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01:34 PM on 08/11/2008
While I do think this is newsworthy (although I think we should get over it quickly) because he was a serious candidate for president, and as stated it could have been terrible if this came out when he became the candidate, it also demonstrates what happens to the egos of some politicians. Moreover, he outright betratyed the trust of those in his campaign, asking them to unkowingly lie and deny the truth of the story.

But more importantly, my first reaction was, "Okay, this makes him like John McCain, except he didn't leave his sick wife and marry a rich hottie." Being the news junkie that I am, I watched all the talking heads on cable news networks and could not believe that no one made any comparisons to John McCain and his infidelity. It's like they were scared to say anything! All they showed was John McCain uncomfortably refusing to comment. You better believe he's not commenting on this one! But why is he getting such a free pass on this? The Republicans impeached Clinton largely because he lied about his infidelity; why are they not equally outraged by what McCain did? And why is the press so scared of him?
01:27 PM on 08/11/2008
If I were ever a friend of John Edwards, I'm not now, just because he was a selfish fool at so bad a time for it in world history. Now, back to the real issue, which is impeaching (or indicting, depending on their placement) and imprisoning so many of the whole lot of them; you know, the "masters of the universe" who've been running the show these past 8 years. That we can't get to them, THAT is the crime of the century so far.
01:15 PM on 08/11/2008
Excellent point. McCain's infidelity was even more heinous because his first wife was so badly disfigured.
01:10 PM on 08/11/2008
Why doesn't Sam Stein and the Huff Post go after McCain with the same energy that they went after John Edwards? I mean, McCain IS a candidate for President. There is so much to the myth of John McCain that really needs to be looked at. But, since he is a war hero, I'm guessing no news organization is willing to take him on.

It's much easier to go after someone who is no longer in the race and is probably now out of politics forever.
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09:33 PM on 08/13/2008
Why doesn't ANYONE in the media of any kind go after McCain for the way he came about his SECOND wife?
01:09 PM on 08/11/2008
" would be perfectly fair to ask him where in the Bible God prioritizes homosexuality as a sin over adultery, since there's a Commandment about one but not the other, and adultery is a far greater threat to the institution of marriage than gay people entering into committed relationships (McCain's first marriage being Exhibit A)."

12:55 PM on 08/11/2008
Edwards' and McCain's situation are the same except one is relevant and the other is not and one is being covered and the other is not. Being completely inside out, you know MSM has it all wrong.

Mr. Sexton is on point and McCain has to be a little afraid someone might grow a pair and cover his many indescretions. I won't hold my breath.
01:43 PM on 08/11/2008
You're right...the media will never go after a war hero. People might get mad at them.
02:49 PM on 08/11/2008
They did not go after Jessie Jackson in 1984 either they did not want to be called a raciest. Nothing has change.
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02:59 PM on 08/11/2008
What gets over looked is that the media only offers us the "war hero Pow story" as McCain's "biography". The glaring example of the media's bias is that McCain's 1st marriage is very much a part of that POW story, that they conveniently leave out.

While McCain was a POW, his first wife raised his children for 5 1/2 years by herself, at the same time she worked hard to FREE HIM from the prison. She had the accident that left her crippled before his release and she under went many surgeries over a long period of time.
When McCain was released, he came home to a woman who was no longer the beautiful model he married. So he began running around on her, and then met Cindy, very wealthy, very young, Cindy. He divorced his first now crippled wife, to marry Cindy, which he did within a couple months after his divorce was final.
Reports are that Nancy and Ronald reagan were disgusted by his treatment of his first wife, and wouldn't talk to him for years.
12:50 PM on 08/11/2008
Nothing new...there is alot about McKeatingFive the media refuses to talk about and or will cover up. They made no effort to talk about the tax default on his property, his associations, his more then likly illegal fundraising that is currently being investigated, his wifes off shore accounts, the out right lies in his ad campaigns, the long list of flip flops....the list goes on. his is just omething else they are covering up for him. And people have the nerve to say Obama is the media darling? Had this been something in Obama's past this issue would be on heavy media rotation for about two weeks.
12:27 PM on 08/11/2008
Nice try Drew. Maybe it is because McCain is old news and never painted himself as squeaky clean and a family man.
02:36 PM on 08/11/2008
He was interviewed by Stephanopolous a few weeks ago and said he was for "traditional family values." That sounds to me like he wants us to believe he was a "squeaky clean family man". But then, he was trying to explain why he didn't think a gay couple qualified as a "two parent" family suitable to adopt children. Apparently the McCain definition of "traditional family values" allows for cheating on a spouse and leaving her and the kids for a much younger, thinner, richer person.
12:28 PM on 08/11/2008
Your attempt to mitigate the damage Edwards has caused the Democratic Party by trying to bring up McCain's divorce (which happened DECADES ago) is the act of a desperate Democratic. Part of what is so revolting about Edwards is that days before he admitted to the affair (and he still hasn't admitted to fathering that child, and no one I know believes his denials) he looked right at reporters and with his best boy scout expression denied all rumors, claiming to be a happily married man who lives by the family values he preaches. I could spend paragraphs refuting your argument but there's a big difference between a man (McCain) leaving (maybe not in the cleanest way in the world) a marriage that no longer works because he's fallen in love and a man (Edwards) who is a complete an utter hyprocrite.
03:06 PM on 08/11/2008
Bet you'd be bringing it up daily if it were Obama who cheated on his wife. Nice Family values McSame has!
I also like that he calls his wife a C#nt! Nice candidate there.

How much of McSame's deceit can you absolve, forgive, excuse or explain away.... he's a hot headed bully with a foul mouth and a sick sense of humor and has a distinct penchant for changing his mind to whatever he thinks will get him elected!
12:23 PM on 08/11/2008
I'll tell you one reason this is newsworthy to me and should not just be a "personal" issue: I was a paid organizer for Edwards in Iowa straight out of college. Here are my two options: 1) keep that on my resume and risk not getting called back or having a potentially embarrassing and definitely awkward conversation with my interviewer about marital infidelity or 2) take it off my resume and lose 6 months of Presidential campaign experience and risk people thinking I bummed around for almost a year after I graduated. This does, in fact, harm more people than his wife or the voters or the country - this effects the people that believed in him enough to get paid less than 19 grand a year and not sleep for two months straight just to see his sorry ass lose Iowa. That's who deserves to see this as news.
01:19 PM on 08/11/2008
Keep it on your resume. You're going to be just fine.
It sounds like you picked up some terrific experience.

Focus on the work you did for the campaign--why you were good at what you did, etc.

Again, include it on your resume--everything will be just fine.
01:28 PM on 08/11/2008
how is watching the news going to affect your resume problem? don't get me wrong, it's okay to be dissappointed in Edwards, but stop the madness, Susan Powder.
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11:44 AM on 08/11/2008
Let me see now, who was in power when the media was allowed to consolidate so that we the public hear fewer voices all the time? Hmmm. That would be the Republicans, wouldn't it?
11:40 AM on 08/11/2008
You can only blame John Edwards for this. Especially since it was going on while he was campaigning to be President. He knew the stakes. He knew he was in the public eye.

Trying to bring McCain into this story seems desperate.
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12:51 PM on 08/11/2008
I do blame John Edwards for this. I'd like to give him a good piece of my mind. He is reponsible for his actions and the consequences, but so is John McCain...who was, has been, and still is also in the PUBLIC EYE.

"Trying to bring McCain into this" isn't desparate, it's called "vetting our Presidential candidates" which John Edwards by the way, no longer is...and informing the American people about the CHARACTER of their potential President choices.
12:59 PM on 08/11/2008
the mccain information that you are trying to dreg up took place 35 years ago. he married cindy. give it a rest.
01:20 PM on 08/11/2008
So, with your stupid logic, if Edwards leaves his wife tomorrow and marries his mistress, everything will be cool? Get lost!
01:34 PM on 08/11/2008
So, Edwards' transgression would be more forgivable if he dumped Elizabeth and married the mistress? Good suggestion.
11:32 AM on 08/11/2008
I don't understand the media either. John McCain did a horrible thing to his wife ... she was in a bad car accident and he left her for a younger woman. McCain actually left his wife...Edwards at least stayed with his. I think McCain's actions are worse. McCain is a poor role model. And you are right, McCain is the presidential nominee, not Edwards. We should be focusing on McCain right now.
12:59 PM on 08/11/2008
What is there to not understand? The MSM is McCain's BASE. They will protect him no matter what. All the mis-steps, lies and memory loss this guy has exhibit and no one calls him on it. Sad times for America continuing to choose stupid over smart.
11:28 AM on 08/11/2008
The answer is simple - John E is a Democrat. All a Democrat has to do is pick his/her nose and the media calls for their heads.

Meanwhile Bush and Cheney have lied, thousands have died and they're still in office and NO moves to impeach them are going anywhere.

Double standard.
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11:18 AM on 08/11/2008
Anyone that wants to become a high profile figure should be aware the just because J. Edgar Hoover is dead, does not mean that all of the "Juicy' information he collected is not in someone else's hand.

Be assured that dossiers on everyone exists, to some extent, including politicians and rock-stars. All that is necessary for this to hit the tabloids or blogs, is to irritate the wrong person(s).