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01:54 PM on 08/27/2008
Oh yes...
01:51 PM on 08/27/2008
The democrat party nominated the wrong person in Obama. The democrat party will lose another presidential election, with no one to blame but yourselves.
01:58 PM on 08/27/2008
And the idiots live on...
02:00 PM on 08/27/2008
It's the Democratic Party. Perhaps you slept through civics class.
Red Tory mind / Progressive voting history
02:24 PM on 08/27/2008
Republican plant, who didn't get the Memo.
author/radical/dragon master
02:31 PM on 08/27/2008
No, just a Republican in sheep's clothing.
01:51 PM on 08/27/2008
Too little too late. No matter how magnanimous her words last night may, or may not have been, they can't unring the bell. The Mc C ads using her words marginalizing and minimizing and mocking O continue to be aired. She planted the seeds of doubt in no uncertain, unambiguous terms; engendered this hatred in these women over the course of a year and they won't let go of it.

BC will be leaving after her roll call tonight. Will not be there to witness this historic nomination. That will be the story Friday morning.
02:09 PM on 08/27/2008
Well, maybe not. She COULD counter the damage, both the original damage and last night's (by omission) by consenting to star in an ad extolling O's readiness to be Commander in Chief. She could even get off the hook by admitting that since her original statement she has had occassion to observe enough to sincerely change her mind about the issue.

A classy act like THAT would more than likely really vastly increase the respect and admiration she has already earned from her supporters, and possibly win her even more admirers.

We're waiting, Hill! Do the right thing!
02:49 PM on 08/27/2008
Very well said.
02:55 PM on 08/27/2008
Just wait until the GOP rolls out the ads with Biden saying the same thing. Besides, if Hillary started to "take back" what she said in the primaries, I'd know she just be pandering to you. We all know the only thing he's done since the primaries was visit the middle east and europe. And that doesn't make him a leader.
02:48 PM on 08/27/2008
What the hell more do you people want? The campaign is over, it was hard fought. She endorsed O bama and rallied the crowd against Mc Cain. Does she need to tatoo his name on her butt????
I paint. I blog. Therefore, I am.
01:35 PM on 08/27/2008
This monarchy thing has GOT to end.
Clinton didn't win because the citizens couldn't take the psycho-drama-soap opera again.
It is that simple.
08:25 PM on 08/27/2008
If this "monarchy thing" has to end, why is Obama delivering his acceptance speech in front of a replica of a greek temple? The hubris.
20 Minutes into the future.
01:34 PM on 08/27/2008
I think the biggest reason HRC was NOT a front runner in the VPOTUS race is the same reason she WAS a front runner in the POTUS --her husband. The ball is in HIS court right now.
01:23 PM on 08/27/2008
If you're sick of hearing and reading the media's "Democrats are divided" stories, take a look at this excellent analysis by Eric Boehlert over at MediaMatters. He explains why this whole bogus narrative is a factually unsupported hit job on both Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.
02:16 PM on 08/27/2008
Great link. Thanks.
You're welcome
02:35 PM on 08/27/2008
"this whole bogus narrative is a factually unsupported hit job on both Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party."


FACT: Bill Clinton's not attending Barack's acceptance speech. Neither is Terry McAuliffe, and some number of disgruntled Clinton delegates.

This is one of those "Who do you want to believe - me or your own lying eyes" bits of clintonista nonsense, as they continue to play good cop/bad cop.
01:20 PM on 08/27/2008
I can't believe the DNC is allowing both Clinton's to exact a price from our candidate. I bet you that the Ron Paul people won't be covered at the GOP convention -- The Ron Paul supporters won't vote McCain... but nobody will put a mic in their faces and ask them.....

All this coverage of the Clinton's is to damage Obama.... and we must ask ourselves .... who has that kind of authority at the TV news rooms?

Who or what minority has enough power to put cameras on clinton saying "I love you" to the wife he still cheats on..... who decides to put cheering [scary] black faces and bored white faces on prime time?


Here's a hint.... it's the same bunch who doesn't trust Obama to give their crazy relatives an advantage in the Middle East Wars..... it's the same bunch who wanted Hillary the hawk... McCain the hawk... and gave us the Bush years by corrupting the voting machines in Boca Raton.... where they are the majority.

We won't solve this problem until we can at least name the enemy within that corrupts our electoral politics by the methods we saw the last two nights.

I call it treason in favor of a foreign government..... what do you call it?
02:04 PM on 08/27/2008
"I bet you that the Ron Paul people won't be covered at the GOP convention -- The Ron Paul supporters won't vote McCain... but nobody will put a mic in their faces and ask them..... "

That's because the media is far more sympathetic to the GOP than the DNC. These are all "crazy women", whereas the Paulistas complaining about violations of the constitution and illegal war don't make the sponsors happy. let alone anger the media owners which are all tight with the GOP.
01:19 PM on 08/27/2008
"America is at a crossroads where we can do what's best for the
inordinately wealthy or we can do what's best for the rest of us."

"W" in Fahrenheit 9/11 speaks to a large-ish crowd of Texas Oilmen:

"You are my base."

'Nuf said.
01:18 PM on 08/27/2008
it was a bitter fight.
Obama won
the party is divided
Democratic principles are in jeopardy of NOT reaching the white house because of it.

Since the primaries, Barack has

-graciously acknowledged HER history-making campaign and what means to his wife and his own daughters
-donated to Clinton
-asked his donors to donate to Clinton
-given Hillary an entire night of the convention
-given Bill a prime speaking role at the convention
-acquiesed to her name being placed in nomination
-acquiesced to an actual roll call

He KNOWS the party and the country, and the direction it takes is bigger than himself. He STILL has a republican onslought of slime to fend off. He has SAID that the Democrats CANNOT do this without you, ladies. we NEED you. if any ONE part of the coalition that is the Democratic party falls, then we all fall. African-Americans, Women, Feminist-Women, Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Middle-Class, Poor, Progressive, Liberal and of course the YOUTH vote...

We NEED each other. Our country has been taken over by a political coup. We CANNOT set this straight without all hands on deck. As an ARDENT Obama supporter, I say to all I battled against in the primaries.... WE 'NEED' YOU.
01:17 PM on 08/28/2008
Finally, someone makes a call to arms without a single insult.
01:14 PM on 08/27/2008
She forgot the Gulf Coast, you know the one ravaged by Katrina, and the city of New Orleans the victim of the Federal government's underengineered levees, and the failed promises of George W. Bush.

Now why is that? Why no mention of this catastrophic event and the continued failed Republican policies destroying the Gulf Coast and New Orleans?
02:07 PM on 08/27/2008
For her to point out every failure of the Bush Administration with exuberant cheerleading from sidekick McCain would have taken the entire week.

I am an Obama supporter who has loathed the Clinton's since the introduction of Penn and Wolfson, but last night I agreed to forgive and move on. Hillary is right. This is not about one person or a campaign. It's about saving our country and our children from McCain's promise to extend Bush's pain at least another 4 years. Hillary reminded me why I loved the Clinton's. I'm thankful she spoke last night. I really needed to hear her and see the woman I always respected again. She did not disappoint!
02:41 PM on 08/27/2008

Obama/Biden '08
12:58 PM on 08/27/2008
She rose to the moment and performed brilliantly. She was at her finest. She spoke with ease, firmness and such wit, she had the audience roaring. It is a moment for the history books.
12:55 PM on 08/27/2008
Maybe I missed something Ms. Reardon, but I didn't hear Senator Clinton drop down any gantlet last night in terms of a unity tit for tat game. The Obama campaign gave the Clintons a very generous place in this convention, establishing especially her significance for Democrats in future years, and offering former President Clinton an opportunity to put some polish back upon his image tarnished by his far from unifying nomination campaigning for his wife. In response, Clinton showed her mettle, stepped up to the plate, and knocked it out of the park. We'll see if Bill Clinton can get his game face on as well and bring it tonight. Supporters of both Obama and Clinton who don't follow the leaderhip that each is providing in trying to heal up and focus the party vision are fools on a fool's errand, but talking about whose side of the court this issue is on now seems counter to the spirit of both.
02:05 PM on 08/27/2008
"We'll see if Bill Clinton can get his game face on as well "

Well, we can only hope.
02:15 PM on 08/27/2008
That's your problem, its the Obama campaign, its the Obama team. She did, but you want blood, and you want the Clinton supporter to kneel in front of the annointed, and that's not going to happen. We gave this, we gave that. Get over it, please. How do expect the Clinton supporters to unite, when you continue to patronize them, and demean their support
12:41 PM on 08/27/2008
Could we all please remember that some of those "18 million" votes were from two states that Clinton agreed not to campaign in, or count in the primary? And that for all her grit & grace,she ran a pretty ungracious campaign? I'm all for catharsis, unity, whatever, but the Clinton myth-making is going into overdrive and playing loose with the facts......