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03:36 PM on 08/15/2008
"These comments do represent by-and-large some of the derisive, acidic and unfounded claptrap directed at Clinton even now ... These diatribes are characterized by lack of focus and errant hatred of a person who hasn't done the things the commenters allege"

I want to stay focused here ... Clinton deserves every bit of disdain an objective observer of this campaign for presidency can muster. Rather than acting with the poise and grace a former first lady ... having been afforded the chance to run not on her own merits but on her husbands ... should display , Clinton ... having lost the air of inevitability that she cloaked herself in ... decided to take it to a level that would make even a gutter snipe cringe with shame.

Clinton blatantly lied as if Bosnia were a thing not rememberable and pressed to sink even lower for excuses to stay in the process long after she knew she couldn't win brought forth the hope of assasination as a reason to continue. All the while crying sexism ... sexism ... sexism as the reason no one supported her and like lemmings those real victims of sexism hearing the voice of past pain followed even though no sexist behaviour were done to her.

No ... only those so needful of a woman as president in their lifetime rather than "the right woman" as president in their lifetime would cling to "this" woman in this moment at this time to be president.

There are
I'm nicer than I appear in print. :-)
03:26 PM on 08/15/2008
Your point is taken. And in practical terms - you're right. There's nothing to be gained.

But you have to remember that Obama's supporters have never been allowed to breathe. Since June 3 we have lived under a cloud. We wait for the storm. Will it be a shower or a tornado? Will she try to take the nomination away? Will she settle for damaging him. Will she finally stop?

Now part of that climate is one that has been manufactured by supporters who were doing her no favors. And they've been anxious to show up and interrupt conversations with ominous threats of "Wait and see - you'll be sorry." Are they speaking for themselves? Are they speaking for her? Who could know.

But we know that behind every cute little name they address on a message board, there is a real human being. Who worked just as hard or donated just as much on behalf of a candidate who wanted it just as much as she did. And he's never been able to relax and enjoy it. And neither have we.

So let's hope that this convention settles it once and for all. Because it's a bit disingenuous to expect that people who are fed up are "enjoying" this chaos. We're not.

Hate HIllary? You'd have to ask the individuals. Hate what's been done in Hillary's name? I think we're fairly unanimous on that.

August 28. Holding my breath.
02:51 PM on 08/15/2008
Okay-I will forgive her -although I will never forget what she has done or ever support her for anything. Finally I can now move on!! I needed this.
02:34 PM on 08/15/2008
Hillary *seems* to be going through the motions right now... that is the problem. If she was a real leader, and also genuinely wanted to consolidate support for Barack Obama, she'd have a conference call with all of the holdouts (PUMA, Hillary Supporters Count Too, Geraldine Ferraro, etc.) and she'd tell them that they are not protesting for her. That if they do anything in her name, it should be what really represents her and that is to vote for and enthusiastically encourage friends, family and neighbors to vote for Barack Obama, who has their agenda on his agenda. And if they continue to protest, just don't say they are doing it in her name, because that is not representing what she wants.

Speeches here and there are nice, but they aren't going to get through to the few who need to be consolidated. And they ring hollow. If she means it, and she is a true leader, she can get these followers to truly follow. But it has to be a direct appeal. Not a speech she hopes they catch on C-SPAN, and not a symbolic gesture in the convention. These will not work.
02:27 PM on 08/15/2008
Beg to differ.
I just want her to get out of the way and let the nominee run his GE campaign! Is that too much to ask?
This is not about HIllary anymore. She lost.
It's about our country! And defeating John McCain.
Pretty simple if you ask me.
02:24 PM on 08/15/2008
Such a narrow and one-sided description. I've read these post for several months and have never commented before now. Yes, there seems to be a lot of "bashing" that goes on here, but I've noticed that it goes both ways.

Using a description like "republican" and failing to give balance will only add to the negative discourse - don't you think?
02:17 PM on 08/15/2008
There are 2 things not to discuss in pleasant company -- politics and religion. And this is the reason why. Don't pretend that people who are heatedly for or against a politician or political position are any different than the people who support or oppose this particular politician. This is nothing new - it's just the one you chose to write about.
01:59 PM on 08/15/2008
I don't get to read all the posts, but I'd say that the ones you picked weren't at all "hate". Explosive, surely, inpolite, definitely, but I wouldn't come near classifying them as 'hate". If you are going to write an article on this, then why not do at least some research and find a post that has examples?

I never saw any "hate" towards Mrs. Clinton and I couldn't figure out what everyone was upset about until I saw a video of Fox News clips. Now that was hate, I was disgusted that they would be so blatantly sexist. Fortunately I don't watch them! Where are the examples of that?

Rude does not equal Hate!
01:51 PM on 08/15/2008
I am a reformed Hillary hater. She kept to her oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States when she voted against the murder of the 4th Amendment. She will get my write-in vote in November if a miracle in Denver fails to materialize.

We have had nearly 8 years of a President who treats the Constitution as toilet paper. Obama's vote for FISA indicates more of the same, in addition to lofty promises he, too, has demonstrated are as thin as watery soup.

Once Obama was my hope. Now he is just another bitter disappointment. I am so tired of being used and being lied to by these egotists.
01:51 PM on 08/15/2008
Who are the Clintons?
01:48 PM on 08/15/2008
You know, there was plenty of Obama bashing going on, too. You seem to forget that little fact. Lots of "Hussein", "BO" and the like. It isn't as if Hill's supporters weren't every bit as hateful as some of the posts - in my opinion, more so.

We each have our own perspective. I began supporting neither candidate but quickly moved to Obama as Hill conducted the most dysfunctional, negative campaign I've ever seen. She was no angel, nor were or are, her supporters.

Yes, during the primary campaign, things got pretty heated but the heat came from both sides not just the Obama people, as you seem to think.
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04:14 PM on 08/15/2008
Yes, this post is fairly one-sided. We're all to blame, and yes, we could all take a deep breath and try to think more before we write. But you must know that part of the appeal of blogging is arguing, which sometimes disintegrates into rude name calling on both sides.

In addition, it looks to me like more Obama supporters were willing to sadly switch to Hillary if we lost, whereas Hillary supporters consistently post pretty awful descriptions of Obama. Many of us feel, perhaps wrongly, that those descriptions were encouraged by Hillary.

However, in this you are right. It is time for us ALL to behave civilly, open our hearts and our ears, and start the long road to unity. If you still hate Obama, go to the McCain blog, OK?
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05:15 PM on 08/15/2008
Agreed salty. Part of the "rage" from Obama supporters came (well, not counting when HRC officially decided to throw the "kitchen sink" at Obama) when he was well ahead in the delegate count, and there were all these posts and polls saying how if she didn't get the nom, that her supporters would either not vote or write her name in or vote McCain.

I think KC should be asking himself "how did it get to this point"? At the beginning we were all one big happy family ready to storm the WH. Then she went negative...and Obama supporters got upset. I do remember reading MANY Obama supporters pleading that it would be a bad thing for HRC to go negative, specifically attacking Obama's character. HRC supporters basically told us to stop being babies, and if we couldn't take the heat, get out the race...along with other things concerning Rev. Wright, "bittergate", sexist claims hurled against Obama...the list goes on and on. So again, this is NOT a one-sided affair.
01:15 PM on 08/15/2008
The Clinton Haters are insecure. They hate anyone they think is better than themselves.
These are people who need politicians to be saviors, then hate them when they are human.
The basis of all the animosity is the assumption that the Clinton's have selfish motives for all they do, while Obama (or Dean, or Edwards, or whoever else pretends to be what they aren't), have only the world's happiness as their motive.
It is an assumption based on self-hatred and ignorance, as it is patently untrue.
I admire the Clintons more than ever. I believe their motives are the best possible in a politician.
The talking points i see here used against them are exactly what the Republicans resorted to when they had to battle them in the 90's.
Sad to see Obama use it, and his supporters fall for it.
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05:25 PM on 08/15/2008
LOL...ok, renaissance, thanks for proving my point. This goes two ways, not one. In this post, you've accused "Clinton Haters" as being: 1. insecure, 2. self-hating, 3. ignorant, 4. haters. So I'm not sure how YOU are making a bad situation any better. And that's aside from the fact that nothing you've posted can be proven true.

And are YOU sure you aren't a republican? Because you are on this whole "savior" bit just like they are.
No one thinks that about Obama, not even the radical supporters. There is a difference between thinking your candidate is perfect and being behind them 100% and backing them up when others bash him.

And again, I was on the HRC/Obama love boat all the way up until she went negative and tried to destroy his character (I don't care if politicians go negative concerning the issues)...and even then I was more upset with her supporters and Bill than Hillary.
01:06 PM on 08/15/2008
True, the world needs more civility. However, KC is a bit disingenuous in featuring only one side of the running gun-fight that plays out in these threads. This is a dialogue, not a soliloquy --and Hillary-hate is balanced (and frequently provoked) by bomb-throwing Obamaphobes whose rhetorical emissions are just as vile.

However, if your intention is to write an article that aims to paint HuffPo as a hotbed of Hillary-hatred, and Hillary-hatred as the sole threat to Democratic Party Unity, you have to cut some corners somewhere. Ignoring half the problem is a good start.
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04:15 PM on 08/15/2008
12:32 PM on 08/15/2008
You are so right and i read some of your words with my head low as i too have been one to bash HRC. Bill Clinton broke my heart years ago and so did Hillary during/after the primary and it's very hard to let that go. With the confirmation of my greatest fear that she used Michigan and Florida as pawns in her campaign--that she blatently and unapologetically created the sense that the election had been "stolen", well, that pretty much put me over the edge.

That said, you are correct to compare us to the hatemongering right --- it hurt, but it also woke me up. I can't expect Hillary to suck it up for the party if I can't. I, for one, will start to forgive---I just can't promise I'll forget.
12:28 PM on 08/15/2008
You can count me as one of these 'Hillary Haters' too - or people that don't respect the Clintons at all anymore... what ever you would like to call me.
I voted for the Clintons 3 times - elected them 3 times.
After what I've seen in this Democratic Nomination Process... I will Never make that mistake again.

I'm DONE with the Clintons and the self absorbed circus. Done.
12:59 PM on 08/15/2008
If you're so done with the self-absorbed Clintons, why do you post a majority of your comments, mostly vitriolic, on Hillary-related articles and blogs? I assure you, your blogging is not going to make her disappear.