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11:21 AM on 12/22/2011
The US tax payer under direction from the whitehouse dumped 1/2 a billion dollars (500 million) into solyndra... it went bk ! ! ! So even if solar really worked, which it DOSN'T, 500 million dollars worth of solar panels would have powered half of the eastern part of the US. The people who approved solyndra, evergreen solar, spectra watt, need to be in jail!
12:01 PM on 12/22/2011
and i bet you wanted to be first on line to get a FREE solar panel.
12:18 PM on 12/22/2011
Solar DOES work. Ask the people who have installed it.
l monroe
I question authority.
12:16 AM on 12/22/2011
Here's an idea, don't tariff the solar cells to merely to raise prices. guarantee profitability of the solar manufacturers by raising the import taxes and spit it up to lower the over all consumer pricing of American cells, but not to the point that the manufacturers waste the money. Make them be lean mean and eat other people cookies. every watt produced by solar is one less produced by fossil fuels. Money now or poverty later.
My dogs eat out of their own bowls,why don't you ?
12:25 PM on 12/22/2011
I have an idea, Let's not punish companies period. If a companiy is waster of money like this government is , they will go broke.
05:27 PM on 12/21/2011
People without jobs don' tbuy solar panels.
Socialist-type zen greatgrandmother
04:56 PM on 12/21/2011
If the government, way back in the 1960s when solar power was first talked about, had agreed to provide research and development money to bring it to the mainfront, we would not have to worry about the effect China has on our solar power manufacturers. But they refused to fund it because our government is mainly composed of oilmen, coal men and people who had interests in nuclear power. They fought it, calling it 'too expensive' and not worth the money to develop it. This remained so to this day. Really, when is everyone going to wake up to the mess our government is and demand sensible governing?
Ed Gibson
11:14 AM on 12/22/2011
Your right, been saying this for years, anything good gets slamed down, some day it will turn, but not in our lifetime, too bad.
11:14 AM on 12/22/2011
I agree - we need the politicians out of our politics immediately! There is rampant lobbying (aka bribery) so the public's needs are never addressed - it's just who has the most money to get what they want. I'd love to have solar panels and not depend on the power company but the cost is still prohibitive. If US manufacturers don't like the pricing of China solar panels, then they need to learn how to make theirs more inexpensively.
Promoting positive change and innovation
02:09 PM on 12/21/2011
China is a bunch of wind. They effectively freeze us out, so what do we care? We can get into a trade war with them and win because they need us just as much or more than we need them.
02:33 PM on 12/21/2011
The US is not in a position for a trade war with China.

05:23 PM on 12/21/2011
yet we have no choice.
Promoting positive change and innovation
05:58 PM on 12/21/2011
LOL that isn't proof of anything. Largest debt holder isn't even on there (it's not foreign or private sector either).

You forget that no one, repeat, NO ONE, especially China wants to shot the cash cow. Ok the fear that they will "call in the debt" is silly.

If they did? Impose austerity like those messing with Greece. Complete economic collapse for China. It would be like them shooting themselves in the head with a RPG.

We hold the cards, we can level the field and get our manufacturing back. We just have to stand up to the Corporatocracy to do it.
01:27 PM on 12/21/2011
China's dumping of solar panels is a key trade issue. According to US solar panel manufacturers, manufacture of solar panels is highly automated, so that only roughly 20% of the cost of manufacturing and assembling a panel involves labor. When the added cost of shipping panels from China is added, Chinese manufacturers should have very little, if any, cost advantage, even with their notorious low pay and abusive labor practices. The US solar panel manufacturers should pursue their case.

A healthy domestic solar panel manufacturing industry is a vital and strategic component of America's industrial and foreign policy. As the fastest growing carbon polluter in the world, China should focus on producing solar panels for its own internal market - and get off dirty coal as an energy source - which is seriously damaging the environment of the whole world.
12:06 PM on 12/22/2011
why not pay mexicans to build solar panels,this way you can compete with china.
12:53 PM on 12/22/2011
just dont like reading huh?
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01:25 PM on 12/21/2011
I want a $50.00 185 watt panel dumped on me.
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11:25 PM on 12/21/2011
Dump 10 of them on me! No, make that 20.
01:05 PM on 12/21/2011
Hate to say it but China IS NOT in the wrong in this. The U.S could drop their prices ,except they would lose money. Guess they want MAX. profit , because if they dropped the Prices, their quantity of Panels being sold would sky rocket.

Im all for Solar panels, its the future or say an in between before the real Game Changer is invented.
I Update my brain frequently
11:58 AM on 12/21/2011
How many solar pannels and wind turbins could have been
"dumped" on consumers here with the trillion dollars wasted
in Iraque due tu the dictates of the Military Industrial Complex
and Big Oil.
Those Chinese workers just may be doing pretty good
if truth be told. We can't even get the truth about anything
that happens here, let alone what is happening in China.
11:17 AM on 12/21/2011
The problem is much bigger. If the US caves in to Chinese dumping under the argument that the "US cannot compete", then where does it stop? If China dumps everything onto the US market, then the US cannot compete in anything. Where do people expect to get jobs if the US cannot compete in anything because we roll-over and say its okay to dump on the US? Welcome to being a third world country.
Ya want to super size that?
11:55 AM on 12/21/2011
We caved a long time ago. 30 years past, strolling around any Wal-Mart one would view banners announcing most products being sold were 'Made in America'. Being a mere multi-billionaire selling American products was good enough for him, but not for the kids and the corporation. Now you would be hard pressed to fill a basket with domestically manufacture items at a Wal-Mart.
11:24 AM on 12/22/2011
We cannot compete with 1 dollar an hour wages, no way no how, the Chinese are hungry and ambitious while we reward failure.......The problem is way bigger than most people know....
Illegitimi Non Carborundum
11:07 AM on 12/21/2011
I find it both hilarious and devastatingly sad at the same time that an industry and a country that believe themselves to be the icons of green technology simply overlook the poor environmental standards in China yet still argue the benefits of importing product from there.

The world today is far to small a place to play mind games. If they were in any way honest with themselves and as committed as they say they are to clean energy, they would properly factor in the true costs of manufacture to an acceptable environmental standard, which should then be used to put a tariff in place which would level the playing fields. Secondly they should simply refuse to buy product from a company (or country for that matter) that does not demonstrate a commitment to environmental protection that we demand of our own people. I am certain that this would have a far greater and far more beneficial impact on the world than feel good show piece projects that would not be close to viable without heavy subsidization.

So who is kidding whom?
Moderate Independent
11:21 AM on 12/22/2011
Best comment so far this site!
11:04 AM on 12/21/2011
We want to help small businesses. If the Chinese government wants to pay for solar pannels for our homes I say we should be jumping up and down. The reason this industry can't grow in the USA is because it has not been made cost effective in the past. The government would be smart to fill up a warehouse with China solar panels and offer a free training corse to license installers and watch the thousands of small install companies starting up all over the country making money and sending us green at a pace that would be off the chart! We would become a leader in going green if we just had leaders that understood business. Like Fareed Zakaria said maximize our service jobs because you can't out source most of them if we want free trade. Instead we will drag this out trying to keep the price up on solar so it is still not cost effective instead of seeing this as the solution to mass solar expansion. Let the Chinese government help you buy solar panels for your home, that is a masive gift and solution to mass expansion. We are trying to make money in solar the wronge way and it is hurting small business expansion.
12:15 PM on 12/22/2011
manufacturing a product is the way to economic sucess not installing(any monkey can be trained to twist a wrench.)
01:01 PM on 12/22/2011
wrong. - help the big corporation? ( the 1 %) or the many installers, distributors, salespeople?( the 99%). thanks for calling the American workforce monkeys - duchebag. and finally any automated robot can be programed to manufactor, so how does ur argument make any sense?
11:48 AM on 12/23/2011
Just look at Apple to see what formula would work for solar, as Apple have more money than the government. Innovate here, use the cheep foreign manufacturing required to stay price competitive with free trade and open stores all over the country and create small business jobs all over the country installing solar as this would employ a lot of out of work builders. License the overseas manufacturer to provide world wide distribution for a USA solar technology. We can't have free trade, and want to be a leader in manufacturing unless we want to pay $1.00 per hour labor rate as it's the only way to compete with this environment. The only area where we can compete in manufacturing is with bulky items where shipping cost is so high that it is cheaper to manufacture here or if its perishable. Even though Canada is our number one trade partner I doubt we are maximizing our exports to them in any category. Shipping is cheep to Canada, their economy is strong and their labor rates are high so they are used to our wages. Instead of handing out money to third world countries that is borrowed from China, we should be at least paying our farmers to grow products and US companies to make products for them instead and we should not be giving any country cash, only US products. With most products, the USA can make money on the Innovation, world wide licensing, US distribution and installation.
10:26 AM on 12/21/2011
""What is the market rate?" he asked. "If someone can produce a panel cheaper in China than, say, in Germany, the U.S. or Spain, then what the Chinese would say is, 'Why is that our problem, that we can produce a product of similar or better quality at lower price?'""

why? because china uses mercantilist and market distorting practices to make their products "cheaper" - IP theft, currency manipulation, subsidies, lax regulations - environmental in particular

and of course the quality is very suspect
been there done that & tired of it
10:35 AM on 12/21/2011
At the end of the day they put out the same amount of energy or more for less money!
10:38 AM on 12/21/2011
doesn't make it right or fair for that matter

greens should favor domestic production because you have better control over environmental regas and there would be less fuel consumed in the transport of the goods
on the Other Hand, it depends
09:25 AM on 12/21/2011
The second and less absolute exception to comparative advantage is the infant industry synopsis. i would say depending on your perspective this could be an infant industry. From the American perspective it is not an infant industry per se. We, Americans, have been develpoing this industry for a long time. However consider China. China is 4 times the population we are. China is larger geographically and their infrastructure is primitive compared to ours. to china this is an infant industry compared to its potential.
on the Other Hand, it depends
09:15 AM on 12/21/2011
2 to 3 percent coming from the large-scale manufacturing companies that could benefit from the complaint. On the other hand, the installation business makes up 52 percent of the jobs market in U.S. solar industry.

What you have is a situation where you have 7 companies who represents 2-3 percent of the job base is undermining the job growth for the other 52 percent of the market. That's the problem with the lawsuit. The U.S. solar industry has 100,000 employees and has grown at 6.8 percent for the past year. This lawsuit threatens that growth.

If China wants to subsidize global solar development why should we hinder them. Eventually they will need it more than we do. China has 4 times the population we have, and they are starting from a lower economic platform.

For China to achieve the standard of living which we, Americans, enjoy they will consume all the oil in the world in only a few years, so they want to develop Solar/renewable sources now so that in the future they will not have to convert fossil fuels to a solar/renewable system with the additional benefit of not polluting the environment in the meantime. Accept their generous subsidy and develop solar/renewable here faster too. Install, baby, install.