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Government IS the problem
02:20 AM on 02/10/2012
Cut manufacturing tax rates to 0.
institute Right to Work nationwide
Cut corporate tax rate to 25%
B Wayne
Who benefits from our inability to communicate?
02:40 AM on 02/10/2012

A Resource Based Economy
03:44 AM on 02/10/2012
His avatar should be the snake that's swallowing it's own tail...
primum non nocere.
03:39 AM on 02/10/2012
02:10 AM on 02/10/2012
Chuck and Paul Mooty aren't the only ones giving manufacturing another shot. When President Barack Obama, in his State of the Union address, touted "an economy built on American manufacturing" and acknowledged the "huge opportunity at this moment to bring manufacturing back," manufacturing went from boring to buzzword overnight.

It starts with an idea, then a game plan. The word is out...American manufacturing is back...and FOR SURE, republicans don't want anyone to know it.
Moldova Marsupial
02:02 AM on 02/10/2012
The only way the US will regain its manufacturing industries is to begin a much more protectionist trade policy.
Control your money locally. Charter banks now.
02:23 AM on 02/10/2012
Here here....
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05:44 AM on 02/10/2012
China has about 25% on our exports there...............we have something like 2.5% on Chinese junk.

Germany knows how to trade with China.........we are simply unwilling to demand they abide by the trade agreements.
B Wayne
Who benefits from our inability to communicate?
02:41 AM on 02/10/2012

and the President spoke about this perfectly in the SOTU
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01:41 AM on 02/10/2012
It would be comforting to make our pharmaceuticals here, in plants regularly inspected by th FDA...
You Don't Know Where Your Drugs Come From And Neither Does The FDA; U.S. Imports 90 Percent Of Its Antibiotics (And Vitamin A) From China

"...The United States needs two tons of heparin per month. Seventy percent of that is sourced from China, says the study. Tainted Chinese heparin (made from pig intestines and used as a blood thinner) supplied to Baxter International caused the death of 81 Americans in early 2008...'
joni brit
The road to success is always under construction.
01:54 AM on 02/10/2012
that's such a good idea, and it would be investing in something we know there's a market for. it would cut down the high level of counterfeit drugs as well.
country girl15
Signs Of The Time
02:17 AM on 02/10/2012
Hello OldTulsan,
That scares the heck out of me. I take plavix everyday and have for quite a few years now. I wanted to thank you for posting this and i will be researching my med alot more. Thank You Again.
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02:57 AM on 02/10/2012
Hi, CountryGirl15,

You're welcome.

My ophthalmologist told me that when a drug's patent expires, its production is usually moved offshore.
01:37 AM on 02/10/2012
When I moved to Europe for my work in 2006 I left behind things just not worth the transit costs. The intervening years taught my European born wife and me much about inherent quality of goods and services. I have learned that there is a country by country hierarchy in tools, household goods and appliances. Our purchasing standard has been for some time: Germany, USA, and Japan - top three and final choices are product dependent. We have shunned the Chinese. Is this difficult? Not really, it just takes some research. Take just one item as an example. My American made New Balance gym shoes will be replaced by another pair when I am next in the States. The old ones lasted me 5 years, they are great. When we go stateside we take an almost empty suitcase and stock up on the things we love: US made jeans, Orvis American Collection (not Beans...too much from China), boots from places like Wolverine, and my wife has her own favorites. So that was our shopping status as of last year. Now enter the Chinese (and Russian) support for all the brutal autocratic regimes in the world such as Gaddafi and Assad. There was never a Russian product I would have bought anyway, but are more than ever off the list. I hope others join me. These regimes may not understand human decency, but they might notice if enough of us curbed our purchasing.
Abusive or Insulting? I won't be responding.
01:36 AM on 02/10/2012
"How America Could Return To Manufacturing Supremacy"

Start WW3 and win.
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01:43 AM on 02/10/2012
We won the last time.

Now compare our manufacturing infrastructure to that of Germany and Japan.

Maybe we should lose WW3 ? ;-)
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05:38 AM on 02/10/2012
Loss of manufacturing is threatening the US with its ability to wage war.

Chips the military needed from China were found to be!
Paperless Tiger
12:47 AM on 02/10/2012
The quickest way would be to grow industrial hemp and make products out of it. If it was a national program the results would be quite dynamic. The crop itself is worth more than corn, per acre, and it is a rotation crop so it doesn't interfere with food production.
doctor pangloss
the best of all possible worlds
12:38 AM on 02/10/2012
The solution is easy. Shut down the American Chamber of Commerce,and tax the bejesus out of American brand names made in China.
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Sanspoof is my idol
01:26 AM on 02/10/2012
I still can't fan anyone but I'll try again later. Two great solutions.
01:51 AM on 02/10/2012
The Chamber of Commerce shouldn't have American in front of it. Congress will
never allow their big corporations to be taxed like that. After all it's not enough
to get paid from the taxpayers they want all that money from big banks and the
corporations too. Kinda makes you sick to your stomach, alot like General
Electric not paying a dime in taxes but make the poor and middle class pay
through the nose.
12:08 AM on 02/10/2012
Unions kept raising incomes for various unskilled workers from 1960 to 1995. Now we must wait out the gap from Asia's factory wages and ours or, better still, we can become educated toward a higher level of marketing and service-oriented (no, not Taco Bell) businesses and take advantage of the brains rather than putting things together as Asia has that locked up for the next decade or so. Sophisticated products can be created, manufactured and marketed right out of the USA but only by those who have a vision to build onto some of the fine technologies originated right here. Whining will not lead us forward
01:30 AM on 02/10/2012
So what you are saying is that we should embraces wages like communist Asia? Because you realize, that's what keeps them low. We here in America hate communism unless we can use it for profit.
01:54 AM on 02/10/2012
No, I am saying nothing like that
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02:12 AM on 02/10/2012
That fantasy is how they sold the idea of outsourcing to the American people to begin with, but the reality is, Americans are human, and some humans are born to use their brains and others are born to use their hands.
08:06 PM on 02/09/2012
Today I went to buy some tennis shoes at Academy Sports and only 1 pair of shoes there that were not made in China were from Americans make shoes anymore ? it's crazy....
opinion will not belie the truth
12:23 AM on 02/10/2012
New Balance has many of their styles of shoes made in America. That is the only company I am aware of. I live in Oregon, where Nike originated, and I don't think they any shoes here, or anywhere in the USA.
08:01 PM on 02/09/2012
China will be facing labor shortage soon. Check out any age pymriads, and you will see the are millions fewer of young peopl coming up the ranks. China will also be producing more for domestic consumption, !.3 billion people are eventually going to want some of the modern accuoremnts. Think of the millions of jobs created as china begins to have a automobile culture. Bottom line is the era of cheap cheap, labor in china is ending, just like it did in Japan, Korea, etc.
America manufactures should take advantage of fact quick distribution. Something can be made in Detriot or wherevr and be any palce in the us within 48 hours. 72 hours tops. Maybe i am optomistic, but i think there will be some reshoreing of certian goods.
02:51 AM on 02/10/2012
soon??? you mean decades away
09:14 AM on 02/10/2012
within five years , it is already starting.
05:31 PM on 02/09/2012
With new technology like artificial intelligence, robotics and digital manufacturing changing the game, "the manufacturing of the past is gone," Wadhwa said. "And so are those repetitive, boring factory types of jobs. They won't exist. Manufacturing is coming back to the United States because we have the most skilled, creative, innovative people in the world."

I may agree that the future of manufacturing may go this route in America BUT:

Those repetitive, boring factory types of jobs HAVE to be kept there. Thats the key to this all working so that we keep manufacturing in American as not everyone will be educated in the field of robotics, artificial intelligence, etc. As with robotics and artificial intelligence and digital manufacturing are also ways to cut off blue collar hands on jobs. These high tech machines are used to create a product without hiring the extra hands on people to make the product. Machines replacing people-that is what may well happen-again cutting out the blue collar worker.
You can have your own opinion, not your own facts.
01:13 PM on 02/09/2012
If people would look at labels and quality and try to buy American made goods, we'd have a faster and more lasting recovery.
08:02 PM on 02/09/2012
the problem is there are so few labels
You can have your own opinion, not your own facts.
02:49 AM on 02/10/2012
I know, but I also know that I would pay more for American made stuff. If we start giving feedback in stores we could support change.
01:17 AM on 02/10/2012
American goods cost more $$......something a lot of people are short on now a days.
01:32 AM on 02/10/2012
The reason American goods cost more is because we have a standard of living. If we returned to making our goods, people would have money to buy them, which would eventually lead to lower prices.
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Sanspoof is my idol
01:53 AM on 02/10/2012
Unfortunately, this country's lower middle class has moved to just plane lower class and the middle middle class is the new lower middles class

The regular people who buy stuff are no longer able to buy stuff unless it comes from a slave labor country. We can thank all the American manufacturing companies who moved to China for that.

And it was their plan. Break the USA and get rid of unions and we'll come home and make the USA the new China.

"Until a few years ago, we had a manufacturing wage bubble in the U.S. that was clearly unsustainable," Perry says. "Those wages were out of line with the rest of the world, but because of the recession, the U.S. is much more competitive from a wage standpoint."

Desperate for jobs, Americans will sacrifice all the benefits and protections they have fought for and lost and regained over and over again for a chance to become employed because, contrary to Republic's belief, American's really do want to work.

But this is just another scam on the American worker.