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01:35 PM on 09/10/2008
It's easy but selfish to foget others when you're doing OK. I believe people should be responsible for themselves, and that includes corporations. And particularly CEO who do poorly with our 401k donations and then walk away with severance packages worth millions will the work a day guy gets unemployment until he can find a lower paying job. In the meantime his hard earned 401k money is trickling away. Is that what they meant by trickle down economics? And the Republicans want to privatize Social Security? So we can loose our retirement benefits faster? Wake Up America! Eight more years of this and we'll be migrating to Europe looking for work.
01:26 PM on 09/10/2008
Jaime Lee - Thank you for your posts. I am sorry that you didn't talk politics on The View today. Please return and share your insightful views on The View sometime soon...
01:07 PM on 09/10/2008
Remembering Jay Carney saying re: the Interview that he thought McCain had been "body snatched." Yes, he has been. And if he can be manipulated this thoroughly in the running of his campaign, what confidence could the American people have that he would actually be in charge of the government if he were president.
11:40 AM on 09/10/2008
I'm not stupid, deluded or out-of-touch. What I am, is responsible for myself. I wish more folks would accept that responsibility, as well. I'm also as good or better financially that I was 4 years ago. It is called making a good career choice. I'm not well-off by any means, but I have money in the bank, no debt and don't live paycheck-to-paycheck. I watched Obama on Fox news the other night. He was articulate and poised. One comment he made, thought, irritated me . He stated "we" should be giving money to those who are less fortunate than us; it is "the neighborly thing to do." I ABSOLUTELY agree with him. Unfortunately, I DON'T agree that it is the federal government's responsibility to tell me who should benefit from MY money. The government needs to let me decide to whom I give my HARD-EARNED money . I don't want a socialist government here in the United States. Let me pick the family I want to assist. Let me make lasting connections to them. Let me "teach them to fish" instead of just giving them a fish. If they are not making an effort to help themselves, let me find another family who will. I believe in letting adults be adults and treating them as such. For some that is too much of a burden, and relying on Uncle Sam is easier. Having liberty also means accepting responsibility.
12:26 PM on 09/10/2008
Beautifully stated. Seeking the truth works both ways. This campaign has gotten so nasty and I fear that it will only get worse. The sad thing is that we as smart, thinking voters must wade through all of the advertisements, articles, and interviews and find the real truth. We used to be able to get to the truth with the media's help, but now are forced to find it for ourselves. Most voters won't take the time to do this.
01:23 PM on 09/10/2008
An anti-communist statement with which I agree heartily. You are swimming against the Marxist tide here, but take heart and carry on. Thanks much.
10:35 AM on 09/10/2008
David Gregory is "in the tank" for Mc Cain, BIG TIME. Remember, he danced on TV with Karl Rove. They are "buddy friends". When someone speaks the truth about the GOP on his show, he always changes the subject. MSNBC is shameful in their cheerleading for Mc Cain and GROVELLING behind the famous "SARAH THE GREAT'!! He HATES OBAMA and shows it every single day! WHERE ARE the HARD HITTING DEMOCRATIC SURROGATES??? I see nor hear any with any backbone!
11:57 AM on 09/10/2008
I agree 100%. Last week when the media was being slammed for being biased for Obama, they lost their backbone again. Since then we have heard mostly only praise for Palin and nothing about the "change" that McCain would bring. We have heard the same damn speech over and over again, since the RNC. If the media did have a backbone we may not be in the dire straights that we find ourselves in after 8 years of the Bush administration. Now all we're hearing is that Obama called Palin a pig. Media you have a 24 hour news cycle and all we hear is the same thing over every 20 minutes. There are alot of things happening in the world that you could and should be reporting, you would never have to repeat yourselves, but you choose to continue the BS about the stupid stuff and not the policy differences between the Candidates. Get your heads out of your butts and do the real job that your suppose to be doing!
10:16 AM on 09/10/2008
01:23 PM on 09/10/2008
all block-capitals and four lines of chanting are the equivalent of speaking with an airhorn for punctuation. Dare I say 'hold your nose and vote for Obama' appears to originate from the unseen hand of the Rove? If this poster is not an impostor undermining Democratic candidacy and this is an 'endorsement', let me say, on behalf of Canada, where Barack Obama's candidacy is running near a 70% approval rating, that if you must 'hold your nose' to vote for him, perhaps you should first clear your palate. We should be so lucky.
01:49 PM on 09/10/2008
Dr Scott
I neither sow, nor reap, nor toil, nor spin
09:37 AM on 09/10/2008
Sorry, Ms. Curtis, but you are wrong. The majority of Americans ARE stupid, as in "faulty in their thinking." Gullibility follows directly from this inability to process simple information. On top of that, they are ignorant, and even celebrate their ignorance. They take PRIDE in their stupidity and ignorance. That's why Democrats are so easily labeled as "elitists." To the average person, they are elitists -intellectual elitists. Americans simply do not respond to logical arguments that clearly explain their options and the consequences of their decisions. This is the mistake that Democrats always make. The Republicans understand this simple fact. They DEPEND on the stupidity and ignorance of the electorate. Americans just want to be told that what they believe is actually true. The Repulicans don't need policies or plans or truth. They just need to show that the Democratic candidate is smarter than the electorate and does not share their values (which are mostly false values anyway).
Obama is his own worst enemy. Somebody needs to sit him down and teach him how to fight a compaign. Enough with the long, detailed, thoughtful answers and explanations. THis is not the university. Nobody is listening. Usually, NO or YES are the best answers. McCain is going to bury him in the debates. Biden might hold his own against Palin, but I have my doubts there too.
02:35 PM on 09/10/2008
Sorry Doc... but you have not been listening. McCain will lose horribly. He can't even deliver a speech let alone write one. Look for the old transmitter and earphone again. When McCain has to answer thr tough questions on that debate podium, you really believe he's gonna come through, especially with the tons of gaffes he already has on record? puh-leeeze! ain't gonna happen my friend. This is why the mudslinging and crazy allegations from the McCain camp have reached such a feverous pitch.

Obama's runs a clean campaign. He knows what he's doing. He listens to people. We really ARE tired of Swiftboat politics. Taking the high road and dealing with the issues of this torn country is foremost. The polls are an outright lie. These polls consist of over 70% republican households, even more than the July polls. Dems have over 11 million more new regestered voters, but that goes unreported somehow... Another stolen election will be attempted, sure as heck.

Obama/Biden 08... nuff said.
Dr Scott
I neither sow, nor reap, nor toil, nor spin
09:34 PM on 09/19/2008
Sorry... You are right. I was just "wringing my hands" there. I know that if I just have faith in the numbers, everything will turn out fine.

Obama/Biden 08!
09:06 AM on 09/10/2008
Dear Ms. Curtis.....thank you for your op-ed. My comments mirror those who precede me this morning. Madison Avenue sells toothpaste and yellow cake and yes, it sells Dominionism and Fascism as well and as effectively. The "actors" in this case are politicians and faux-journalists, and poseur pundits. The voices and images are from K Street lobbyist shops and from the ranks of retired generals and admirals who now pimp their products to the Pentagon.

I am same- sex married to a Canadian citizen and have a civilized option. However, I am an American and we and our dual national son. We have been partnered for 32 years and legally so since 2003. I love MY country despite the fact that many despise us utterly and deny us basic equal civil rights.
avid reader
08:21 AM on 09/10/2008
Stupid is believing that folks will really listen to what these four people are saying. People are sheep at best. They hear what they what and that is very little, shame really. That is why McCain is able to fool the people with the Palin pick. Le't hope they wake up face facts for what they are, that being another Bush term if this duo is elected.
03:53 AM on 09/10/2008
Jamie, you have the name and the brains and that’s why I gravitate to your op-eds. I agree with what you wrote. Being stupid simply means dull-witted, senseless and lacking intelligence. I would say that we all believe we are above being stupid but we do make foolish choices because of being “stuck” in a warped mindset of beliefs. It would seem logical to me that the Republicans cannot possibly believe that McCain/Palin represent the kind of change that will counter the destructive path our country has been following for the past 8 yrs when it is their kind of mindset and belief system that had caused the turmoil in the first place. So the only logical conclusion for the Republicans continued folly in touting McCain/Palin as agents of change is that they want to hold onto power at any cost, even if it means annihilating the very fabric of our society. What do the Republicans care if we have 4 more yrs of abuse of power, fear-mongering, financial ruination, lack of proper health care coverage? The conclusion is that DON’T CARE! The Republicans want to protect their own special interest of a select few at the risk of forgetting about the rest of us.

Wake up America! We are all in this together! If it is broken we can fix it!
08:40 AM on 09/10/2008
Our answer is: George McCain and Palin and all the rest, including Rove think we are stupid, but we are not. We are just ... too busy. We are busy working our tails off in jobs where we are off the clock for 30 minutes while we eat, and asked to stay a few minutes more after we are again off the clock at the end of our day. We are busy picking up the kids from our mom's or sisters, or neighbors or, if we can afford it, daycare. We are busy trying to make a meal out of a box and washing our clothes by hand if we run out of quarters for the laundromat, or if the old washer breaks down and we don't have the money to fix it. The corporations have called the shots too long, and any job we have isn't paying a living wage. Our oldest child is off to war and our president says the troops will mostly stay until another Republican president can take over keeping them there. The real stupid people? It looks like it is the Republicans who want a president that hopes to win an unwinnable war, no matter that he's not the one whose life is on the line out there. And those same Republicans want 4 or 8 more years of the same. That, in my book, is STUPID.
03:40 AM on 09/10/2008
Go, Jamie! "Gullible" is the key word. As Barnum put it, "There's a sucker born every minute." If that weren't true, how different the poliical scene might be! Citizens would demand the truth and excoriate liars; policies would be judged purely on their consequences for the greatest number of people; greedy self-interest could not successfully masquerade its threat by wrapping the flag around itself; morality would not be understood in the limited framework of sectarian dogma. Ah, well. We can dream at least. The current Palin madness and the specter of a dominating Christian Fundamentalism looming on the horizon has the same effect on me as terminal cancer would: it's a relief to be old and not have to face what must surely lie ahead unless some modicum of reason is restored to the body politic. I ache for my grandchildren.
03:25 AM on 09/10/2008
Thanks for speaking out, Jamie! I would also promote BE the change--- just stop talking about it! BE IT!! It matters not which party first chose the word "change" as their campaign motto. The dickering about which party "is" the change party IS truly just giving us the same old schtick!! It's far more important now for the Democrats to focus on what our platform is built upon: the state of the economy, health care reform, education, the war in Iraq and realize the American people are fed up with the performance of the Bush administration for the past 8 years. It's time for Obama and Biden to stand up to what the Republican party stands for and shout ENOUGH!!!!
03:22 AM on 09/10/2008
they must think we are stupid. didn't bushit get elected twice?the mccain camp says palin is "qualified" but yet they say sheisn't ready to be interviewed by the press. what is she "qualified" for?apparently, she is qualified to give a written speech.
01:35 AM on 09/10/2008
Let me get this straight - an american war hero and governor on a ticket, two senators and a greek pillar made with tax dollars and .....the RNC was selling a fantasy? All Obama did was insult John S. McCain and proceed to tell us what is wrong with Bush. As if americans haven't lived here in the last 8 years. How about Obama discuss his lack of a record for change - and then we can believe he gets that change is not about electing a black guy?
10:43 AM on 09/10/2008
America is not in the toilet! You clearly spell out that the reason you are NOT voting Obama is because of your racism.

Let me remind you that Africans have been in America for longer than most immigrants have. Over 400 years

They built your country - FREE LABOR- now you want to pretend they are not AMERICANS.

When did YOUR ancestors get here???
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02:12 PM on 09/10/2008
Excuse me, they built OUR country
02:25 PM on 09/10/2008
I find Patrioticwoman's statement amazing. Okay, so we should honor our veterans, but why exactly is JMcC a war hero? Because he was captured and lived in a hole for five years? Well, I think we are seeing the effects of that now-- between his Bomb-Iran song, to his choice of Palin as a potential VP. Ladies and Gentlemen, fine if you want to support and reward this "Pitbull in lipstick" for her being called to candidacy, but hey, doesn't it worry you that SHE could be the next leader of the US, should anything happen to the old guy?
Don't you feel a little bit of fear in your hearts about what those guys that hate America (some for good reasons, some for stupid reasons, some for no reason at all) will do with her behind the wheel? At least with Obama-Biden, there is a chance of them having some respect and maybe a bit of willingness to come to the table and talk. With McCain-Palin, anyone who doesn't agree with them is just a naughty moose waiting for John to start singing again... The "enemies of America" are just gonna hate America more and be willing to negotiate, exchange, and come to terms of respectful agreement less!!!
Mad Scientist
11:07 AM on 09/10/2008
”a greek pillar made with tax dollars and .....the RNC was selling a fantasy?“

Who do you suppose paid for the balloons dropped at the RNC ?

I've heard Republicans grumbling about Federal funds going to pay for the Conventions, and all I can say is this:

If the Republican candidate wanted to prove he was fiscally responsible, he could have given back the money to be spent on the convention and paid for it with donations.

He didn't. So let's dispense with the complaints.

Personally, I'd like to see MORE Federal dollars go to standardize all the States on Optical Scan balloting.

Optical Scan is reliable, it starts with a paper ballot so there's accountability, and recounts are easy and accurate.

And yet there's no standard on how Americans vote for President, leaving the process open to fraud and boondoggles like touchscreen voting.

I took computer programming in College and let me tell you, faking the results on a touchscreen machine is child's play.
01:32 AM on 09/10/2008
Thank you for that Jamie. for a minute there I took the title to be something of a Barack Bashing.
The way I see it is this: When I listen to McCain, I hear an old man jabbering about the past and at times saying wildly inappropriate things (Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran).
When I listen to Barack, I am inspired and feel that WE can get the country back on the right track. WE will stand up to the challenges that we are facing now and in the future and WE will be better people for it.
Now I don't know about you, but to me a leader is someone who inspires each and everyone of us to live to our full potential. Someone who can lead us to our true calling to be the greatest country in the world. For me Barack Obama is that man. I am voting for Obama in November and I've wanted him to be our next president for 4 years, since he addressed the last Democratic National Convention.