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01:54 PM on 01/11/2012
Awwww...I think the lion just wanted to play...LOL
11:53 AM on 01/11/2012
Cudos to this girl for her curiosity but let's stop pretending that she was being "brave." She is just an inquisitive child having the disconnected experience of watching a ferocious animal behind glass. I hope that following this experience someone took this child aside and told her that the only reason she survived this lion's attack was because there was thick glass between them! In the real world it is not safe to approach an animal while it is eating. In fact, should a large, ferocious animal lunge at you, it is advisable to run to someone larger than you for help! The reporting on this story points to two problems with modern attitudes toward child rearing---first, children are increasingly disconnected from the natural world and, second, adults increasingly expect children to stoically endure scary situations on their own instead of offering appropriate comfort and guidance to help them figure out smart ways to handle such situations. Had this girl reacted by screeching and running to her mommy she would not have needed to feel shame. Such a response would have shown that she is both savvy about nature and emotionally healthy.
life began wit the first self replicating molecule
03:16 PM on 01/14/2012
absolutely right on
11:24 AM on 01/11/2012
How cool! She's one cool kiddo!
Every cloud has a silver lining
08:14 AM on 01/11/2012
Sofia isn't teasing the lion. She seems to be fascinated by Malik and Malik the lion doesn't seem angry to me. Yes, he paws at the glass, but our cat does that too when he's watching squirrels and when the
squirrels come to close to the patio doors. Pawing at the glass seems to be a domestic cat and
lion thing. Go figure. They're both from the same family only the lion is bigger.
05:56 AM on 01/11/2012
He flared his nose a bit before he striked. take a hint and move.
05:49 AM on 01/11/2012
He was trying to smell her. (When cats hold their mouths ajar like that, they're "tasting" the air for scents.) The glass was in the way of his instinctive impulse to check out this small animal on the other side.
04:40 AM on 01/11/2012
That's a cool-and-collected kid
the past is the past,don't look back
04:11 AM on 01/11/2012
I feel sorry for the lion,locked up behind plexi glass,on display, with people bothering him. He needs to be in the wild,where he belongs.
04:37 AM on 01/11/2012
Do you think there might be the possibility that the lion has a sizable outside enclosure it could use?

Certainly it would be preferable if it was in the wild but perhaps being in a zoo children might grow up with an appreciation of animals and that certainly would not be a bad thing
02:18 PM on 01/11/2012
I completely agree with you... all I could think through that video was that the poor lion was locked in a cage (even a 'sizable' enclosure outside is still a cage, and restricts the lion's movements since they like to roam and hunt.), with all those people gathered around pointing at him and tapping on the glass. God, I'm glad I'm a human and have more rights than that.
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08:54 PM on 01/30/2012
Not in North Korea
still chasing the wascally wabbit...
04:00 AM on 01/11/2012
Misleading headline, HuffinPuff, and I ain't lion!
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no matter where you go there you are
03:15 AM on 01/11/2012
another bindy irwin mayhap
03:08 AM on 01/11/2012
Some may say Sofia is brave or fearless but is being fearless a good thing in our society? We all have fear for a reason, it keeps us a live. Children who do not have fear are at risk for putting themselves in dangerous situations. They may want to watch her in the future so she doesn't end up getting hit by a car or something else that she is "curious" about.
04:34 AM on 01/11/2012
The lion was behind glass! Tough glass! Good grief
02:38 AM on 01/11/2012
That little girl just walked into Narnia. Who would do this to Aslan?
no matter where you go there you are
03:16 AM on 01/11/2012
go aslan
02:23 AM on 01/11/2012
That little girl is one tough cookie- I hope she stays this way forever- you go girl
01:55 AM on 01/11/2012
He didn't look all that aggravated to me. He would have snarled more and made more of a fast swiping motion at the glass. This looked rather playful.