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03:57 PM on 01/09/2012
The show has slumped since they have "lost" Peter and know they seemed to be bringing him back in some context. But I believe if there is time, they will be able to repair the show, turning more from an evening soap back into that creepy crawly show that we know and love, and bring it back to its former glory. The Friday time slot does not do much to help things. But the online advertising, using things like the site is a great way though to bring the show back to the forefront to a lot of people's minds, before the show is possibly lost. Again, I REALLY don't want Fringe to be cancelled because this is actually one of the few shows that my dad and I can actually agree on when we're watching TV.
Professional Spitfire
03:57 PM on 01/09/2012
As long as they give it a real ending, I am okay with it ending after this season. I loved the show, but the longer any show is on, the worse it gets.

Just look at House. It started out superb, now it's just as unrealistic and silly as Fringe.
07:37 PM on 01/09/2012
Fringe is not silly.
Professional Spitfire
07:40 PM on 01/09/2012
I love the show but it is silly.
03:47 PM on 01/09/2012
Yes, I want to see more of Fringe. I really enjoy it and look forward to each new episode.

I more than understand and am aware of the behind-the-scenes arm wrestling over money, but I am hoping beyond hope that everyone realizes that allowing a forth season wrap up provides financial potential for after season marketing. If the Fringe audience is a "cult" then the cult is very large and growing, and it won't stop growing after the series ends if the eventual blue ray or dvd collection offered for sale provides closure the way Babylon 5 did.

If I were involved with the negotiations, I would make sure everyone felt secure that a fourth season would be a love letter to a future, developing audience. More money has been invested for less of a probable return.
Lace Up Hike On Go Off the Beaten Trails
06:13 PM on 01/09/2012
I absolutely agree with you. This is a show with a smart and engaging premise that deserves a proper send-off...
07:21 PM on 01/09/2012
I also believe that many, many more people will discover this show after it has gone off the air. That is why they ought to leave the door partially open...
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03:28 PM on 01/09/2012
Here's a novel approach: Move the show back to a more lucrative time slot. It was doing great on Thursdays. Sorry, FOX, but only the X Files could do well on Friday nights. And even when it moved to Sunday night, only that show could do well in that time slot.

I blame reality TV for all the good shows getting cancelled anyway... ::shrugs ::
03:24 PM on 01/09/2012
They painted themselves into a tricky corner. I couldn't imagine a good way to bring Peter back. Unfortunately, niether could they; and Fringe without Peter is not the show I got hooked on.
03:20 PM on 01/09/2012
We love 'Fringe,' however, the show took somewhat of a wrong turn with the "Alternate Universe" plot line. It was fine for an episode or two, but grew tiresome quickly. They need to get back to the creatures/mutants/anomalies and creepy-crawlies that made the show great to begin with... Perhaps then the ratings may climb. I only hope it's not too late to save the show.
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04:13 PM on 01/09/2012
I totally went sideways when the Alternate Universe story line started. I'm not sure if they can get back to the base of the series again. I hope that Fox gives them a chance to wrap up the series with one last season, I would like to see if they can have one last good season.
07:47 PM on 01/09/2012
The Alternate Universe storyline was intended from day one of the show. I'm kind of puzzled that anyone would keep wishing for the show to go back to Season One territory, when frankly it was not as good as it became.
10:30 PM on 01/10/2012
I understand that the Alternate Universe was always a factor in the story line, but it wasn't so predominantly featured in the plot (early on) as it eventually was. It seemed the show just shifted gears so suddenly. The Alternate Universe plot was interesting, at first, but I enjoyed the "freak-of-the-week" stories far more. It would be a better show if they'd balance the two story lines more evenly. Because frankly, I don't really care about the alternate characters all that much, like I do the characters in this universe. Apparently, I'm not the only fan to feel this way, otherwise the show wouldn't be tanking. Just sayin'.
03:16 PM on 01/09/2012
The 'peter-less' show and the loss of the characters has destroyed this show! I wish they would have never done the alt-universe switch. Totally blew it with that one.
03:15 PM on 01/09/2012
Fox should keep this fine show and promote it .
03:07 PM on 01/09/2012
This is a great show that has suffered because the network moved it around -- from day to day and time slot to time slot -- in order to accommodate reality TV shows like American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. Here's a news flash, Fox -- not everyone wants you to be All Idol All the Time. Friday is a terrible night to run a show -- people go out after working all week, spend time with their families or are just plain tired. Why not move American Idol to Friday's and run it from 8:00 - 10:00? Put the good shows on where they belong.
03:46 PM on 01/09/2012
I couldn't agree more. FOX totally dropped the ball with this great show. Instead they give us 3 nights of American Idol. They never did enough to promote Fringe and as you mentioned switching days and times over and over again. I continue to watch, love the show and certainly hope it returns for another season.
02:57 PM on 01/09/2012
Part of the issue with these shows are the huge breaks, even within seasons. Half the time, it is a Herculean effort just to even keep up with start/stop of the new episodes. It is like you have to play this constant guessing game when they will return. I am not sure why it is TV executives have not figured this out. There are genre you can do that with, such as sketch comedy and the like, but these sci-fi dramas with a thematic storyline, die when the breaks are so long even ardent and religious viewers cannot even recollect what happened. I have gotten to the point where I do not even watch these shows, because so many, like V, TSCC, Invasion, Jericho, Surface, and an endless list of great shows killed before their prime. These long breaks, combined with the fact they move them to Friday evenings when their target demographic is likely out being social, are just boneheaded. How is it that these network executives are just that out of touch with reality and demographics?
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10:16 PM on 01/09/2012 just listed my favorite shows that were cancelled before their time...shows that left me hanging and truly pissed off b/c they kept on shows like lost and endless reality nonsense! At least Fringe has had a few seasons unlike Firefly which only got one lousy season! Maybe if it is cancelled - they will make a followup movie like they've done with X-files and can only hope!
02:36 PM on 01/09/2012
It seems to me that the show lost its way a bit when Peter left/disappeared. For those of us who saw him as the show's anchor, we questioned whether or not he was being squeezed out of the show and what the future held for Fringe Division. They need to find a way to return the show's creative moorings.
02:36 PM on 01/09/2012
It's unfortunate that we are living in times where peoples interest in a long developing storyline are lost for 1/2 hour "start and end in one sitting" TV. Some of the best storytelling is done this way, and offers compelling characters, drama worth investing into, and much more interesting situations.

I would have preferred a 5th season of BSG, Farscape, and more than just one of V and The Event, the latter 2 were just starting to get their focus, and the stories were getting good.

All I can say is: no wonder people use Hulu, bit torrent, and Tivo to watch TV now. There is no investment in the TV networks into what we want, why should we support them by watching the commercials that pay their bills? They are just going to cancel the shows we love and closely follow too soon anyways.