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11:11 PM on 12/22/2011
I would think the shock of cold water in Dec in NJ would have woken her...just sounds really odd to me.
11:55 PM on 12/22/2011
I agree. The whole thing sounds strange. I mean, I don't dispute that people may sleepwalk, but like you said, it seems like the cold water would wake her up before she got in deep enough to drown. Also, what's the story behind finding her cellphone in the grass? Would a true sleepwalker have thought to bring their cellphone along, then drop it in the grass before walking into the water? I'm not trying to start any arguments or make anyone mad, I'm just trying to understand this one.
12:11 AM on 12/23/2011
before she got in too deep..? what are you talking about? the article didn't say she strolled into the lake.. it said she fell in... a tablespoon of water to the lungs and she's dead before she realizes what's going on..

and if she can knock on someone's door and blather on about "table 2", carrying around a cell phone doesn't seem so strange
12:12 AM on 12/23/2011
It said she walked across a train trestle and fell into the lake. It may have been too cold and she was too far from shore, or she may not have been a swimmer at all.
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11:58 PM on 12/22/2011
Maybe she couldn't swim.
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10:58 PM on 12/22/2011
Stupid sleeping pills are a great thing to keep away from, and nearly all are habit forming. Not addictive per se, but dependent upon them.
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07:40 AM on 12/23/2011
can anyone say Ambien does any good at all?
09:05 AM on 12/23/2011
Ambien is a great sleeping medication.
My doctor said I better be sitting by the side of the bed before I take one though. If I am totally exhausted I will take two and then read for awhile and then when I feel it starting to take effect I will turn out the light and 8 hours later wake up and have a normal day. The only bad thing is that if I take it for several days it leads to depression and will take about 2 nights of not being able to sleep before I can get a normal nights sleep. I sometimes take it if I am upset. My friend says if I call her I ramble on and on and sometimes the picture at the foot of my bed takes on a life of it's own. I avoid getting out of bed once I take it. I also try to not take it often.
I have built up a supply in case this country continues to go into the toilet, as it seems to be doing at a rapid pace or if we are ever attacked-just an easy way out but perhaps I will never have to use them as I am 67 and God will take care of everything naturally before the brown stuff hits the rotating blade.
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10:53 PM on 12/22/2011
Ok nobody has said it yet so I will. Now here is a fine example of waking up dead.
10:36 PM on 12/22/2011
Its "has drowned' not 'has drown'...a little proof reading goes a long way.
11:10 PM on 12/22/2011
Why did you correct the blog I believe it is insulting and bad manners?
11:14 PM on 12/22/2011
pls accept my apologies I thought you were posting on a commentor's post.
Mea cupa.
10:24 PM on 12/22/2011
To all the wanna-be comedians who post comments on news stories like this I have a question for you: Do you really have nothing better to do then mock someone who has had the misfourtune of dying ? Do something better then with the extra time you have and that the deceased does not have. Also most jokes made about someone losing their life usually are not funny. The jokes I have read here definately are not funny. To paraphase Wil Smith in the movie Men In Black : "I hope none of you are professional comedianes, cuz DAMN!"
03:34 AM on 12/23/2011
I agree. Also, some of her relatives could be reading these comments. Let's think before we post, please?
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Rikki Heinis
Stop being so overly sensitive!
10:15 PM on 12/22/2011
May this woman rest in peace. My heartfelt condolences to her friends and family.
10:14 PM on 12/22/2011
It would be nice if someone would proofread your text. Some of the sentences do not make any sense. Spellcheck is NOT proofreading.
11:13 PM on 12/22/2011
I get so sick of pepole worrying about how someone spell's. Let them said what they want.I is not about the damm spelling it is about the story. Good for you if you can spell better someone else.
11:28 PM on 12/22/2011
I won't bother to try to correct your spelling and grammar (I am going to assume you are just a poor typist) but it is NOT too much to ask that the actual news article be grammatically correct and the words correctly spelled--a journalist has the responsibilty for this, as a writer, and an editor should find these errors before publishing.
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11:31 PM on 12/22/2011
No, you are wrong, it was the article and he wasn't criticizing spelling. Some of the sentences did not make sense and all we ask is a little proof read, since they are getting paid.
09:58 PM on 12/22/2011
I bet she had a very rude awakening.--------------May she rest in peace.
09:57 PM on 12/22/2011
I walked in my sleep as a child. I never believed it until one morning I woke fully dressed for school. My mother was nice enough to not say "I told you so!" ... but she had, many times. So far as I know I haven't done that as an adult.
11:15 PM on 12/22/2011
Me too. As a young child while asleep I tried to get out the second story window thinking
it was a door. Good thing someone found me...have not done it as an adult.
09:56 PM on 12/22/2011
Technically she was " Sleep Wading " and aparently couldn't " Sleep Swim "

Ps Note to Cops : Might want to chat with Husband. . .
10:06 PM on 12/22/2011
Nothing in the report indicates that a husband was at all involved in this. A neighbor said the woman came to her home and talked to her as though she was a waitress in a diner. This woman's condition may have been caused by a reaction to medication or because of her history of sleepwalking. I guess that you just have to blame a man for anything that happens to a woman.
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Don't believe any of them. The cake is a lie!
10:09 PM on 12/22/2011
Read article again. There is no mention of a husband. The article is bit jumbled but no husband.
10:20 PM on 12/22/2011
Check for one. he's Probebly at FlashDancers in NYC right Now !
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On the road to Shambala
09:53 PM on 12/22/2011
Wow........I used to sleep walk as a kid, but you would think falling in water would wake you up, but then again you would probable panic and drown.....maybe some loud bells on the door or something could have awoken her sad :(
03:39 AM on 12/23/2011
Well, she didn't wake up when speaking with her friend, so I doubt that would have helped, unless there was someone living with her who could have been awakened. I know some parents who have used this with their kids.
09:52 PM on 12/22/2011
I lived with a room mate that sleepwalked, first time I had actually seen it. Though my brother freaked out my mom once sleepwalking up the stairs like a zombie.

I stood and watched my room mate while he cooked food on the stove. I didn't wake him up as I thought that was not the right thing to do.
03:41 AM on 12/23/2011
It won't hurt them if you wake them, although they may not completely awaken, even though they may be having a conversation with you.
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09:45 PM on 12/22/2011
Are dazed women dressed in night clothes roaming the street so common in that neighborhood that no one called the cops?
09:55 PM on 12/22/2011
Obama took Jersey by something close to 93. %
Micro-bios must pass muster. Mine won't.
10:03 PM on 12/22/2011
And then they elected Chris Christie. I blame the massive chemical pollution.
10:43 PM on 12/22/2011
Maybe they were all sleepvoting?
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09:56 PM on 12/22/2011
It says people did report an apparently disoriented woman walking in her pajamas. Says nothing about any neighbors actually checking if she needed help.
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09:17 PM on 12/22/2011
"Woman Dies After Sleepwalking Into Lake"

In related news: "Carp Dies After Sleep-swimming onto Beach."
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08:44 PM on 12/22/2011
So sad. RIP.