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08:06 AM on 07/26/2008
If the US government will pay me, I won't bring violence to my neighborhood.
06:00 AM on 07/26/2008
Obama policy is based on long-term plan to strengthen the U.S. military and NOT on the sad numbers of attacks and deaths. here or there
04:56 AM on 07/26/2008
the Surge killed more Iraqis

more Iraqis are dying then before the surge, check May.

all the surge has done is kill more Iraqis.

and yes, that makes it more peaceful.

Not only is the surge a failure,

it's another war crime.
06:50 AM on 07/26/2008
The average low information American voter doesnt care how many Iraqis die or have died. If they did, they would NEVER have voted Bush in 2004.
Bio Hazard!
08:10 PM on 07/26/2008
Unfortunately, low information American voters seems to be in the majority
03:10 AM on 07/26/2008
It's been a long time since I read the early reports of the administration bribing tribal leaders in Anbar Province, paying them enough to take care of their familial militias, providing otherwise jobless young men with cash. Some point after at the spontaneity of the so-called Awakening began to make headlines and bribes no longer made it into print.

Regardless of what you think of that, it's an effective short-term solution, albeit decidedly socialist for a Republican administration.

As they say, all's fair in love and war, even Republican socialism.

One wonders, one does, what the long-term solution is, as it remains to be seen if these Iraqi tribes will become self-sufficient or just a sponge off the American taxpayer, ad infinitum.
To live with a cat is to live with cat hair.
10:28 AM on 07/26/2008
There is one thing that Republicans know how to do well, BRIBERY.
03:06 AM on 07/26/2008
The judiciary committee concluded today that "intention" is the difference between poor policy and criminal actions. Did the administration intentionally deceive the Congrtess and American people by their omission of certain facts as reported by the intelligence community? Ironically, McCane also omits certains facts about the surge, in particular the anwar awakening which preceded the surge and which is generally credited with enabing the decrease in violence. Did McCane intentionally leave out that intelligence? If so, then can he be impeached even before he becomes president?
To live with a cat is to live with cat hair.
10:30 AM on 07/26/2008
"Did the administration intentionally deceive the Congrtess and American people by their omission of certain facts as reported by the intelligence community?"

02:23 AM on 07/26/2008
This is a pretty bad week for Mc CAIN...the surge is supposed to work but there is an assassination,
he wants oil drilling but there's been this accident on the Mississippi...Obama is overseas making a triumph there and Mc CAIN is having hard time trying to...i don't even know what he is trying to do but i do know that he is complaining(whinning?) over this success...
12:28 AM on 07/26/2008
I think Obama needs to get off the war. "It's the economy, stupid!" is how he will win the election, not on whether the war is or is not going badly.
12:16 AM on 07/26/2008
Don't worry, McCainiacs. The MSM will ignore this just like they did the timing of his plan to speak in Louisiana about the safety of coastal oil drilling--then cancelled because of the huge oil spill accident on the Mississippi.

Have no fear. The MSM is here.
JUSTICE always wins
12:32 AM on 07/26/2008
For sure. Only the choir hears this news. The Media will take care of spinning the news, IF they get reported.
12:55 AM on 07/26/2008
Yes and with friends like CBS who splice together their own hand picked pieces of your footage to answer questions asked by K-K-K-Katie, you'll be in good shape right through November.
11:49 PM on 07/25/2008

11:48 PM on 07/25/2008
Dear Sen. McCain,

Have you forgotten what you said yesterday?

Today you are saying if it weren't for the surge, "Al Qaeda would have killed the Sunni sheiks who had begun to cooperate with us, and the "Sunni Awakening" would have been strangled at birth."

Yesterday you said, ""Col. MacFarland had discussions and told the sheiks who asked for his protection and he provided it and that began the Anbar [Sunni] Awakening. Col. MacFarland, on his own, basically was going into Ramadi and clearing neighborhoods and holding those neighborhoods before almost anybody else was doing that. He deserves great credit."

It is a historical fact that in the Summer of 2006 when the sheiks met & formed an alliance to get rid of Al Qaeda, and in September 2006 the Col. MacFarland secured the Ramadi for the Sunni Awakening.

So which is it Senator McCain? Did the Surge (extra troops) give "birth" to the Sunni Awakening or Did MacFarland help give "birth" to the Sunni Awakening?

Get your facts straight Senator - I know you're old but COME ON!!!
11:32 PM on 07/25/2008
McCain, McCain, McCain.

If keeps saying that the Surge enabled U.S. Troops to "win the war" in Iraq. So if we "won", why are we still there, and why are suicide bombs still going off all over the country?

Obama has nothing to worry about on the issue of Iraq.

McCain is done!
VERY moderate Republican!
03:49 AM on 07/26/2008
I had not thought of it in your sort of light. For sure, have a look at Iraq, all phases: housing problems, employment problems, governmental problems, oil producing rip off by US problems, and still an very ineffective government. Even by Bush/McCain own assessment rules, the whole situation is dire. But never expect either one, Bush or McCain to vocalize any problems that still exist in Iraq. No admission of a problem and you can be sure no one will work to correct the problem. Sad state of affairs. Really, they lie to themselves, looks like. The very worst kind of lying, ie self-delusional assessments.
To live with a cat is to live with cat hair.
10:35 AM on 07/26/2008
"they lie to themselves" ???

I don't think so. They know full well what they are doing, and they think they can fool the public by spinning their lies in the MSM.
10:10 PM on 07/25/2008
McCain: "look, I don't know who told you that there was a bombing in Iraq - its just not true - didn't I already say we have suceeded in Iraq? We have suceeded in Iraq. Now we can come home in victory and honor - there is nothing more the American people need to know"
10:02 PM on 07/25/2008
McCain is a truly dangerous man.
09:10 PM on 07/25/2008
McCane must now feel like true doo-doo covered with dingleberry sauce!
author/radical/dragon master
10:02 PM on 07/25/2008
Perhaps he would if he was able to comprehend what is actually going on--"those situation on the ground" factors he keeps talking about with such lack of understanding.

And if the MSM would actually cover this--then there might be a little egg added to his bratwurst to wipe off his face.
10:07 PM on 07/25/2008
It takes a certain amount of insight to feel that way, Dr. Demon. McCain lacks it.

Part of the mental status exam given to people in psychiatric emergency rooms around the world asks whether the person is aware that something has gone wrong with him or her. Does the person have a sense that things are amiss? Does he or she have the ability to see himself or herself clearly. If that's missing, if the person refuses to see that he or she is surrounded by a psychiatric emergency room for a reason, the person is usually not allowed to go home because he or she cannot manage the activities of daily liviing.

McCain has idicated that he is not capable of appreciating the fact that he is in deep doodoo.
11:00 AM on 07/26/2008
lol - Informative, but with a comical slant! I luv it!
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08:58 PM on 07/25/2008
Do you think al Qaeda issues arabic press releases applauding themselves for killing 'the second in command of 'al Ameriqaya in Iraq' everytime the get a bigshot?

Enquiring minds want to know.
10:11 PM on 07/25/2008
The article doesn't say who the killers were.

At first, a car bomb.... then a bomb exploded ... and now a female siucide bomber.
"... the target was Naim Abdul Jabbar al-Dulaimi, the leader of an Awakening militia group in western Baquba, according to Abu Muhammed, one of the militia leaders. Mr. Dulaimi was killed, he said, when the bomb detonated at 6 p.m. in front of the Rukn al-Azam restaurant, a popular hangout for Baquba policemen nestled among a crowded marketplace."

Incidently; Why was al-Dulaimi supposedly "pro-American"?
That seems odd?