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12:14 AM on 12/26/2011
Would you like some cheese with that wine, you cry baby? Need a diaper change? Pacifier?
When all else fails, read the damn instructions!
12:08 AM on 12/26/2011
Maybe it's about time somebody made jokes about and she takes serious enough to listen! Afterall, it is her who is responsible for it. She's trying to move the blame to Disney. Man she should grow up!
Help me conquer the world.
12:04 AM on 12/26/2011
What was the episode about? Why was it pulled?
11:47 PM on 12/25/2011
What a B*tch
11:37 PM on 12/25/2011
Boo Hoo......perhaps she should try rehab for her singing disorder..
11:52 PM on 12/25/2011
what does her singing having to do with this? she is someone with an eating disorder and found it offensive and stood up for what she believed in
11:33 PM on 12/25/2011
I saw that episode, and they weren't making fun of bullimics, they were making fun of the fact that modlels are always so thin and perfect. From me to Demi: Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it. Though, i do have to say, she is right about shows today making jokes that cross the line. Shows on Nick are starting to make alot of innapropriete references but they dont really offend anybody and they're what make the show funny. But i dont really like the fact that iCarly makes so many jokes about hobos...and one more thing. I dont mean to be picky, but a Christmas episode of ant farm made this joke about orphans "Lets beat 'em up, ORPHAN STYLE" first of all, it wasnt funny, second, its not cool to make fun of orphans, especially around Christmas. I think these shows need to lay off, because alot of the innoproprieate jokes they make arent funny at all, not that im saying that its only okay when its funny, but you know.
12:55 AM on 12/26/2011
Obviously, Disney knew it was in bad taste or they wouldn't have pulled it so quickly.
11:20 PM on 12/25/2011
Everyone has some axe to grind or assumed "burden" to bear and whine about-- what BS
10:49 PM on 12/25/2011
i get so sick and tired of people acting so stupid over everything. you cant say a word about anything without someone getting upset. people get your thumbs out of you know what and grow up
11:54 PM on 12/25/2011
so you are saying it is ok for Disney to tell their young viewers it is ok to have eating disorders? If Lavato is someone with an eating disorder and was offended by Disney then she had every right to speak up and protect young girls from her same fate
12:35 PM on 12/26/2011
They weren't making fun of eating disorders. They were poking fun at super skinny model stereotypes. Everyone but Demi seemed to understand it was a joke. If you can't laugh at yourself too bad. Don't try and sensor everything for everyone else just to boost your low self-esteem.
12:19 AM on 12/26/2011
Most Americans have lost their ability to laugh as unfortunate as that is. Usually it is from their insecurities about theirselves and want sympathy from the world. I say if they want sympathy, it is in the dictionary between two words. It is getting to the point we can't crack a joke with out someone or some group crying about it.
10:30 PM on 12/25/2011
i mean it's gotta mean something that they responded and even pulled the clip or show or whatever it was. It's not disney that writes scripts-- writers write. Good for them, I don't believe that was a message they'd ever intentionally pass.
Class warfare!
10:29 PM on 12/25/2011
"I could just eat you up, well if I ate."

Really? That's the joke that offended her? I kept preparing myself to say "What the heck were they thinking?!" while I read the story to get to the joke, then after I read the joke all I could say was "Where was the line Disney crossed?"

People need to stop being so sensitive.
10:19 PM on 12/25/2011
Come on, people you need to get a life and stop being so dog gone sensitive....This political correctness has gone too people don't realize that is how Chinese Communism and Russian Communism started long ago and still does...Control how people talk and think then control them totally...Come on....if we can't laugh at ourselves then something is wrong with us...So what a hunger disorder was subject of a pun...big deal....People are just too sensitive, what is this nation now, a nation of wimps?
11:56 PM on 12/25/2011
Lavato wasn't trying to control anyone- she was offended and she spoke up for what she believed in- why should people who are hurt by others sit in silence because others will ridicule them
08:06 PM on 12/25/2011
Wow, one of the most overused supermodel punchlines, and Lovato makes it about herself. Of all the bigotry Disney's been allowed to escape with over the years (for example, a lot of the shows tend to play their beloved canned laughter when male characters are shown making remarks that would make a feminist cry), she blows her whistle over a line a one-time character said that surely went over the heads of the vast majority of its viewers. Does that mean it's excusable? No. Does that mean Lovato should use that as another opportunity to remind people that she's the new advocate for people who had a self-destructing disorder for a rather short amount of time? Maybe... Maybe not.
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07:17 PM on 12/25/2011
great call Demi...the comment was totally out of place on a pre-teen show...wear whatever you like...
05:32 PM on 12/25/2011
The hat is done. Time to burn it forever, Demi.
05:27 PM on 12/25/2011
Demi Lovato, self-appointed censor of the Disney Channel.
Jeffrey Bryson
Proud straight ally to the LGBT community
08:17 PM on 12/25/2011
If she had actually censored it, you'd have a point. As it is, she simply expressed displeasure. They were under no actual obligation to censor anything.
11:56 PM on 12/25/2011
Well put Jeffrey
If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong (-;/
12:23 AM on 12/26/2011
You couldn't be more wrong, it's called damage control and she gave Disney absolutely no choice whatsoever. Here's how it should have played out and here's how it did: If Demi had anything resembling a clue, she'd have asked for a meeting with Disney execs to discuss how she felt about it, and they'd have come to a decision professionally, in a board room, sans the media blitz. In the real world many have been fired for bad-mouthing their employers in a public forum. Done this way, even if Disney disagreed with her, they had to pull the episodes or they'd be viewed as "insensitive" to those with eating disorders. She threw them under the bus and Disney took the only action they were left with, she addressed this as a petulant child would.