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03:25 PM on 08/08/2008
Yup . . . McBush is sure showing how sorry he is for the negative campaign he's waging! Obviously he didn't mean what he said the other day . . . or, once again . . . he's forgotten what he said!! If he was truly sorry for the negative tone he would have pulled this and any other negative ads . . . of course, then he would have nothing airing!!

This man has no integrity . . . no honor . . . no character . . . and definitely no class!
03:27 PM on 08/08/2008
What happened with the last Demo
president, as regards the economy?

What did Bush Junior do to the value of
the $ over the past 7 years?

The National Debt went through the roof again,
over the past 7 years.

What did Bush Senior do to it? What did Reagan do do it?
03:24 PM on 08/08/2008
Oh please this is the same old bullshit, played out, and tired rhetoric used by the repubs for the last 40 years. “Dems will raise your taxes”, “bigger government” blah blah blah. Mcliar has NO new ideas for our country and NO new ideas on how attack the Dems. Obama needs to come out with ad saying how does McLiar know its tough? He has been part of problem in Washington for the last 25 years and is sheltered from reality in his 8 multi million dollar mansions.
03:11 PM on 08/08/2008
Uhm, Mr. Obama? Anytime you want to start going on the offensive would be fine by us, or I'm sorry, did you hire the same people for your camapign as John Kerry?
03:57 PM on 08/08/2008
I think i'm there with you, attack ads are unfortunate and disgusting, but they work. It is sad, but very true.
04:43 PM on 08/08/2008
I know they work, but I'm going to have to disagree with both of you, Bendersky and wickedzeus. I think the campaign they are running is brilliant. Keep hammering what Obama will do and DO NOT get into the mud with McBush unless it's for a brief tippy-toeing long enough to put out their immediate (they are so good at this) response to the lies. Y'all are sick of all of these lies because you are informed, but I can't remind people enough that most of America is just not listening yet and I think it would not be smart to have our share of attack ads so the newly informed will tune in for the first time and say, "See, it's all politicians. They're all the same." I know it's risky but I hope the campaign keeps doing what they're doing.
06:38 PM on 08/09/2008
How about a really novel response: carpet the country with "position ads" that lay out clearly where Obama wants to lead the country and how he wants us to get there?

With the occaisional "OOPS, you got that one wrong, sir" ad aimed at the most egregious nonsense.

Of course, a "McSame debates McSold" series using McBush's recorded words against him would be fun.
03:10 PM on 08/08/2008
Let's watch less TV; Let's watch PBS and use our laptops. The MSM is part of corporate America and their journalism is suspect.
I don't understand: what kind of people watch TV commercials?
03:09 PM on 08/08/2008
Maybe Obama should do an ad saying that it is not possible for him to take away something that is already gone thanks to the current administration!
02:57 PM on 08/08/2008
Comparing the two ads released today I'm thinking Bill Clinton was really spot on with this...

"If one candidate is trying to scare you, and the other's trying to get you to think; if one is appealing to your fears, and the other is appealing to your hopes -- it seems to me you ought to vote for the person who wants you to think and hope."
-William Jefferson Clinton
03:24 PM on 08/08/2008
One of my favorite Clinton quotes!
Non illigitamus carborundum
02:56 PM on 08/08/2008
These ads are not being run by the mc campaign(there is no way he could afford them, he only raised 21mil last month).

These are attacks on O straight from b.oil, and the mic.
03:28 PM on 08/08/2008
Whether he's paying for them or someone else . . . at the end he says "I'm John McCain and I approved this message" . . . so they are "his" ads!
06:42 PM on 08/09/2008
If the ads all carry that tag LEGALLY they are property of the campaign which has to pay for them.

Isn't McWhosits under investigation for finance shenanigans?
Truth, Justice and the American Way
02:53 PM on 08/08/2008
What life savings? I just used them up because I've been unemployed almost a year. Thanks, Republicans!
02:59 PM on 08/08/2008
02:45 PM on 08/08/2008
Has Obomo ever had a real that he had to pay tax from?
03:14 PM on 08/08/2008
Lawyers pay taxes too. So, yeah.
03:20 PM on 08/08/2008
As an organizer and as a lawyer and while working while in college.
02:46 PM on 08/08/2008
This is why Obama will lose. Who wins the ad war when you put this devastating and demoralizing attack against Obama up against the feel good "hands" ad that Obama just released? No question: McCain wins. The whole storyline is all about Obama and the "truth" about him, and it will continue to be unless Obama and his team start to DESTROY McCain every single day. But I am not holding my breath. Time and time again the democrats choose a candidate who is out of touch with what it takes to win a national election. This is not about Obama brining some so-called new politics to American. No, this is about WINNING. After he wins maybe he can try to change the country through POLICY, not change the nation through a campaign. When will he learn?
Solutions over partisanship.
03:18 PM on 08/08/2008
The end result of the process becoming purely about winning is a guarantee that the least fit to serve will always win.
03:18 PM on 08/08/2008
> The whole storyline is all about Obama and the "truth" about him,
> and it will continue to be unless Obama and his team start to
> DESTROY McCain every single day.

02:45 PM on 08/08/2008
Geez this mccain guy is a double dog downer!!! Man, scare tactics, lies, deceptions, may work on a few of the intellectually lazy that would still consider a vote for mccain - but the negativity of his campaign have turned me off and I have tuned him out. Obamas "hands" ad was great - the polar opposite of this nonsense from McCain.
02:39 PM on 08/08/2008
Why is this ad about Obama? Because McCain and the Republicans in Washington don't have a record to run on.

The truth is, McCain doesn't have a clue what to do about Iraq, terrorism, the economy, or the other crises facing America. And to kick our dependence on oil, McCain wants to drill for more oil. What kind of sense does that make?

Besides, Obama has proposed LOWERING taxes for middle-class families, not raising them. Once again, McCain has his facts screwed up.
03:24 PM on 08/08/2008
Why dont' we all bombard McCain's site with our views of him and his attack ads. Lets tell him what we know about his adultry, his quesitonable war status, his wife's mobster family & connections, his history of voting for & with Bush's policies which as devasted the country and the citizens. Let's demand that he delivers something on issues facing the country. I read this earlier from alternet I think...
Drill here Drill now = DRILLUSION. I though it was a hoot. A politian or Oregan? calls McCain's "drill idea" exactly that.
02:39 PM on 08/08/2008
I really think that Senator McCain is just take of a counterad:

VOICEOVER: We know what’s eating up John McCain

FADE OLD VISUAL AND SWITCH NEW VISUAL: Select clips of Sen. McCain hosting SNL, appearing in Wedding Crashers, and guesting in “24”
VOICEOVER: He was supposed to be “The Celebrity”. He was supposed to be “The One”. He was supposed to be the candidate who could draw tens of thousands of people and get them “Fired Up and Ready to Go”.

FADE OLD VISUAL AND SWITCH NEW VISUAL: Speech of Sen. McCain showing green background
VOICEOVER: Instead he gets lukewarm reception from people wherever he speaks

FADE OLD VISUAL AND SWITCH NEW VISUAL: Senator McCain embracing President Bush. In the screen, show all the failed policies of President Bush that Senator McCain has embraced.
VOICEOVER: But that is the natural consequence when he embraced the policies of President Bush that have failed the American people

FADE OLD VISUAL AND SWITCH NEW VISUAL: Select footage of Senator Obama’s speeches in Oregon and Berlin. In the screen, show policies of Senator Obama that differ from Senator McCain and President Bush
VOICEOVER: (after several second of showing footage of the speeches)…Senator McCain, Jealous Much?
02:35 PM on 08/08/2008
More subliminal junkfood from the McCain ad. Did anyone else notice yet another blonde woman linked to Obama? Check out 0:04. No, she is not explicitly being talked about, but she does stand out in a sea of Obama news headlines and photos. Then as that flashes by, the narrator comes in with "...but for the rest of us..." as the Obama images are then splashed with red backgrounds. Am I reading too much into that? Maybe. But I do think that the use of a female narrator is an obvious attempt to appeal to female viewers.

As for the content, instead of outright lying about Obama's economic plan, McCain could have challenged the fairness of increased taxation of people making more than 250K. Why is he so afraid to debate the issues?