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06:30 PM on 12/13/2011
Sure lets train foreigners over american citizens ,how unamerican is this ! they also sell visa to investor foreigneers for 500K I think those were HB-5 visas or something like that .Time to fire these politicians and leaders that put others over americans first for training and jobs regardless of their political parties. ~ TRAIN AND EMPLOY AMERICANS FIRST ~ FIRE THE BAD POLITICANS TOUTING THIS NIGHTMARE LEGISLATION , CALL your local congressman or ownman and speak out against this !
06:28 PM on 12/13/2011
Seems to be a no brainer. Glad we all agree with the Senator from Colorado.
The Seventh Chakra, amazon
07:55 PM on 12/13/2011
Talk about brainn drain. As a Democrat, this just seems wrong on all aspects.
06:25 PM on 12/13/2011
I think we need to introduce the Congress and Senate reform bill. Lets make them responsible for the laws the create instead of opting them out . How about making them pay for College loans like the rest of us instead of it being free for them and their famlies. How about making them pay for their benefits like the rest of us. I think the biggest problem is that we let them get away with what ever they do and never stop them. After all it is our money and not theirs. They have already proved they cannot manage it very well.
06:18 PM on 12/13/2011
The xenophobia in this country has already benefitted the universities in other countries. Good luck on turning this around.
06:17 PM on 12/13/2011
We ave Americans that are looking for those same jobs, we have American students that wouldlike FREE schooling as immigrants get. Washington needs to concentrade on AMERICANS before all this stuff with immigrants, unless of course their money is cut off from our ax dollars. I for one, am tired of supporting immigrants.
There is no free lunch
06:12 PM on 12/13/2011
Hell, all the graduates in the schools of engineering and science are foreign born now. It doesn't appear they need government help !
Facts drive the GOP crazy...
06:12 PM on 12/13/2011
You do know there are american citizens who are also looking for those same jobs?
05:56 PM on 12/13/2011
Horrible idea. We are not in the business of rewarding criminal behavior with citizenship. This is about the stupidest thing I've read in hours (other than the fact that whats-hername--Armanapooh is leaving for CNN). This is NEWS? This should be a crime.
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05:49 PM on 12/13/2011
That's a great idea, we have Mexico as our breeding ground because it's too expensive to have babies in this country, $15,000 to $30,000 for a normal pregnency and a two day stay. Now we'll educate them overseas, much cheaper colleges, so we can have cheaper labor. We need to keep that wage rate down at all costs. Keep those H-I B and L visas going. We need to kill off that pesky middle class, they may wise up.
05:46 PM on 12/13/2011
Both ways Bill actually took a position? They Myans are correct the world is ending.