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02:15 PM on 09/07/2008
The "Global Warming Trend" has been reversed for the last ten years....Try something else....
02:17 PM on 09/07/2008
02:34 PM on 09/07/2008
In 2001 Dr. Don J. Easterbrook, Professor Emeritus Geology, Western Washington University presented a paper in Boston at the national Geological Society of America meeting Saying that we were going into a 30 year cooling cycle. His paper correlated 30 year warming and cooling cycles with solar activity and was confident that upcoming cooling cycle is inevitable.

He mentions
"The projected warming from ~2040 to ~2070 is NOT driven by CO2, it’s merely a continuation of warm/cool cycles over the past 500 years, long before man-made CO2 could have been a factor. We’ve been warming up from the Little Ice Age at rate of about 1 degree or so per century"

Looks like Al Gores 10 year until destruction tour can be put off for awhile...
01:21 PM on 09/07/2008
Red meat Republicans aren't gonna go for that!

Truth is, I like meat, but only eat it once or twice a week (sometimes even less). Not good for the colon or the heart/arteries. If it helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions -- all the better. But, then again, I sold my car six years ago and walk and bike everywhere.

Maybe if we could get enough people to change their priorities and lifestyles, not to mention their mindset, maybe these things would make a difference. Unfortunately, just a few of us out here isn't enough. People are afraid of change, of humbling themselves and rearranging their priorities and mindsets.

Even people who are catching on to green are still part of the cars-and-meat all-of-the-time culture.
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Old black water, keep on rollin'
12:46 PM on 09/07/2008
ipcc: dynamite choice for the nobel prize!