dog had already been abandond once at about 5 years old when jeff took over and now in an old age where he only has several months or a year left to life as old as he is, gets abandoned again not knowing whats going on and dies of a broken heart all while jeff admits, that dogs been there for me all throughout my tuff times, hardships and when I was "alone" hmmmmm makes you think of priorities.
04:20 PM on 12/14/2011
While we have attention to this issue, can the complainants or somebody in Dearborn (Lowe’s maybe?) do something constructive for the aged dog (and other dogs) shown in this week’s traumatic "American Muslim" episode? Jeff and Shadia were moving in together and this entailed this heartless couple leaving Jeff’s 15 year old dog at a "farm" with a pack of dogs; hardly a place for an aging domestic animal who needs individualized attention. This dog has been left to people (kind-hearted hoarders) that have so many dogs and vet bills (or should have high vet bills by the amount of dogs and their conditions) that the dog will hardly have a quality final years. I can still see the dog with its tail down, looking forlornly through the gates as Jeff took off in his car. Even Shadia's mother knew a dog is like a child. This dog has been haunting me. This has nothing to do with race, creed, or religion. It is an act of extreme coldhearted abandonment that should be addressed by the citizens of Dearborn or others out there.
03:28 PM on 12/14/2011
Very interesting and thoughtful.
03:13 PM on 12/14/2011
I think ol' Jeff might be reconsidering some decisions he's made.
The Left is not Liberal
07:47 PM on 12/14/2011
One can only hope. I met a man once who had married a Persian woman. He said that "within 15 minutes" after the ceremony he knew he had made a mistake.
10:22 AM on 12/15/2011
Or like when that Bahraini princess married an American soldier and they got divorced two weeks later.
02:46 PM on 12/14/2011
I'm a fan of the show, but last week's episode really upset me because of poor Wrigley. How can a woman with magenta hair and her whole back tattooed cite religion as a reason for making her husband give up his dog. And she showed no signs of asthma or allergies driving in a van with the dog to the sanctuary they dumped her at or at the house for that matter.

He should have dumped the wife and kept his loyal dog. If she is so uncaring about her husband that she would insist on such a horrible thing, she will be a terrible wife. The whole thing was so tragic, it made me cry.
10:23 AM on 12/15/2011
That's the problem with society. People care about animals more than they care about other humans. Only in America, do people undress their women but dress up their dogs.
04:26 PM on 12/15/2011
If she cared about about her husband, she wouldn't ask him to give up the dog. If the dog was intolerant of the new wife and growled or snapped at her, I'd say giving up the dog was in order.

But yes, I'm the kind of person who puts a sweater on my dog when he's cold, and I'm more than happy to undress a woman if she doesn't object to it. I would, somewhat reluctantly, choose my husband over my dog, but I had enough sense to marry a man who loves animals. In fact, one of the things that made me fall in love with him was the kindness he showed towards my dogs.
Cuidado!!! Llamas!!!
08:33 PM on 12/15/2011
You just really don't understand this world, do you? And you don't seem to like it either.
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In memory of Josef Zawinul
12:36 PM on 12/14/2011
Dog is my copilot.
The Left is not Liberal
07:48 PM on 12/14/2011
The world is run by cats; we just feed them.
12:25 PM on 12/14/2011
If the Qur'an finds dogs acceptable, it is difficult to see why Muslims would not. The Bible, of course, finds slavery acceptable, so my argument has just died a quick death.
12:14 AM on 12/15/2011
It's not that the Qur'an says that dogs are unacceptable. The Hadith state that dogs can only be used for protection, guarding livestock or hunting; but not to be kept inside the house as pets.
07:19 AM on 12/15/2011
I was discussing this a few hours ago and my friend said the same thing. but it begs the question, what about domesticated dogs? In today's society there are 100s and 100s of dogs who CANNOT cope on their own and need a home and need to be cared for. What is our Islamic duty? We are stewards of this Earth and are supposed to care for it and all the beautiful creatures within it.
Seriously, it's time.
10:43 AM on 12/14/2011
So - it's no dogs, but bangladeshi slaves are fine.
It's nice to have everything all sorted out, superstition-wise
07:20 AM on 12/15/2011
Sorry, who said bangladeshi slaves are fine? :-S
01:31 AM on 01/23/2012
saudi arabia