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01:29 AM on 12/23/2011
This is written as though Tebow is only thankful to God during times of victory or success. So many critics/people seem to be anticipating his failure in the game of football so that they can say things like, "I told you he would never be a good quarterback...." or things like, "God must not favor him anymore.....because the Patriots stomped him...." etc. etc. etc. But I think that those who really pay attention will find that he gives God praise and glory in victory just as he does in defeat. I hope Tebow is successful with football, and he has already proven (through hard work and God given talent) that he can win at this game. He has done just that through four years of college and now a relatively interesting and successful NFL career. It would appear to be more than just luck over all these years. And while he gives God glory for his talent, he doesn't just sit on a couch and wait for it to be bestowed upon him. He has taken what he has been given and made it more through extremely hard work. In actions and words, Tebow has said that the game of football is not what is most important. The "Almighty" may not care about the outcome of football games, but he does care about the outcome of our lives. In the end, I believe Tebow's success might be even more apparent in times of failure.
04:04 PM on 12/23/2011
i agree. so many speak without knowing...
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12:45 AM on 12/23/2011
I think it's ADMIRABLE that the man kneels and expresses his religion without FORCING it on others. Pentecostal women chose to wear skirts, Muslim women coverup parts of their body, and Tim Tebow prays openly. Why does that make you uncomfortable?
11:26 PM on 12/22/2011
as long as he is a christian he can get by with this show of the ego.

let it be another religious expression and he would not be playing football in the NFL.

americans believe in free speech as long as it is christian free speech.
11:24 AM on 12/23/2011
Right, because Americans have never embraced athletes of other faiths, except, oh, Sandy Koufax, Hank Greenberg, Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Ahmad Rashad, Hakeem Olajuwon, Sid Luckman, Sarah Hughes, Mark Spitz, Tiger Woods and countless others.

Interestingly, Muslim and Jewish leaders in the Denver area have come out in support of Tebow and his public acts of acknowledging God.
Are you people for real?
10:55 PM on 12/22/2011
This has gotten to be an old subject but it's also one of the most obvious examples of the backlash against Christianity. You know if Tim Tebow did these things then was found to be on steriods, spend his nights in a drunken rage beating women, or bragging about his abilities it would almost make sense. No one likes self righteousness and that's what it would be. However the self righteousness of the writer is very evident and the disclaimers he or she (I couldn't tell) don't exempt him or her from it. Tim Tebow was the quarterback for the best team in college football for years and thus the one with the most national exposure, he's a good looking man, yet somehow he made it through college without ever being exposed as a hypocrite. With all of that I imagine there was alot of temptation and there aren't alot of 18-22 years olds that could do it. His acknowledgement of God isn't because he thinks God will win the game for him, it comes from being thankful for the abilities God has given him. There were never this many negative articles written about the players of the past who have raped, been busted for drugs, gone on drunken rages, or been caught with steroids. This isn't an attack on Tebow it's an attack on Christianity. As is regularly pointed out, would anyone say anything if he were muslim?
12:29 AM on 12/23/2011
Very well written. Couldn't agree more
04:11 PM on 12/23/2011
your totally right. I like that he expressess his love and devotion to God. There is nothing wrong with praying openly. He is striving to have a holy life and I for one proclaim this often. America is dead in sin and will be judged. We need to get back in right standing with God. We truly need to repent and turn from our wickedness. This is why so many come againest him. They are shamed with his holiness. I'm a christian and i like seeing boldness. We need more of that.
I am, and forever remain, at your service.
09:52 PM on 12/22/2011
Prayer is a very private thing to me. Public displays tend to make me uncomfortable as, in Matthew, we are instructed to "pray in secret". I'm trying my best to avoid spiritual pride, but that is just my interpretation.
12:36 AM on 12/23/2011

I believe you are misinterpreting the text in Matthew and Tebow's motives. I can see your point, but Tebow has been doing this for 6-7 years now and everyone who knows him says he is genuine and the real deal. The text you are referencing in Matthew 6 is directed towards hypocrites.

Consider the following scripture as you continue your journey of faith. God bless.

Matthew 5:14 14 "You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.
15 Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house.
16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.
I am, and forever remain, at your service.
01:16 AM on 12/23/2011
I was only referring to myself and not Mr. Tebow's motives. And, thank you for reminding me of that chapter in Matthew. I'm not sure whether it's directed solely at hypocrites, however.
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12:15 AM on 12/24/2011
Well if that is what is truly meant by that verse in Matthew, then I am very displeased to learn that I just wasted every Sunday for 45 years by going to church. Perhaps I should seek legal advice regarding the $18,000.00 per year for 13 years (including K), PER child, that it cost to educate my children in a religious-based school, so that they would learn the meaning of community (including community worship).
I am, and forever remain, at your service.
01:44 PM on 12/24/2011
Oh, good Lord. Nothing like a rousing round self righteousness just in time for the holidays.
09:33 PM on 12/22/2011
I love it: "I'm not one to belittle another's faith..." the writer says while spending the rest of the column belittling Tebow's faith.

For the last time (okay, this won't be the last time, but for the latest time), when Tebow or any athlete kneels, prays, crosses himself, points to Heaven or otherwise acknowledges his faith, it's not an assumption that God is sitting there watching the game on HD waiting for a shout-out in order to bless a particular team.

People who have a close relationship with Jesus Christ (or any spiritual figure) acknowledge it in every aspect of life. If something wonderful happens to a relative, you give thanks. If medical tests come back in your favor, you give thanks. If you're about to go on an important job interview or take a test, you ask for the strength and wisdom to do your very best.

I'm amazed at supposedly intelligent people who come back with such a dopey "as if God didn't have anything better to do than..." argument.

That's not what it's about. People of faith are thankful for every blessing in their lives -- a touchdown, an A-plus on a test, a raise at work, a sunny day filled with happiness.

It's not that complicated. If you're really one to not belittle someone's faith, then let them practice their faith as they see fit. It's comical how uncomfortable some people get when they see someone, gasp, praying for a moment.
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08:17 PM on 12/22/2011
The problem is there is lots of preying in our society and our wars no one is worrying about very much...
As top dog predators we are feasting on ourselves way too much...
06:57 PM on 12/22/2011
young young mark... you haven't even done your research now really, have you? tebow has NEVER stated that he is chosen and therefore given divine preference in games. your explanation of the absolute irrelevance of football relative to the real issues we live in again negates the very value of what tebow has to express as a young man... the ability that faith (in whatever realm it exists... religion, sports, art, individuality) provides us the opportunity to enjoy a hopeful life experience. i see you suffer in light of the tragedies that exist within the world everyday... why not step back and enjoy the possibility that sport offers to a world devoid of hope? tebow is an optimistic story that offers a vision of life that doesn't succumb to negativity and nihilism. he most assuredly does not proselytize... taken a hard look at yourself, and also consider what you feel life holds for you... do you believe in hope? do you have any faith? good luck.
06:36 PM on 12/22/2011
Wow, you are smart! Maybe God privileges Tebow because he spends time in prayer with Him and has a relationship with Him. And He's God, He can do WHATEVER He wants WHENEVER He wants, at the same time!!! Wow! Isn't that awesome! Why don't you write for the comics in a newspaper because this article is a joke dude.
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12:37 PM on 12/29/2011
What about all of the other players that are Christian that Tebow is up against? Did they just not pray hard enough? Is God showing favoritism to Tebow over them? You act as if Tebow is the only Christian in a league full of heathens, when in fact the opposite is true. If you look at the bears game, Charles Tillman, who is the corner back for the Bears, is very vocal in the Chicago area about professing his faith and about how God helped save his little girls life (she had a heart defect that required a transplant). When the Broncos came back to beat the Bears, does that mean that God is recognizing Tebow's work over Tillman's? Most pastors I have met will tell you that God loves everyone equally, because of that, you have to assume that God doesn't pick sides in sports or anything like that due to the fact that there will usually be a child of God on both sides asking for the same thing.
06:30 PM on 12/22/2011
This article is just mean spirited.
05:52 PM on 12/22/2011
Really, "I'm not one to belittle another's faith". Yeah you proved that. Get over it.
05:52 PM on 12/22/2011
Dumb. He gives God credit for his ability. He doesn't claim that God micromanages the football game. Get real.