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01:12 PM on 12/30/2011
Whats really sad about this entire situation is that the real "oppressors" of people of Mexican decent was the absolute atrocious leadership that ruled Mexico from the 1700s. From Santa Anna to the PRI, Mexico's leaders continued to demonstrate how not to run a country. The primary reason the US and Canada are significantly wealthier than Mexico and most of Latin America is the horrendous leadership of Latin American rulers. Although there has been some discrimination toward Latinos in America, the shabby economics of Latin America left more people marginalized and ill-equip to move up in society. Unfortunately, the only leader in Latin America that ever is criticized is Pinochet
M Jeffrey
03:19 AM on 01/01/2012
nonsense as far as your idea that only Pinochet is criticized which shows you have a basic but not deep knowledge of Latin America.
04:55 AM on 01/01/2012
Correct on every point. Amen.
12:44 PM on 12/30/2011
Gee I grew up and attended school without any special classes about Italy and did I ever survive?
02:50 PM on 12/30/2011
Right because Italians face legal and institutional forms of racism just like Afro-Americans, Latinos, and indigenous peoples do today. Even if you come from a working-class background, when you "assimilate" in the US, you become white homeboy. That is not meant to say that Italian immigrants have never faced racism (which they have, especially during the first half of the 20th century), but it means that you can become "[white] American" in ways that others can't.

Way to ignore the categorical successes of Ethnic Studies programs (evidenced by graduation rates and other statistics) in engaging students who otherwise would have fallen through the cracks. Your arrogance and ignorance only reinforces the reality that more critical analyses, such as those provided by Ethnic Studies programs, are so necessary in this country. Maybe you should take an Ethnic Studies course or two before sarcastically dismissing something you clearly do not understand. After all, white students are allowed to take these courses pretty much everywhere they are offered. You just might have to deal with being in the minority (for once in your life).
02:06 PM on 12/31/2011
Black people and hispanics face institutional forms of r.acism today? How about an example?
With each step, the wind blows.
03:22 PM on 12/30/2011
You may have survived but you are probably far less informed and do not know how to critically think about any issue except what a certain news program tells you to think.
To the right of Genghis Khan
11:58 AM on 12/30/2011
Can you imagine the howls of protest if Arizona had a "white" studies program in the public schools. The difference is that whites are see as the traditional "oppressor" and all other races and ethnic groups with darker skin are see as the victim of their oppression. Why can't we just be Americans and leave the country you or your ancestors came from in the past. These studies will just gin up long festering resentments anyway.
01:16 AM on 12/31/2011
It is because separation is propagated by the very ones who protest that same separation. It's only acceptable under their terms and that is the one of the tragedies that is keeping separation alive.
Check your privilege
10:36 AM on 12/31/2011
Mostly because a 'white studies' program would be redundant. The sole reason ethnic studies exist is because of a lack of representation in traditional educational programs. White people don't have that problem because American and European history are always taught and always taught from a white perspective.
01:00 PM on 12/31/2011
Wouldn't the solution be to fix the classes, rather than dividing kids up by race?
More of the same ol same ... A change has to come.
11:46 AM on 12/30/2011
Great Read... The public at large needs to be enlightened on this issue.

I hope to read more articles from this author
Babylon can't fool I - Rastafari rule I
09:15 PM on 12/31/2011
Read this... an excellent essay on the subject (other author):