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12:40 PM on 08/06/2008
Too bad the guy in that photo isn't Edwards - he doesn't look like Edwards at all.

This "scandal" has gone the way of McSame's Tire Gauge Initiative...
02:32 PM on 08/06/2008
Actually the scandal is coming more into focus as time goes on. It looks like Edwards to me.
02:40 PM on 08/06/2008
He looks like him to me. That guy has the same weak chin as Edwards. Looking increasingly likely...
12:42 PM on 08/06/2008
The Democratic convention starts in less than 3 weeks. I thought the NE would wait till then to publish whatever they had - just in time to tarnish the dems. Luckily there is now time for the MSM to get this out,
let it play out before the convention, and be done with it! The longer the delay, the worse it will be - and
it is true. Clearly the photos are an "inside job" , as well as the whole story. This woman will make a bundle on all of this.
01:02 PM on 08/06/2008
What are you babbling about? The photo shown is obviously NOT John Edwards; do any of you people even engage your brain before opening your mouth to spew nonsensical ravings about repercussions to a NON-STORY?

Jeez, the reaction to this sort of ridiculous tabloid fare is mind-boggling....
02:00 PM on 08/06/2008
This does not tarnish the Democrats. It is a sad and human story that only tarnishes Edwards. Being a Democrat does not produce "love babies".
12:42 PM on 08/06/2008
Unless John's hairline has been receding and he wears a toupe instead of a $400 haircut, that;s not him.
01:02 PM on 08/06/2008
It can't be, it just cant' be. Say it ain't so!!!
02:46 PM on 08/06/2008
Exactly, the hairline is not John 'Edward"s. Photo shoppers are lazy here...haste makes waste.
12:38 PM on 08/06/2008
Hah! This is the Fux News story that Huff Post has been pimping? I love the crystal clear "spy" photo. Consider it fact! I must say, I till can't decide which "news" outlet is more credible, the National Enquirer of Fux News.
12:37 PM on 08/06/2008
Well so much for a guy I thought might be Obama's running mate. He's toast now.
01:01 PM on 08/06/2008
What an absurd comment. I dare say that the NE doesn't have the clout to make anyone of any consequence "toast," particularly when they are in league with Fox News running a false political hit story.
01:01 PM on 08/06/2008
But I thought all O fans did'nt believe "anything" the NE published . What ???
12:36 PM on 08/06/2008
OY VEY..."if" this is true..when was this "doodle head" going to give us the news?? AFTER he got into the White House?? At the White House Easter Egg Hunt?? Christmas tree lighting?? Poor Obama can't even recommend using a "tire gage" without getting lambasted by the Neocons. What would they have done with an Edwards "love child"?
12:34 PM on 08/06/2008
Care to tell me why the word "Advertisement" is not next to the headline of this story?
12:35 PM on 08/06/2008
All of these rags should just leave people's personal lives to themselves. Of course then they wouldn't make any money.
03:05 PM on 08/06/2008
They had a field day with BC...........
12:33 PM on 08/06/2008
National Enquirer? It MUST be true. Supprised the mother isn't Vanna or Oprah. Also shocked at the lack of reference to Elvis. C'mon Huffpo, give us something with a little more substance.
12:49 PM on 08/06/2008
Another liberal "reality denier".

01:24 PM on 08/06/2008
Another conservative "sight impairment."
01:30 PM on 08/06/2008
Yes, clearly, the National Enquirer is the most trustworthy news source on the planet, aren't they?

I'm curious though, how did you feel when O'Reilly was sued for his dirty phone calls? How about Newt Gingrich divorcing his first wife while she was in the hospital fighting cancer so he could marry his second wife, who he divorced soon after she was disabled, so he could marry a third woman?

Any thoughts, oh pure-of-heart?