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02:53 PM on 12/30/2011
The truly greatest gifts of liberalism's are if we keep throwing more money at the problems, they will go away. Wall Street had no shortage of criminal behaviors, neither does the Legal, or Medical professions. Our Politicians are the biggest criminals in the world. As former Law Enforcement I always heard the same responses. If a life of crime didn't pay so well, I wouldn't continue in this business. As more Generations begin to believe their are victimless crimes, criminal behaviors will naturally flourish.

Today Europe has the largest burglary rates in the world. They've also launched massive education programs on Rape. Ironically with all their Social Enlightenments juror's rarely convict for Rape, as its NOT A REAL CRIME, and the Punishments are too harsh for the ALLEGED crime committed

No amount of education, MONEY, and or kindness can teach good Character and ethics AFTERWARDS. If your Parents didn't teach it while young, you're probably not going to acquire it later
Claire McCarthy, M.D.
03:45 PM on 12/30/2011
A certain amount of money-thro wing is necessary to fund the things that could make a difference for these kids--but it's not so much a money-thro wing thing as an engaging-w ith-the-pr oblem-to-f ix-it thing. It's not always about character and ethics, either--I' ve had patients end up in gangs because they felt that they had no choice--an d for them, the gangs were all about character and ethics.

To say that if kids don't learn whatever it is they need to when they are young there's no hope for them is incredibly unfair. Incredibly . So we are supposed to just give up on them?
01:40 PM on 01/01/2012
I had many friends in the Muslim brotherhood who insisted dragging Gays from jeeps throughout the town, was both moral character and ethical. I PROFOUNDLY DISAGREED. I adopted Muslim Children directly off the battlefield, who still question my Judgement on this matter. The Boys "men now" faithfully follow my instructions and wisdom. They also pray DAD doesn't go completely senile in his future.

You deal with these youths in an office setting and all appears possible. I dealt with these delinquents on the streets, and realized nothing is possible without parents involvement via example, not words.

The very first lessons in life I learned from my parents was LIFE IS UNFAIR. My grandfather escaped Nazi Germany, only to be arrested and incarcerated in America, for opening one of the first black colleges. I proudly joined the American Military under an elite fighting force and earned several medals for distinguished service . Why ... I loved America for her freedoms and opportunities, and wanted others to have it equally as we did. When I returned from Vietnam people treated me just like my grandfather, life moved forward.

DOC most all social science shows extreme failures rates of these persons regardless of money/time spent. You can't learn Character afterwards. If you could America and Europe would be a Utopia now.

I learned not all life is worth saving. I just never take it personally. MD's make great salaries dealing with these kids. I'm sadly burying friends and innocent victims habitually
Claudio Fabio Bertamini
11:03 AM on 01/03/2012
In reading your article with the 1 in 3 number and in looking at your choice of profession it goes right along the lines that if they didn't exists you wouldn't be getting paid, the economics of life is simple and the current over supply of care givers only inspires a 'help me' population. The basic foundation of social sciences is ceteris parabis and unfortunately that perfect world doesn't exist. As you state, even with your help some end up in gangs so either you suck at your job or your job isn't really doing much.
If your life is so perfect that you choose to seek the burden of others then i applaud you, but if that was really true then you wouldn't seek funding.

I stood up for Greenpeace and almost got myself arrest but i realized that the work wasn't my burden. If i get involved, my passionate nature comes with it and getting arrested over some fabricated story about how pizza hut was hurting the whale population ultimately had little effect in my day.

My taxes are paid to ensure that i am able to do whatever i do and have access to it. Could you imagine if we simply stopped helping everyone and they had to figure out how to help themselves. I agree that it is unfair and if a disabled status can be given to adults who missed the lessons it may help but will ultimately be abused. i have more to say
Claudio Fabio Bertamini
10:31 AM on 01/03/2012
The truth always speaks loudest and it does come down to the parents and not some for pay, for workday, for care individual who wont always be around to help. Examples are great but wont ever substitute for parenting.
We live in a pass the buck world and a kick the can culture; both lacking in maturity. It would be best to add to the burden of ineffective parents so they think twice. Pass a law that forces a parent to sit in jail with an incarcerated minor when not at work and include one of those so called social workers to guide the conversation.
10:22 AM on 12/30/2011
It IS a complicated problem that demands a host of solutions that wrap our children in support and protection while building a strong foundation beneath their feet. As a teacher, I feel a similar frustration: in spite of the best I have to offer, it is not enough for too many kids. Taking the next step, guided by research, I started a non-profit to give books away, since low literacy is a risk factor, and the absence of books is a correlate. Much more is needed, however. Society needs to value our children enough to look into THEIR future, since we will share it with them.

If citizens are truly concerned about our economy, they will invest in education and children's health. The cost differential between properly caring for kids early or responding to delinquency later is exponential, as this post touches on.

BTW: In case you are interested in the book distribution program mentioned above, the website is:
08:25 AM on 12/30/2011
What's more harmful to a child:

A bong hit or a prison sentence?

Seems to me that the answers are pretty simple, if only our gov't were capable of critical thinking.
08:19 AM on 12/30/2011
I drive a school bus in small town, USA. The 1 in 3 is pretty accurate. The police department is stealing our childrens future, playing tax man. They run around writing MIP tickets for cigarettes. For Pete's sake, if they had done that to the baby boomers,every last one of us would be criminals. They had to be sued by the ACLU to stop them from shoving a breathalyzer in any teenagers face that was actually caught outside. You know like swinging on a swing at a local park. What's funny is, is that our city leaders are scratching their heads wondering why all our young talent, as soon as they get their degrees, can't wait to get the h*ll out of here.
A society that persecutes it's children is a society lost.
06:17 AM on 12/30/2011
Is the government the the answer or is the government the problem?
As cute as I am funny...hey, wait a second
08:08 AM on 12/30/2011
Parents are the answer. And the problem.
03:48 PM on 12/30/2011
It's very hard to be a good parent when every waking minute is spent making ends meet.Manufacturing jobs have gone overseas to be replaced with minimum wage. And our federal minimum wage is about the same as a tiny little country like Greece.Successful business refuses to pay a living wage while having enough money to give the top dog multi-million dollar bonuses.All these services cannot replace parents,It would be a lot better to have the kind of society that LET us raise our own kids.
Conservatism is a symptom of fear
09:55 AM on 01/01/2012
Edward Standley
opinionated jerk
11:41 AM on 12/30/2011
Mary Poe
11:10 PM on 12/29/2011
While I agree wholeheartedly with your points, I think your reference to teachers and counselors as being resources to prevent incarceration for our youth is inaccurate. I taught in an inner-city environment for years and felt that I could positively impact the lives of many students. I have to say that for many of the students this goal was never fulfilled, much to my personal dismay. I think that the parents of these at-risk youth must do their best to fight for their children before outside influences, which are pervasive in an inner-city milieu, corrupt youth.
Equal- everyone, always
10:46 AM on 12/30/2011
no ones person or two people, can do it alone. It takes effort from everyone that has contact with children. I taught math at the South Dakota juvenille detention facility. These were mostly medium to high risk kids. When I first started there is seemed such an overwhelming task to help them all, but a teacher that had been there a while made is a much more realistic task. If you keep one kid out of the adult criminal sysytem you have paid for your salary for the year. We can not save every kid, but we might be able to save one, and maybe one more after that. No one can save all of the childen, but you might be able to help a child.
Mary Poe
08:09 PM on 12/30/2011
Excellent point!
Saving lost boys and fighting pirates.
09:37 PM on 12/29/2011
I think we desperately need completely separate prisons for non-violent offenders ages 18 to 25. These young persons are salvageable, and effort and funds should be addressed to helping them turn their lives around.
05:42 PM on 12/29/2011
When I was a kid the police often showed respect and didn't arrest. They dumped out liquor and took you home and generally scared the bejeezus out of you but showed a compassionate hand at the risk of the iron fist to come.

These days we live in a zero tolerance police state with massively increased criminal statutes.

Of course we have also went through a massive social economic transition with republican boots in mud refusing to upgrade the social institutions to compensate. Instead we bulked up law enforcement on youth like that was a cheaper solution. 1 in 3 works for modern america, it's not like our policies could create productive jobs for these individuals under the policies we are following.
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08:26 PM on 12/29/2011
So very well said. I'm a fan.
01:37 PM on 12/30/2011
Spot on.
04:03 PM on 12/29/2011
You can't spend money to make people better parents. Money can't solve this problem. We have to stop thinking Government is here to solve social problems.
A wise man learns from the mistakes of others.
06:33 PM on 12/29/2011
Until one of those problems interacts with one of your relatives like Bill Cosby's.
06:50 PM on 12/29/2011
Actually, you're wrong. Sure Start in the UK, and numerous public-funded parenting classes, do help create better parents in the long run. You have to stop the bad cycles of behaviour from the get-go but it helps.
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02:36 PM on 12/29/2011
So........a 23 year old is considered a child now? I went on my first tour of duty at 17...

Mmmkay. I suppose that does answer alot of questions about that generation.
Peanut Santiago
02:01 AM on 12/30/2011
Not a child....a YOUNG adult.

Too many of our YOUNG adults are going bad and part of the reason is a lack of enough good paying jobs that lead to a decent lifestyle.

It is well known that young guys who are unemployed, bored, AND broke are likely to get into legal trouble (criminal activity).
Girls are more likely to get in legal trouble and get pregnant.
He thinks outside the box.
07:24 PM on 12/31/2011
The Govt.called you an adult at 18 just to recruit you for war. Biologically you are not an adult until age21.,and dont forget your brain develops 10 years behind your age for everyone.
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01:44 PM on 12/29/2011
In this particular crisis both Conservative and Liberal ideologies are equal opportunity offenders.

Conservatives correctly point out that children from intact nuclear families do better in school and have far lower rates of poverty and incarceration. Liberals are right when they say failure to address the underlying pathologies with family intervention, tutoring and comprehensive health care will only lead to more problems.

Unfortunately, Conservatives refuse to get behind those programs which actually lead to stable family formation, free or reduced cost widely available birth control being one example. Liberals tend to see anything which promotes traditional moral values as being judgmental and restrictive.

Until we develop policies which are completely objective and outcome based we will continue to fight over things like drug use and unwed motherhood thus insuring we will never see the forest for the trees.
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01:42 PM on 12/29/2011
Well said.

But I'm sure you avoided this topic for a reason, but I think one policy area that would go a long way to fixing this mess is ending the war on drugs. It is clearly a failed war. And it is worse than failed. It is a war on half our nation. It turns normal kids into criminals, with the associated traumas, stigmas and social path that goes along with being a criminal.

The war on drugs must end.
Saving lost boys and fighting pirates.
09:33 PM on 12/29/2011
I think you are right, at least for marijuana. I don't smoke it, or believe it is a good thing to do. I would not use it if it was legal. At this point though, making it illegal seems as counterproductive as prohibition.
11:27 AM on 01/01/2012
I agree.

Also ending the draft stopped any requirement for youths to be in an enviornment different from what they have a home. Too bad it wasn't replaced with national service of some kind.
We would NOT have gone into Iraq if we still had a draft.

Shared sacrifice would have precluded unnecessary wars. But we didn't care as long as they weren't our kids.