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12:22 PM on 01/11/2012
"A Pickens restaurant owner was downright giddy that Perry ordered a cup of grits; she let his campaign put a Perry sign in the window. And Glenn Brock, who runs a 54-year-old clothing store that carries the family name, got to bend the candidate's ear for a few minutes about hunting the coyote, bears, hogs and other animals on the shop's walls. He said he'll be voting for Perry a week from Saturday." Glad these people are weighing their presidential choices with great seriousness. Geezuz.
diogenes tub
Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company
12:29 PM on 01/11/2012
"Vote for Perry...he ate ma grits!"
left coast, usa
12:18 PM on 01/11/2012
What rough beast, his time come and gone (0.7%) slouches towards South Carolina to be aborted? Faux cowpoke Gov. Rick Perry. All hat. No cattle.
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The Mask
Greatness lays behind the Mask
12:17 PM on 01/11/2012
Just wait for the first time he says "Well, this barbecue is all right, but it doesn't hold a candle to Texas barbecue."
Support our wounded warriors
12:16 PM on 01/11/2012
Grits, Flannel & Mounted Animals Become Perry's Campaign Props

The only showing in S.C. Perry is going to get is directions to the exit. What do you want to bet he sleeps with a teddy bear?
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The Mask
Greatness lays behind the Mask
12:25 PM on 01/11/2012
Don't know about that, but I bet he wears a teddy when he goes to sleep.
A world with infinite possibilities.
11:56 AM on 01/11/2012
There must be something in the water in Texas to make a Bush clone named Perry.
11:52 AM on 01/11/2012
"A few doors down the couple impressed patrons at a barbecue joint by recognizing okra..."

The jokes write themselves.
Glen Davi
All Men Are Brothers
11:51 AM on 01/11/2012
It's not just Perry, the entire republican field is wanting. Go down the list one more time.

1. Perry, I mentioned his name. Close your eyes and what do you see? Enough said.

2. Santorum, here's a guy so far out in the woods, his home state took an oversized boot to kick him out of their lives.

3. Gingrich, a world class manipulator with a messiah complex who understands how the political game is played and how to profit from it.

4. Romney, a master political chameleon whose specialty is distorting facts, character assassination, and using Obama haters as a vehicle to sneak into the oval office.

5. Paul, a man who mixes truth with utopia while ignoring the fact that even God couldn't trust man to use freedom wisely/correctly.

6. Huntsman, a man whose potential belies the ineffectiveness of his campaign on the national level, or a man whose potential is limited to one step below the oval office.
11:46 AM on 01/11/2012
"Honey, what does this remind you of?" Perry asked as they stood in a clothing store that sells flannel shirts and cowboy boots and has big-game trophies on the walls.

"Home," she answered.

Would someone please hold my hair for me?

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GOP lies in harmony
Songs from the wood
11:45 AM on 01/11/2012
Well, there you have it, he recognized okra....that certainly nails it for me......NOT!
And by the way, I'm from Texas and I love okra but geezzzLouize..I'm embarassed for Texas...
What's this?
11:30 AM on 01/11/2012
The only good thing about elections, is showing where the pockets for dumb are at in America!
11:29 AM on 01/11/2012
The shop owner talking about the economy bottoming out in South Carolina has such a short or distorted memory, he forgets it's was the last Texas President who flushed the US economy.
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11:27 AM on 01/11/2012
Don't tell old Glenn Brock that a home that sold for $80K twenty years ago will be lucky to sell for that today, right in the heart of Texas. Austin, TX. So much for avoiding the depression, retiring Texans.
No Party Affiliation
11:25 AM on 01/11/2012
The candidate that's running on the "let's re-invade Iraq" platform. Should receive NOT a single vote.
lateral thinker
11:23 AM on 01/11/2012
"When it was bottomed out here, I couldn't believe how much Texas was booming. They didn't even realize the recession was going on," Brock said. "If he can run the country like he did the state of Texas, the country would be a better place." ************** Amazing how all that Federal stimulus money, Federal energy contracts, Federal Health Care dollars, and Federal Emergency Management money kept Texas from realizing there was a 'recession' going on! Now, if we could only figure out how to do that for the rest of the country!
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Facts Do Matter.
02:16 PM on 01/11/2012
These facts don't show up in Republican talking points, only that the stimulus didn't work and President Obama is the worst President ever. It will be interesting when all the garbage has been taken out and they have one man left standing to take on President Obama. I hear Ann Coulter loud and clear....
11:20 AM on 01/11/2012
Grits, okra, and stuffed animals? Sad and funny that the Republicans once wanted to be known as, the "Party of Ideas."

Also sad that Perry apparently does not recognize how desperate he seems, and how even Southerners are just not that into him.

Let Perry ride into the sunset--the rest of the country except for Texas has not understood his alleged charms--much less fallen for them.