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Atheism is a non-prophet organization
11:45 AM on 12/23/2011
One of my most enjoyable activities is exploring wilderness or a road seldom traveled. I did not find it unusual that this girl was out driving around and inadvertently got stuck in the snow. It's happened to me before. It's happened to a lot of people who enjoy getting away from the city and exploring the back country. Her being unprepared was the problem. She should have had a survival kit in the trunk. See previous post.
11:44 AM on 12/23/2011
God looks after drunks and fools. Driving around in a remote area, trying to go through a closed gate in bad weather, unprepared. At least she should have had blankets and a cell phone charger for the car. If I were this college genius, that knew enough to turn the snow into water, I would be embarrassed as hell.
Atheism is a non-prophet organization
11:41 AM on 12/23/2011
I am an experienced camper and outdoorsperson - I had some cardinal rules I followed for stuff that I kept in the trunk: a sleeping bag; a whistle (the sound carries for miles); a gallon of drinking water; freeze dried food supplies; a mirror; a warm coat. I also kept a phone charger in the car. That doesn't mean there's a tower to relay signals however, if you're in wilderness. The sleeping bag would be warm; a whistle sound carries for miles and could alert someone to your presence; the drinking water is a given; the freeze dried foods take up very little space and go a long way - they are sold at sporting goods stores; a mirror for reflection of the sun as a signal, and a warm coat just because you never know when the weather might change - it is a good idea to have a rain slicker in there also. I carried a gun, but some people don't care for guns.
12:41 PM on 12/23/2011
Why even attempt this without a 4-wheel drive truck
Atheism is a non-prophet organization
03:21 PM on 12/23/2011
I didn't say I went four-wheeling. Much wilderness is accessible by car - that doesn't mean you can't have terrible weather conditions take you by surprise. I knew someone who got caught in a blizzard on the way to the Denver airport, and it was four lane highway - the blizzard brought traffic to a standstill, and many were stranded for more than a day or two.
Oh No! My micro-bio is empty!
11:12 AM on 12/23/2011
A very lucky young woman! Sometimes common sense just doesn't kick in.....
11:02 AM on 12/23/2011
Stress impacts everyone differently. ASU's SCM curriculum is competitive meat-grinder - both my kids graduated from it and the handled the stress in different ways. Fact is ASU students and many PHX folks often visit this beautiful nearby wilderness to camp and hike in all seasons. Dead phone and no charger, sleeping at a friends...or in a car, trying to open a fenceor getting stuck in snow - stuff happens. Remarkably surviving for 12 days on two candy bars and melted snow much more intelligent, disciplined and resourceful. Maybe there was some very dark sinister illigal reason behind Lauren's action and maybe not. Truth is she's safe and much wiser for sure.
That said, the illiterate racists stupidly believe that last names always map to a person's religion their many other simply devine insights. Thankfully her family and friends can have a happy holiday and new year.........
10:52 AM on 12/23/2011
I'm only 22 and may not be thinking this out as well as some..but it seems like everyones minds are thinking either this way or that way, either shes lucky or shes stupid.

Maybe she just needed to get out, maybe she was bored. All kinds of people do that, every day. It was not smart to not have a coat or anything because I'm sure it was cold out, since a huge winter storm was about to hit. But, who are we to judge? I do agree that it seems like there is more to the story than what she has told, but its none of the worlds business.

I once got stuck in a winter storm when the interstates closed down for two days. I did have snacks and a winter coat and I think maybe even a blanket for whatever reason. The best advice I have on this is...pack a survival bag to put in your car. Since that experience, I have a bag with clothes for every season, towels, blankets, a flashlight, batteries, bottled water, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. because you never know what will happen.

Lauren, your lucky to be okay and I am happy for you. No judging, but next time you decide to go off on an unknown journey..make sure you have the things you may need during that season, and a snack!=)
Knot MaFawlt
Intelligent life on Earth? Prove it.
12:12 PM on 12/23/2011
How many jobs is she working so that she may repay all the expense of searching for her because she decided on an adventure due to boredom? It is not ok to expect the rest of the world to pay for your stupidity. You aren't that important.
09:28 AM on 12/23/2011
A lot of hating on a girl who was simply out exploring. I often taken different roads just to see what was down them. She was very lucky she stopped at the convenience store and had the candy/water bottle. It so could have turned out to be a much worse ending.
I know you are, but what am I ?
02:32 PM on 12/23/2011
questioning why she hasn't told the truth isn't's just that most clear-thinking people see that her story doesn't add up.
05:25 PM on 12/23/2011
What makes you think she is lying? She could be. She could also be telling the truth.
08:30 AM on 12/23/2011
Well ladies, this is a perfect time for a guy to say to a woman..." why didnt you ask for directions if you weren't sure where you were going ?" You might not have gotten lost or stuck.!... Women drivers???????
Disabled USAF Veteran (God bless America)
08:09 AM on 12/23/2011
Something is really missing from this story...I just don't buy all of it
07:59 AM on 12/23/2011
it seems to me if she was in unfamiliar territory she should have paid a little more attention to what was going on around her and maybe brought along a thing called a cell phone charger, they do make them in fact most phones come w/them. this was utterly ridiculous, what a numbskull
07:50 AM on 12/23/2011
It seems that the "to old to drive" persons and the " to dumb to drive" always end up on dirt roads that sometimes kills someone. We have a lot of them in Arizona.
11:43 AM on 12/23/2011
Yeah, well now you have the ..... " To bad i'm illegal drivers." ...And all their buddies ..... ".The cartel drivers "...on the way.......It's sad America is so blind.
When it's cold, wear a cat
06:55 AM on 12/23/2011
Stupid, just stupid....and totally irresponsible to those that love and care for her.
Get a life, Lauren.
So who's going to shock the world this Week !
06:06 AM on 12/23/2011
Fishey ?
Capitalism is a cult.
05:48 AM on 12/23/2011
Her story is complete BS.
05:24 AM on 12/23/2011
Everyone has made dumb, spur-of -the-moment decisions and gotten in over their head. Most are not, thankfully, ones that could cost you your life. This should be a lesson to everyone to plan ahead, be prepared, watch the weather, and stay on PAVED roads unless you know what you are doing or have AWD etc. I am just surprised she did not lose any extremeties from the colder temps. Actually, putting the snow in the bottle and on top of her car roof for the sun to melt it was qutie smart. Better than melting it in your mouth and lowering your body temp. doing so. Let's stop picking on her and just celebrate she was found safe and alive. What was weird was not hearing anything about her missing on local Phoenix news unless I missed it. Did her parents get word out that she was missing?
muscle guy
Vietnam Special Forces Veteran
06:41 AM on 12/23/2011
sounds like their just as dumb as their daughter