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11:02 AM on 09/04/2008
Joe Lieberman, a man in search of himself.
11:12 AM on 09/04/2008
And he has been searching for a long and still loosing himself. They usually call people like this willy nillie.
Are you looking at my ears?! (Mo-om!!!)
11:02 AM on 09/04/2008
"consider sanction.."!!?? What else does he have to do? Be an official GOP candidate? Oh, yes, I forgot, he almost did was.

Pathetic. Majority or no majority, this is a question of principles - Reid and Co. come across as spineless.
10:52 AM on 09/04/2008
Gee, ya think, Harry? That's something you should have done after he bolted the party.

Reid is spineless and pathetic. He needs to go.
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11:23 AM on 09/04/2008
Reid has needed to go from the beginning. He's a terribly ineffective mouthpiece for Dem politics. That's why since he showed how horrible he is, I stopped donations to Senate candidates.
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What should a person say in their micro-bio
10:50 AM on 09/04/2008
As a Progressive who likes a good fight I am really relishing the disrespect that the Democrat Party is receiving from all sides. It is WELL deserved. Why? Because Democrats refuse to take off the gloves. As a result they are the object of ridicule and derision.

Palin did a great job of throwing down the gauntlet and DARING Obama and the Democrat Party to enjoin combat.

The only Dem that I would probably go to battle with at this time is HRC--even though I don't like her, because I KNOW at least she is going to fight!

Dems stop crying and put on the steel boots - If you are afraid then you deserve to get your asses kicked from here to November 4th.

Stop whining and stick a knife (political) in her gdamn back!

Let's see if the Dem's send HRC after Palin
10:50 AM on 09/04/2008
Lieberman thinks we live in the United States of Israel.

Bush thinks we live in the United States of Saudi Arabia.

Sarah Palin wants Alaska to secede from the United States.
10:49 AM on 09/04/2008
Hey, I remember when the Dems made a big hero out of Sen. Jeffords, who left the GOP, swinging control of the Senate. Of course, that's different from Lieberman, but I don't have time to explain.
10:44 AM on 09/04/2008
Lieberman loses luster, lieberman lost luster.....
10:43 AM on 09/04/2008
If only the mighty Democrats had been given SOME indication of Lieberman's nature...

a hint...

a sign of some sort...

who could have possibly known??
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No longer a cog in The Machine.
10:58 AM on 09/04/2008

After such a stinging rebuke by Hairy Reid, old Joe must be shaking in his shoes....
10:38 AM on 09/04/2008
so much for "bipartisanship" i guess its one of those meaningless words like "change" and "progress" that democrats like to throw around like welfare checks.
10:42 AM on 09/04/2008
Don't forget the meaningless language of the Repubs, like "Values", "family", "war on terror".

Ask Caribou Barbie Sarah Palin about welfare. She got over 100,000 from the oil money Alaska hands out to its citizens.
Just a legal girl on a mission for the truth
10:51 AM on 09/04/2008
"Bipartisanship" is a not a head-fake. It means meeting IN GOOD FAITH, a concept Republicans have failed to recognize since Reagan -- their strategy amounts to nothing but lies. Lieberman continues the legacy. Dems, wake the F up.
10:28 AM on 09/04/2008
He is truly pathetic.Lets move on .
10:27 AM on 09/04/2008
What does it take to really make Democrats mad? Kick. Him. Out.

He is not a Democrat - he is a sycophant.
Democratic leaders - get a backbone and stand up for all of us! You've crossed the line between being fair-minded and being feckless. We need strong leaders - show us you can do this!!

I don't want to belong to the same party as Lieberman.
10:19 AM on 09/04/2008
'Tis the season of Hail Mary passes, maybe's he's hoping his was the one that stuck.
10:14 AM on 09/04/2008
Lieberman is a political prostitute, popular only because of his salamander-like outlook.
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10:09 AM on 09/04/2008
dems consider?!
biden might?!

10:02 AM on 09/04/2008
I'm not big on censorship or small tent politics.

That said, how should the DNC deal with Sen. Leibermann.

Tough call. My instincts tell me that they shouldn't boot him out of the party, but instead should let nature take its course in the form of the inevetable cooling of relationships between Leibermann and his Senatorial colleagues.

Work with him on issues they agree on, but assume that when they do so, they're dealing with someone who is as much adversary as friend - and to not completely trust him.

The objective, in government, is "to get things done."If the Democratic Congressmen feel betrayed, they don't have to send Sen. Leibermann a Happy Hannukah card this year. But they shouldn't cut their nose off to spite their face and risk losing a crucial (perhaps deciding) vote on key issues.
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10:20 AM on 09/04/2008
Lieberman is not a Democrat, he is an Independent. He caucuses with the Democrats, which gives them a 51 vote majority (sometimes). He is gone as soon as the election is over and Dems have a stronger hold in the Senate.
10:22 AM on 09/04/2008
As a liberal Dem I appreciate your thoughtfulness. HOWEVER, this is the exact type of wishy washy response that Republicans prey on. To a truly independent voter this response (or lack thereof)indicates weakness.