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Without God, life is everything.
11:01 AM on 08/25/2008
There's nothing wrong with both people wanting a solitary night's sleep. There's nothing wrong with it. You do your thing, he/she does his/hers. But more importantly, the only thing that matters is whether the couple are in agreement. If you and your partner agree, then do it. It may be unconventional, but since when do the opinions of other people or conventional norms penetrate a personal, intimate relationship?

The position of your bodies (in combination or separated) doesn't mean anything; sleep is purely functional.
10:27 AM on 08/25/2008
Yeah, put me in the column of those who like sleeping alongside their partner. The snoring I don't mind because I have rationalized it as a demonstration of their still being alive. So there is some comfort in it for me. I also just like falling asleep holding her.

But everybody's different. Whatever works.
11:58 AM on 08/25/2008
How does "she" feel about this? The only problem arises when one partner wants to sleep through the night together and the other doesn't.
My husband and I sleep in a king bed as far apart as possible with separate covers. We don't mind sharing the room but given our chronic pain issues it just isn't restful to hold each other while sleeping.
12:29 PM on 08/25/2008
Awe! Cute!! And I agree - I love it when he snuggles up to me in the early hours of the morning!