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I'm Just Me!
03:58 PM on 08/28/2008
Joe's loyal no doubt, but not to America or the Constitution!

Even the ruthless Karl Rove that he is a dangerous uncontrollable menace!
03:48 PM on 08/28/2008
I can't wait till the Democrats win more seats in the Senate in November so they can kick Lieberman to the curb. Good riddance to bad rubbish!
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03:47 PM on 08/28/2008
"Party loyalty" doesn't mean much to me as an independent voter, but Lieberman's terrible politics do. I just wish there were more than two parties to court in this so-called democracy.
We're outspent, but they're outnumbered
03:46 PM on 08/28/2008
"Punishment" doesn't sound wise to me. What about bipartisanship, reaching across the aisle? I am not at all happy about the choices Lieberman has made, either. I don't understand how he could still have ANY Democratic ideals and yet support, worse yet - ENABLE - McCain. Still, the solution seems to be for the good people of Connecticut to campaign against his reelection, and possibly for the Democrats in the Senate to stop caucusing with him - not as punishment, but as a simple recognition that he's not on our side anymore and can't be trusted to look out for our best interests. His speaking at the GOP convention isn't what leads me to that conclusion; it's his campaigning for McCain, including the ear-whispering, and his speaking against Obama.
Carpe diem
04:01 PM on 08/28/2008
I agree with your approach. I too believe he should be excluded from caucusing with the Democrats. The pickle Harry Reid faces are the arcane rules that are thwarting any work from being done in the Senate. It's disgraceful!

So it ends up being about numbers = 60 and Liebermann knows this, so he has Harry and the Democrats by the short hairs.

Unfortunately, if the Democrats don't pick up 7-9 seats, many of Obama's proposals will be subject to real comprise and at their peril.
03:31 PM on 08/28/2008
Senator Joseph Lieberman has crossed the line and become a Republican in all but name. Democrats know this and, so, presumably are simply abiding time until the next election to get rid of him. Some of the things that Senator Liberman have said about Senator Obama are simply unconscionable and personally I think if there was a Judas in the party it is not Governor Richardson for endorsing Senator Barack Obama -- it is Senator Lieberman for endorsing Senator McCain. But, then, again, both Senator Clinton and President Clinton called Senator McCain their 'friend'. With friends like these, no wonder the Democratic Party is experiencing high levels of anxiety and the Republicans can play divide and conquer -- effectively so far. Senator Liberman is an Independent, not a Democat. He, like Senator McCain, has zero credibility and no honour; he needs to retire.
03:30 PM on 08/28/2008
punishment? for what? lieberman ran for re-election as an independent and WON.

"there must be some kind punishment for this sort of thing?"

how ridiculous that in america, people are calling for punishment of an independent senator who freely supports a candidate of his like.

imagine if republican delegates reacted like this to sen. lugar. dems would be outraged.
03:39 PM on 08/28/2008
Well, you just hanged him when you called him "independent." The punishment comes from the Dem party. The article ends with, "Clearly, he's not a Democrat." Really?
Texas Liberal
03:40 PM on 08/28/2008
Punished because he is a traitor! He is the Chairman of a very powerful Senate Committee and since the Democrats are the majority, they get to pick who Chairs these committees and we don't want them chaired by traitors!
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03:28 PM on 08/28/2008
perfect example of what a politician should not be....loyal to a foreign power and not loyal to the US constituiton....impeach liberman.....
03:25 PM on 08/28/2008
Those calling Lieberrman aa traitor to his party are wronng. The trouble is that they haven't identified HIS party. I'll give you a hint, its name begins with the same letter as his name doers.
03:40 PM on 08/28/2008
03:19 PM on 08/28/2008
There must be a way...
03:18 PM on 08/28/2008
It is the citizens of connecticut that should make him pay. He is 'their' representative.

The democrats will likey oust Lieberman from his committee chairmanship as soon as the new congress is sworn in because they won't need his vote anymore.

Lieberman has to live with himself and I think that is it's own punishment.
03:16 PM on 08/28/2008
They should water board him. He thinks its jolly fun.
02:56 PM on 08/28/2008
Civilization: Evolutionary pathway of choice.
04:26 PM on 08/28/2008
Do they have recall elections in Conn.?
02:53 PM on 08/28/2008
I have not been pleased with our House or Senate leadership for some time! The rest of America seems to be picking up on our problems over there also. This Lieberman problem should have been handled months ago! Harry and Nancy had better start doing their jobs as there are a lot of people in the party that do not beleive they are using their positions effectively - including me. Too many comprimizes to get the job done right..
03:02 PM on 08/28/2008
You're right about that. The real job hasn't been done at all. Rove is still walking around thumbing his nose at everyone and the Justice Department criminals are free as birds.

And the WH lights still burn the same and we are footing the bill.

I am also tired of trying to explain our impotency to my European friends...they just laugh at me.
Reality is not disney world
03:10 PM on 08/28/2008
The Republicans are using the FILIBUSTER system to the max and will use it again every time they do not get their own way - so it is effective for them..

93 filibusters in this session of congress is what I am hearing... everything is being filibustered and it works.

We need to not just get majorities we need to get the 60% or whatever to kill these filibusters....
02:50 PM on 08/28/2008
Time wounds all heals. The Dems can cast Sen. Lieberman into the wilderness in JANUARY, when they won't need him to maintain majority status. One thing worth pondering is that majority status. If Sen. Lieberman had decided to join the Republicans, because Cheney is the tie breaker, that would have given them control of the Senate. Not a good thing. Sen. Lieberman was probably offered an incredible array of blandishments to go over. Give him some credit for not completely breaking faith.
02:55 PM on 08/28/2008
Your logic confounds me. You mean he "sold himself" for gain? Huh. Gee, I wonder what that makes him.
03:02 PM on 08/28/2008
This is the kind of politics we are ending in this Country.

Time for good old fashioned choosing sides and repudiation of triangulation as a strategy.
02:49 PM on 08/28/2008
How about a recall vote? Seriously.
03:31 PM on 08/28/2008
how bout, let him serve? he won as an independent up against a republican and a democrat.
04:14 PM on 08/28/2008
Exactly, a recall vote will only enbolden his strength in Connecticut.