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06:45 AM on 09/03/2008
Sarah Palin is supposed to be about advancing the cause of women.. but is it really in the best interests of women to promote a beautiful young woman over more qualified candidates? Isn't this what many women are trying to overcome?

Sarah Palin is supposed to be about family values... but by accepting this nomination isn't she putting her five month old special needs baby and her seventeen year old daughter though a great deal of unecessary trauma and denying them her parental support. Wouldn't any parent consider that after all, she has only been governor two years and her chance at national politics could come again at a less critical time for her family?

Sarah Palin is supposed to be about reform in government... but isn't her penchant for firing public servants because they aren't "supportive" of her not exactly in that spirit?

Sarah Palin is supposed to be about patriotism.. but how is this reflected in her support of an Alaskan separatist movement?

Sarah Palin hasn't proven she can SERVE as Alaska's governor - it seems like she thinks it's "all about her".. Doesn't even the first week of her national role show the same priorities? I she really about service, or about Sarah Palin?

Does it show John McCain's wisdom to have someone so inexperienced - with no national or foreign policy experience and such a complicated family situation as the backup plan for the cancer surivor who would be the oldest President every nominated?
08:28 AM on 09/03/2008
but is it really in the best interests of women to promote a beautiful young woman over more qualified candidates?

Isn't this the kind of thing that womens rights has been fighting against forever. Women that have used their looks to get to the top. No experience, no training. How many times have good experienced women been passed over for these kind of women...disgusting!

And have you ever noticed the selfishness and me first attitude that goes along with this type of women. She acts like being asked to be VP is her god given right and no one should even question it.
I think I am, therefore, I am. I think.
09:13 AM on 09/03/2008
That very thing is what got two woman here at my office, both die hard Hillary supporters, to actually switch to Obama from McCain. They were livid that he picked a clearly unqualified "hot little honey" (as they put it) instead of a more qualified woman.
06:26 AM on 09/03/2008
I must say..I've never had as much respect for Hillary Clinton as I do now..I didn't support her in the primaries..but it certainly wasn't because she wasn't qualified. This woman is insulting to women. To say she wouldn't support abortion even if her own daughter was raped? Well, I have news for Ms. Palin, I've been raped. And if I had gotten pregnant and been forced to have that animal's child, I truly would have lost my mind. She ought to be locked up for saying that.

Great article Taylor
I think I am, therefore, I am. I think.
09:15 AM on 09/03/2008
I can understand peoples' view on being against abortion. What I can never accept is that very issue... that they think someone who is raped shouldn't be given immediate contraception or an abortion. Basically they are approving of allowing a man to decide who will father their child, as if the woman is just some animal that the alpha male can just dominate whenever they want. It's pathetic.
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06:06 AM on 09/03/2008
O'Dowd article is brilliant.
05:41 AM on 09/03/2008
Good post. I agree. The good thing is, if there is anything good in this whole situation, is that most men have come to appreciate the capabilites of women, and don't judge us by whether or not we wear a skirt or slacks on any given day, and depend on us doing a good a capable job and trust us to do it. There are still dips out there, and female dips, too. However, the world has changed, and though some may buy into Miss Vice Presidential Candidate, I think both sexes are much more enlightened than 20 years ago, and we know the only way forward is together. Not have only most women I know scoffed at the pick of Palin, most men have scoffed at it as well. I hope on election day we all send a powerful message that the Rovian days have ruined our nation and are over. Forever.
03:42 AM on 09/03/2008
./Standing Ovation 4 Taylor
03:31 AM on 09/03/2008
Watch the bait n switch...

McCain withdraws citing health, Palin is the 08 candidate.

You heard it from me first...
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03:16 AM on 09/03/2008
I can just imagine the conversations going on right now in the Palin family:

"What the *#@! did we get ourselves into?"
"Honey, is there anything else we didn't tell them?"
"Mom, what were you thinking?"
"Dad, will we ever have a normal life again, because right now this really sucks."
"Any more Tylenol in the cabinet?"
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06:10 AM on 09/03/2008
"It's happened, so God must want it this way. It'll all come right in the end. God works in mysterious way darlin' but I only ev'a do His will. He wants us to go through this so who are we to argue?"
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07:29 AM on 09/03/2008
"Now drink your kool aid so we can all visit god in his spaceship! Don't forget to wear your tinfoil hat!"
03:09 AM on 09/03/2008
A famous anonymous quote goes something like, "True gender equality will be achieved when incompetent women hold high positions."

I suppose it follows that Republicans would get us there first.
09:48 AM on 09/03/2008
SHOULD BE A ............H.U.F.F...P.I.C.K.
02:41 AM on 09/03/2008
Taylor. Thank you for always speaking your mind and telling it like it is.
Money doesn't buy class.....
02:27 AM on 09/03/2008
....but there are still conservatives who will support her anyway because she wears a skirt. I'm amazed at how fast people could jump on the republican bandwagon, when they are vowing to take away the rights women fought for from this nations founding.
02:19 AM on 09/03/2008
Obama is far and away more ready than McCain to lead.

Obama is far and away right on more of the issues than McCain.

Obama has shown far and away better judgement, better temperament, more intelligence, and better communication skills than McCain.

With McCain's choice of Palin, McCain has shown all of the above.

Alaska, if she is doing such a great job as governor for you, please vote for Obama/Biden and do yourselves and the rest of America a service: keeping McCain out of the presidency and Palin as your Governor.
01:53 AM on 09/03/2008
This chick is the real deal....and not a pantsuit in the closet.
01:35 AM on 09/03/2008
Sarah Palin is the antithesis of pro-family. I am a working mother whose duties include late nights and travel. However when my children needed me I cut back, not ramped up -- that is the true meaning of being pro-family - it means that your own career path may need to be delayed because you have a child or a parent who truly needs your time -- it means that children, in particular one who is born with challenges deserve to have the undivided attention of both parents in order to help them achieve their highest levels of independence - and it means that you are ready at a moments notice to devote yourself to helping your unwed, pregnant teenager as she faces one of the greatest challenges of her young life. There is nothing pro-family about choosing to run for the vice-presidency under these circumstances, whether the individual is a female or a male. Parenting is more than giving birth. Pro-family is more than words - it is the actions that speak loudest and Palin's actions are nothing but hypocritical. This choice is insulting to the intelligence of women and men, working and at-home, everywhere.
01:53 AM on 09/03/2008
She needs to be barefoot and in the kichen!

How DARE she try to aspire to the heights of her profession, any profession!?
02:32 AM on 09/03/2008
You miss the point. The point is that Palin lacks the relevant education and expereince to be President. Thus, her selection is pandering to women, who should be insulted Palin is being used as an election ploy by John McCain.

As far as the family issue goes, down syndrome is made more severe by lack of attention. Thus, not having the mom around is very likely to increase the likelyhood of the baby developmental problems. That is a medical fact.
04:04 AM on 09/03/2008
Have you looked at the clip of her speaking at her former church? It's not just the ridiculous, loony sentiments ("Pray for the gas pipeline"), but her juvenile sentence construction ('And I was like, that's not cool, dude"). Her speech reveals her lack of education, her lack of thoughtfulness, and her lack of reading. I can tell readers from non-readers. Bush gives it away, and Palin gives it away. I strongly opposed Clinton because I thought she capitulated and compromised too much during her Senate career, and I wanted to get away from Clintonianism, but never once did I question her intelligence or her erudition. You are really in a state of denial.
01:33 AM on 09/03/2008
The Republicans say that if she was a man, no one would question "him" being available to "his" troubled family. I beg your parden.... "He" would probably have a partner that had time to focus on the family. Please find me one man, successful in politics, who has five children, one only 4 months old with a serious disability, and one minor child who is pregnant and not married, whose wife)works full time and their children are raised by others.
I had a child, single, 28 years ago. I got a college degree while living on food stamps and welfare. Today I have my Ph.D (ABD) and a six figure income. But along the way, I quit a job because I had to travel too much. I made a compromise. I found a different job that allowed me to stay in town near my son. When he was15, I went back to graduate school. I was working full time ,so I found a school where I could get a Masters and Ph.D online, so I would not need to leave my teenage son home alone.
Family Values???? I thought family values are when parents make sacrifices so that children have the security of knowing that mom or dad is just a moment away. I say family values is about valuing the lives we bring into this world and putting them first.

What kind of world would we have if all families were like the Palin family?
01:59 AM on 09/03/2008
"Please find me one man, successful in politics,..."

I don't know about five children (one of whom is an adult and moved out)...

... but I bet I can name "one man, successful in politics" with two very young children whose wife works full time....

... and the man AND his wife have found time to be on the road - the campaign trail, that is - for a year and a half and counting....
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06:22 AM on 09/03/2008
Sorry, meant Tony Blair to go in here.
10:00 AM on 09/03/2008
She took a leave of absence . She made sure her kids stayed in their comfortable stable environment. Grandmother filled in as cozy grandmother. And they made a priority of being at home as much as possible. They gave it much thought and planning AHEAD of time.

Her career is on hold for his career and their children. She doesn't throw them under the bus like so much baggage.
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06:13 AM on 09/03/2008
Tony Blair?
01:28 AM on 09/03/2008
I did not support Senator Clinton in the primaries. But as a caller said on a radio show , Palin is not fit to iron Hillary Clinton's pantsuit. Senator Clinton is an accomplished and highly educated woman who has always stood up for women's and children's issues. Not so with Palin. Although Palin's own teen daughter is now expecting, this year she used her line item veto to slash funding for a program in Alaska which provided help for teenage mothers who needed a place to live. These are the "family values" the Republican party is so proud of. I'm with you on this one Taylor, our female candidate was someone of substance and consequence, this woman has been accused of acting like a high school girl by the newspapers in her home state.