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08:15 PM on 09/03/2008
Clearly, there are some highly educated people in this mess, huh? Ugh. A baby, and a marriage for a two sweet teens. What a "bonus."
08:10 PM on 09/03/2008
Dont blame Palin, how many of us wld turn down being the vp with a 72 year old cancer survivor as president. The real question of judgement falls in McCain's lap. If you doubted his ability to be the president you dont have to doubt anymore, we now know he is not up to this job.
07:47 PM on 09/03/2008
it is just a sham that all these adults are pimping these kids for their 15 minutes.
Do I Have to be Nice ?
07:44 PM on 09/03/2008
Mr Slate / Betty Rubble 08
07:22 PM on 09/03/2008

consider this... perhaps Bristol wanted to get pregnant?

Her Pentecostal religion teaches her that tomorrow may never come, but that the Second Coming of Christ is close at hand.

The Pentecostal's should do us all a favor and stand outside the voting locations handing out religious tracks. No voter should enter the booth this election without a prior education in Pentecostalism.

Does Sarah Palin speak in tongues?
08:44 PM on 09/03/2008
Interesting you ask, one of her preachers believes this whole Middle East thing will lead to the last days, the end of the world, the second coming of Christ; and Sarah said, "This is God's war"? Is that why we are in Iraq and mcCain wants to bomb Iran, to end the world for Christians who believe this?
07:12 PM on 09/03/2008
Not wanting to throw stones, but it seems like its just a good old boys network in Alaska. No sex education, no partetal supervison or at least a talk about the birds and bees. When his mother tells us that "This is out of my league," Sherry Johnston said. "I'm just a country gal and I want to keep it that way" says volumes about their educational values and that they don't care about what happens. Kind of like trailer park trash here in the lower 48. Kinda sounds something like Brittany would say.
07:07 PM on 09/03/2008
Why hasn't the mainstream media run the video of Peggy Noonan ( thinking the mike was off) refering to the Palin nomination as "political bull*****" and a "disgrace"?
Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!
07:02 PM on 09/03/2008
I'm guessing Levi's Mom doesn't monitor his Myspace, amongst other things...
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07:34 PM on 09/03/2008
From her willingness to make a statement, I gather not; but why didn't a reporter ask her that question.
If Levi shows up onstage tonight, his Myspace posting is fair political game.
08:24 PM on 09/03/2008
Come on Daily Show
08:45 PM on 09/03/2008
You know some people accept payment for interviews.
06:59 PM on 09/03/2008
Perhaps worst yet, doesn't the obvious inevitability of this "unwanted" media attention around Bristol's pregnancy suggest that maybe--just maybe--the McCain folks factored all of this into their political calcuation when they chose Palin, and that they thought that they could USE this personal crisis in the Palin home to appeal to voters' sympathy? It certainly seems to be working out that way, at least among some the GOP's core demographics.

Yuck. Just "Yuck," all around. I've lost every last ounce of respect for John McCain. (Well, that's not entirely true: I do still have great admiration and respect for what he did as a POW. Nothing can take that away from him. But character can be lost, and he seems to have lost a lot of his in recent years.)

What a mess. My favorite part of all this is the absurd Republican talking point that Sarah Palin has Democrats and the "liberal media" running scared because she's such a reformer! I love that! OH YES, we are all VERY, VERY scared of Sarah Palin, and we stand in awe of John McCain's political brilliance and moral clarity!
Do I Have to be Nice ?
07:29 PM on 09/03/2008
I doubt it.... after FOX & FRIENDS and other media outlets hounded Jaime-Lynn Spears about her teenage pregnancy...
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07:35 PM on 09/03/2008
Jaime just sent a baby gift to Bristol. Can't wait for Paris to respond.
08:46 PM on 09/03/2008
And perhaps you can explain to us exactly what McCain did has a POW. He did exactly what the others did. Only many were tortured 4 and 1/2 years and not 2 1/2. They all were given that chance to come home early IF they signed some derogatory and inflamatory statement against the USA. They all refused. So he survived and that was a fete...but he didn't DO anything. I remember the to do around his stretcher trip home, the refusal to come home early and some of the other comments that no longer seem available. His dad and granddad were Admirals and he did disclose that fairly early. Hummmm.
06:49 PM on 09/03/2008
What parent would subject a child to international ridicule for the sake of personal ambition? The cynicism and selfishness of the Palins appears to be boundless. Then, of course, there is the matter of John McCain's eagerness to shine the light on a couple of confused kids, rather than manning up to his own irresponsible behavior in failing to vet a potential VP. That's his idea of "country first?!"
09:10 PM on 09/03/2008
Your idiocy is as boundless as the lunacy of your twisted media mentors. Failing to "vet" a potential VP? Can you speak for yourself or just spew the garbage you breathe in? Jealous, arthur, that a little-known and suddenly powerful, intellilgent, articulate woman could be chosen BY a man whom you could not even comprehend the value of as a true American hero?? "Manning up to his irresponsible behavior...."???? You are just a pathetic echo of the facade of keith olberman. YOU
should go to sleep, hah, you little fish.
06:44 PM on 09/10/2008
Jossoneem -- I realize I'm responding to your asinine comment rather late, but it's so absurd (or disingenuous) I just can't let it go.

For all your vitriolic rhetoric, you make not one single rational point. "Failing to 'vet' a potential VP?" That's the LEAST cynical view of what's going on here! If not a failure to vet, then it was an incredibly low PLAN to deliberately bring (or, I'm sorry, have the media predictably and inevitably bring) all these issues -- including her pregnant 17-yr old daughter -- into the public eye for purposes of generating sympathy and distracting the electorate from the actual issues.

And I think you nailed the Palin problem by describing her -- in your own words -- as being "suddenly powerful"! No one should be able to just step into the presidency, as Palin could be called upon to do at any time starting in about 4 months, with a sum total of 20 months of meaningful experience under his/her belt. It's ridiculous to think that that makes sense! Obama -- whose INexperience was such a key factor for so many until so recently -- has been representing a constituency greater than the total population of Alaska for more than a decade. Sarah Palin has been representing 680k for 20 months and before that represented less than 7k for 6 years.

And McCain selected her to be a heartbeat away from the presidency based on THAT resume and ONE meeting!? Do you seriously think
06:47 PM on 09/10/2008
Oh, and BTW... "your twisted media mentors"? The myth of the liberal media is as tired, old and out of touch with reality as your presidential candidate. It's a provable fact that the media is predominantly conservative leaning.
Been around for awhile!
06:47 PM on 09/03/2008
Note to Levi: Son, if you've dropped out of school and have a baby on the way the last people you should be supporting is the Republicans, first of all the jobs you'll be able to get, if there are any at all will be minimum wage, which your girlfriends party didn't want to raise, I mean how dare those people ask for more then five bucks an hour to live on, secondly don't try buying a home someday, the value has dropped so far that those of us who own our homes are losing the last bit of security we have, third, hope you have medicaid to cover the baby and your soon to be teen wife, you won't be able to afford insurance coverage. Good luck to you, I trust very soon the enormity of all of this will hit you like a mack truck. If you have morals you will stand by your child, even if things don't work out so well with the Mom, if not, oh well just another baby for the state to support, in other words taxpayers, or maybe Sarah et al can raise this one too. Only she seems to be really busy, so I guess it will be up to Grandpa.
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07:40 PM on 09/03/2008
Grandpa may be this child's saving grace.
10:19 PM on 09/03/2008
He will get a job if Mum-in aw has anything to do with it he will be ok until the divorce as we have seen she will work to ruin his life
06:40 PM on 09/03/2008
I agree that these teenagers shouldn't be the center of all this attention, and also that the fact of her daughter's pregnancy should not, in itself, be considered a mark against Sarah Palin, whether as a mother or as a political leader. HOWEVER...

What is disturbing is the fact that Sarah Palin would accept John McCain's offer to be his running mate knowing that she had a 17-yr old daughter going through this difficult and embarrassing personal situation. Any reasonably intelligent person would have known that this media firestorm around Bristol's pregnancy would be inescapable under these circumstances, whether appropriate or not.

If Sarah Palin or John McCain was foolish enough to think that Bristol's pregnancy wouldn't be a lightning rod for media attention (especially in light of SP's arch-conservative "family values" and her advocacy for abstinence-only sex "education"), then that is YET ANOTHER mark against the judgment of these two candidates for high office.

On the other hand, if--like people of normal intelligence and judgment--they DID foresee all this unwanted media attention that was awaiting Bristol once her mother agreed to be McCain's running mate, then what does THAT say about Palin's and McCain's judgment? Or about their compassion and regard for the well-being of these two teenagers? Or about Sarah Palin's priorities, when asked to choose between her child's best interests and her own political ambition?
Proud progressive Vietnam vet. against WAR
06:31 PM on 09/03/2008
Obama only has to take the high road and keep saying that children are off limits. The repubs are beating themselves up over all the questions everyone is asking , except OBAMA.

06:30 PM on 09/03/2008
come on, people...if this was one of obama's girls we would not hear the END of how liberal values ruined her. mccain is attacking the media, when really, the life of this story is due to the internet (smart people like us all who can debate issues out side of the MSM) and mccain's own lack of vetting. obama spent months weighing his options and hiring people who would challenge him and disagree w/ him. he has had no major hiccups in his campaign MECHANICS (though some problems along the way). he has outshine hillary and mccain in this light. mccain is no longer a maverick. he allowed talk show hosts to pick his mate. he has no voice. he will drop her or she will step aside. bet on it.
06:25 PM on 09/03/2008
Hey Todd......daughter Willow is 13........

Could be a double bonus there for you since indiscriminate breeding appears to be the state hobby of Alaska.