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09:36 AM on 12/28/2011
The Hypnotist was best. I cite Steven Pinker's point about why respect for 'fine' visual arts has gone down over the past century: the quality of the work has gone down. There used to be more of a concern & respect for beauty & making art which people could relate to & enjoy, but now, these artists seem to be saying, "beauty is an illusion, making a mess is the anti-beauty & in this Post-Modern anti-reality we all live in, anti-beauty means it's really, actually beauty because it's like a double negative"... people aren't buying into that bogus claim though, I don't buy it, the art is ugly, it isn't fun to see, it isn't inspiring, it looks like a joke, it is treated like a joke by the mainstream, rightfully... in closing, I miss beautiful paintings!
11:00 AM on 12/28/2011
I BEG you to google 'Daily Painters' and take a look there... you'll find what you're looking for..
11:38 AM on 12/28/2011
WOW Great site thanks. Just purchased Corel Painter (yes i am a want a be).
waiting for godot
02:22 PM on 12/28/2011
thank you thank you

i did just that and eyes were soothed. thank you. great site
05:11 AM on 12/28/2011
I like Dona Nelson :)
My micro-bio votes 3rd party.
02:26 AM on 12/29/2011
Me too and Forest Bess