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05:36 PM on 08/11/2008
The Wall Street Journal just published an on-line story about Fred Baron More importantly, they reference a news story about Baron in the Dallas Observer. Now... this is who you are calling "victim." It's also a story of how political campaign contributions give people like Fred baron a free pass out of jail.

Edwards was just a foolish, primadonna puppet. His puppeteer is NO victim.
Lee Stranahan
Filmmakers, Writer, Dessert Topping
03:20 AM on 08/12/2008
I'm calling Baron a victim in relationship to John Edwards. I think Edwards has abused the trust of those closest to him.
05:26 PM on 08/11/2008
Is everyone at Huff Post required to write a column on John Edwards?
05:13 PM on 08/11/2008
Would that the MSM had investigated the lead up to the Iraq war as rabidly as they are going after the nitty gritty of the Edwards story.

This is really very, very telling.

But.........what can we really expect from these pawns anyway??
08:24 PM on 08/11/2008
Rabid investigation of the Edwards story???!!!

Are you serious? The MSM ignored this story. They certainly did not investigate at all.
Who are the MSM pawns of? If they ignored an important story about a potential POTUS nomineee I think it is quite clear the bias was liberal.
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05:05 PM on 08/11/2008
Seriously. Get a life. This is the non-story of the year. Personal business. And none of yours.
07:47 PM on 08/11/2008
If Edwards was a Republican you would be calling for his head.. Plus a full investigation into EVERY aspect of the case, right down to semen stains and who boff'ed who...

Don't bother denying it because you and I BOTH know it's true...

04:57 PM on 08/11/2008
Sorry Mr Stranahan, I have to part company with you here..

Baron doesn't appear to be the ulteristic soul you make him out to be. Reports have him receiving almost a half a million dollars from the Edwards campaign..

Baron is under investigation for campaign violations. He and Hunter are also having their tax issues looked at to see if they paid taxes on the money they got from the Edwards campaign...

It's going to get a LOT worse for Edwards in the coming days and weeks.. And more so for the Democrats...

06:48 PM on 08/11/2008
yes, the Democrats will eat their own & make the Edwards story the one to focus on.
While McCain gets a pass from both the traditional media and the new media.

and meanwhile, back at the White House, our Constitution is being tossed into the shredding machine.
04:54 PM on 08/11/2008
In fairness, to you, Lee, before you buy that bridge and all...some background information....

There has been a flurry of edits on Fred baron's wikipedia listing in the past three days... always fun to read the history of edits, very telling. And, as long as you are on wikipedia, be sure to read that one jewel of a paragraph, if the words are still there when you check: "Baron has joked about the prominence he and other trial lawyers have in the Democratic Party. In a July 2002 speech, he noted a Wall Street Journal editorial that said that "the plaintiffs bar is all but running the Senate." Baron pointed to the editorial and said, "Now I really, strongly disagree with that. Particularly the 'all but.'"

Running the Senate. Ain't that a funny thing. Kinda' like running policy through a prospective presidential candidate, and if not the presidency, then maybe through the vice-presidency, and if not the vice-presidency, then maybe through a position in the new administration, like say.... Attorney General. And what is at stake? Well, tort reform for one. Trial lawyers don't care to much for reigning in those astronomical plaintiff awards, the same awards that make these guys powerful and rich... the same awards that keep health care costs high... the same astronomical awards that will make universal health care insurance an impossible dream.

Mr. Baron, Esq., ain't no victim. He's the REAL story in the Edwards' debacle.
09:10 PM on 08/11/2008
And in all fairness, Baron has won several cases against the asbesto industry - and your are presenting GOP policies or just Wall Street
04:51 PM on 08/11/2008
Lee... are you ok? Maybe a bit over-worked or something? You haven't had any kool-aid lately, have you?

I have followed you in complete agreement up until now, your writings on the Edwards' debacle. But this is a strange turn for you. Fred Baron is no victim, so please don't paint him as such. To use that legal standard of "a reasonable man," the suspicions of Baron's involvement are highly problematic (to say the least) and should be investigated. All that money and housing for Rielle and Andrew Young (who you earlier disclosed had a string of debt and petty criminal record), out of the goodness of his heart? That's pretty dang magnanimous, I'd say, almost brings a tear to my eye.

Lee.... I have a bridge to sell you.
Lee Stranahan
Filmmakers, Writer, Dessert Topping
06:52 PM on 08/11/2008
I thought the same things, but I spoke to the man. And I know other people who know him. Yeah, it seems like he is pretty dang magnanimous.
07:36 PM on 08/11/2008
hey there, Lee.... just please read the Dallas Observer article referenced in the Wall Street Journal. A man like Fred Baron is never anyone's victim. Also, I can't shake the feeling that his kind of magnanimity is not easily refused.

Thanks for taking the time to read my comments. Has been educational for me, have finally learned the correct spelling of "magnanimity."
02:36 PM on 08/11/2008
In a world where the answers to most questions are a shade of grey and not black or white, this tawdry story seems to have polarized into only one of two possibilities, all depending on who the father Hunter's baby is.

If Edwards is the father then it would seem to confirm that he is a professional grade sleaze.

If on the other hand Edwards is not the father then it seems that Hunter may be the bottom-feeding professional party -girl who was so drug-addled and promiscuous as to appall Jay Mcinerney, chronicler of the decadent '80's NYC night life.

If the Hunter child is not Edwards' then it becomes believable that Hunter may have conceived her child(IVF? maybe she doesn't know who is the father?) in order to have it born smack in the middle of the primary campaign, a timebomb waiting to explode, worth a lot of money to someone. After all, unless there are pictures of Hunter giving Edwards a-hole-to-hide-it-in, her claims of an affair and Edwards denial would simply be another case of he-said she-said, not worth talking about. Adding a child to the mix brings this story to a different level, a level where the baby might more appropriately be called 'blackmail'.

Which of these two possibilities could it be?
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10:40 PM on 08/11/2008
What 42 year old woman gets pregnant "accidentally"?? This chick had an agenda and she saw it to fruition. John Edwards is a low class mofo, as is she. They deserve each other.
12:55 PM on 08/11/2008
Sigh. I guess neither of my two comments met approval.


I'll leave it at this: I'm proud of you, Lee. Your tenacity in the face of the scathing rage of the self-righteous Kossack contigent is to be applauded (speaking as one who knows first hand the bite of their lash).