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03:40 PM on 02/01/2012
The fellow dog-walker may have been influenced by listening to our president and political leaders. I is becoming difficult to know what is acceptable concerning, false information and failure to obey the law. It appears to be multiple choice with our leaders today. We all know that obeying leash laws is a priority to obeying our National Constitution. Appears the officer with the taser has been watching old movies.
05:11 PM on 02/01/2012
Amen to that. You don't like the law, ignore it. And sue anyone trying to enforce it. The new law of the land here in the, what used to be, the good ole U.S. of A.
07:24 PM on 02/01/2012
No, if citizens do not like the law in this country, we - as a Democratic Republic, and not a Police State - have options to change it and the Founding Fathers certainly expected us to! One way is to Fight your charges in a court of law, then if you do not prevail, you appeal the case on legal grounds (you argue that the law is NOT constitutional). And THAT, dear, has been the Law of the Land since Day ONE of this good ole U.S. of A.
03:37 PM on 02/01/2012
At least Sheriff Andy from Mayberry kept Barneys gun empty...These creepy cops that are dying to show there authority over people should be weeded out right away...By the way i just read a psychiatric piece on the high suicide rate for cops. It said its not from high stress (like the cops like you to believe) but from the need to have authority over other people. It said that is a major character flaw and when a cop doesnt have it anymore it causes him to flip out and "off" themself. It was a main reason for retired cops committing sucide, because they cant wear there boyscout uniform anymore.
03:37 PM on 02/01/2012
Power and PMS can produce a shocking outcome.
Jennifer Malcom
Waiting for the revolution...
03:52 PM on 02/01/2012
You're not kidding! LOL! Sad, though...I hope this officer is reduced to "dog walker"!
03:35 PM on 02/01/2012
Sounds to me like the officer is preparing to run for House of Representatives, on the republican ticket.
03:51 PM on 02/01/2012
And you make that comment after Democrat President Obama invaded a country that did not attack us and absent approval by the legislative branch of government.
04:06 PM on 02/01/2012
I made it after Bush 2 invaded a country, Iraq, that did not attack us.
03:32 PM on 02/01/2012
These tasers are being used too freely for incidental so called crimes. Now we have to worry about walking our dogs in an open area because some hardhead decided it was not good for some plants. This park ranger was way out of line. Tasers are not water pistols and should be used only for serious situations. If the dog is quietly roaming and not presenting any danger to anyone there was no crime in the first place. It was clearly police harassment and this ranger needs to have treatment for bullying management.
03:29 PM on 02/01/2012
at least sheriff Andy from Mayberry only let Barney carry an unloaded gun...these psycho cops with there need to have authority over people should be weeded out early on. By the way i just read a psychiatric study on why so many cops kill themselves. They (the cops) try to tell us its because of stress but the experts think it because a lot of people become cops to have power over people (which is considered a major character flaw) and when they dont they flip out and "off" themselves. I guess this especially happens when they retire and dont have their boy scout uniform to wear anymore.
04:01 PM on 02/01/2012
A friend's ex-husband police officer killed himself with a shot to the heart leaving kids and a new wife. He was a nice man. They were devastated.

I hope they don't read your heartless post.
04:15 PM on 02/01/2012
Like his comment would make her pain worse?
04:32 PM on 02/01/2012
Why are these facts heartless? The poster is exactly right - officers of any type should be tested extensively before giving them power and control over us.
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03:21 PM on 02/01/2012
Rangers are sick and tired of being disrespected and I don't blame them. Most people view Rangers as police wannabes or security guards but they are still law enforcement and should be respected. This guy refused to show ID and attempted to flee the scene while the Ranger was on the radio calling dispatch. This guy could have been a wanted serial killer and walking dogs doesn't make someone innocent of crimes. The Ranger did the right thing
03:31 PM on 02/01/2012
oh absolutely-we need more federal police involvement in everything...
04:16 PM on 02/01/2012
Yep, shoot him in the back! His dogs were off their leashes!

03:37 PM on 02/01/2012
and the person who stopped him may have been a serial killer who killed a ranger and took their uniform. i have no doubt the ranger will try and justify her action to her new partner at her new assignment, sitting in a fire watch tower 50 miles from the nearest city....
writ this down
03:18 PM on 02/01/2012
Another case of juice abuse?
03:16 PM on 02/01/2012
A ranger is the equivalent of a police officer. If a person knowingly disregards rules/laws (leash law) and intentionally provides false information (incorrect name), and ignores a police officer's orders (told to stay), that person becomes a suspicious character--the ranger doesn't know why he is fleeing--he could be a danger to others. If you do the same to a police officer, s/he is within his rights to stop you from fleeing. Sorry. If you go on Park property, be prepared to comply with the rules and to obey park officials--otherwise don't go there. The rules & rangers are there to let everyone enjoy the park safely. I know I wouldn't want a child or an adult knocked down or hurt by an uncontrolled dog.
03:24 PM on 02/01/2012
God forbid your kid get knocked down by a ferocious labrador retriever! The horrors!!!!!
03:49 PM on 02/01/2012
Or tasered by an out of control authority freak. The dogs were not the ones out of control-it was the ranger who had a hot trigger finger. These tasers are being used too freely and thay are not that safe for the person getting the electric charge.
03:12 PM on 02/01/2012
Some lawyer is reading this right now and licking his chops.
03:25 PM on 02/01/2012
I hope so.
03:07 PM on 02/01/2012
Are you kidding me???!!!??? We are detaining, arresting and tasing people for not putting there dog on a leash?!? Where are we getting police and rangers from? Sounds like someone was on a huge power trip and needs to have there mental stability checked before they are allowed back on the streets with a taser!
04:12 PM on 02/01/2012
I guess free running dogs are a threat to national security.
02:55 PM on 02/01/2012
A witness said he was walking away with the officer giving not reason for detaining him yet the chief ranger clain the subject was attempting to RUN away. Sound like so major as_ covering.
looksgood wegone thankyou
02:51 PM on 02/01/2012
Where I'm from they use
bullets for that type behavior
03:06 PM on 02/01/2012
don't tell us that you guys put a leash on old blue when you are walking down to the swimming hole?
03:25 PM on 02/01/2012
I suggest you go back there.
looksgood wegone thankyou
04:24 PM on 02/01/2012
Now Why would you suggest that ?
(What part don't you understand)
Is it the word beer that upsets you ?
02:44 PM on 02/01/2012
Next time they should just shoot him!
03:26 PM on 02/01/2012
I wish it was legal to shoot horse's asses like you.
03:43 PM on 02/01/2012
don't insult horses...
Child of the Reagan 80s
02:34 PM on 02/01/2012
If an officer stops you with probable cause, you can't just walk away. At that point, he could be restrained in the safest way possible which in the officer's judgment was using a TASER.
02:46 PM on 02/01/2012

Michael Gennaco, an expert in police conduct issues who has conducted internal reviews of Taser use for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and other agencies, said the ruling by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals prohibits officers from deploying Tasers in a host of scenarios and largely limits their use to situations in which a person poses an obvious danger.
03:01 PM on 02/01/2012
That would bre typical of the 9th circuit.They should taser the entire 9th circuit judges for being on the loose!
03:09 PM on 02/01/2012
Ya your wrong... Oh and if a dog a off a leash is enough probable cause for me to be tasered... Well just saying I am out of here!!!