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03:27 PM on 02/02/2012
is ron paul hurting the GOP by remaining in the race?
Pointing out the hypocrisy of the Left and Right
07:30 PM on 02/02/2012
not really he acutly bring alot of new members into the party. i used to be a democrat ( not a flaming ultra progressive but a democrat) but now i consider myself a Ron Paul Republican.

i like his view on state powers and limiting the federal government, hes anti- war and believing in taking control of the currency away from a private bank. also his ideas on drugs are refreshing. let the states do it thats how the Constitution says it should be done.
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05:38 AM on 02/03/2012
Hear Hear
03:17 PM on 02/02/2012
Real Journalism concerning the newsletters:

Author of racist material discovered

Ron Paul treats interracial couple during the early seventies, pays for it himself.

Seriously, you guys need to find new jobs.
03:01 PM on 02/02/2012
The evidence points to the newsletters as being written by James B. Powell.

Please, let's move on to substance. The economy and interventionism are the issues that will crush all of us. Race bating is simply a diversion from the issues that need to be solved.
karim banned
A fool's mind is at the mercy of his tongue and a
04:30 PM on 02/03/2012
The corrupt media made it a tool to scare people away from Ron Paul.

A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Peace.
02:53 PM on 02/02/2012
Don't we have more important things to talk about when judging a candidate, like policy?

You'd think this was a beauty pageant or something...
Embrace each moment, each day!
05:04 PM on 02/02/2012
Not beauty but character and trust. Paul failed on both.
Pointing out the hypocrisy of the Left and Right
07:31 PM on 02/02/2012
so did obama but democrats still seem to be falling in line at the end of the day sadly =(

wheres the third party that incorporates good moderate ideas from both parties when we need one.
Julie Baker Morse
Mostly harmless
08:40 PM on 02/02/2012
And what credible facts do you base that assertion on? I'm betting we can give you at least ten verifiable, credible facts on the failing of character and trust for each of the other major GOP candidates remaining in the race. Quite honestly, we could probably give you ten for each Republican currently serving in Congress OTHER THAN Dr. Paul, and almost every Democrat as well.

If you don't like Dr. Paul as a candidate, fine. But to claim that he is somehow worse in character and trust than the other candidates, or the rest of Congress, is just ridiculous.
02:52 PM on 02/02/2012
They put new wheels on this story every other day, but it still won't go.
03:23 PM on 02/02/2012
Yea and this isn't going to be the last of it either, this is all they got and they don't even really have it.
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05:50 AM on 02/03/2012
They can spin it as much as they want , the Ron Paul bubble won't pop.
Ron Paul 2012.
01:07 PM on 02/02/2012
"He is a weekly co-host of the Al Sharpton Show." OOPS, there goes the authors credentials right out the window. Anyone who takes Al Sharpton seriously needs to get his head examined.

Al Sharpton was the leading voice regarding the charges brought against innocent "white" police officers in NYC in the infamous Tawana Brawley hoax. As if that debacle wasn't enough, only a few years ago, Sharpton discredited himself further by saying not so nice things regarding the “white” LaCrosse players at Duke in a similar case, which was also another debacle. Al Sharpton is a fine one to be associated with when you accuse others of "racism."

First of all, where is this smoking gun? Is it the four relatively mild comments from over 20 years ago that have been put on public display in other articles? Or are there more than these four comments that we don't know about?

Second, what makes this any worse than Obama attending a racist church for 20 years and claiming not to know anything about the racism that was going on inside those church walls?

Third, do you really expect people to take you seriously? A buddy of Al Sharpton doing a "hit job" on Ron Paul immediately loses credibility in my eyes. Has Al Sharpton ever apologized to the innocent “white” NYC police officers and Duke Lacrosse players for his comments?

How much money did the author receive for this article? 30 pieces of silver comes to mind.
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05:53 PM on 02/02/2012
fanned and faved! Come on People!!! Time to Wake Up!!!
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12:53 PM on 02/02/2012
I think most agree that this is old meaningless news. So let's get to some real issues that can and should be addressed.
1. Why won't Obama end the wars and bring our troops home? He alone has the power to do so. It's costing us trillions of dollars.
2. Ron Paul will bring our troops home if he is elected.
3. Why did Obama sign the NDAA when he said he would veto it?
4. Ron Paul would repeal parts of the NDAA that are unconstitutional, as well as repeal the Patriot Act.
5. Why is the U.S. #47 in press freedom in the world? What's Obama doing about it? Nothing!
It's not to late folks. Quit bickering and look at the facts. Do your own research and vote for the right man for the job. Obama had his chance!
Ron Paul 2012!
12:40 PM on 02/02/2012
Thanks to this article, im voting for him now :) thanks huffingtonpost.
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05:51 PM on 02/02/2012
fanned and faved!
12:21 PM on 02/02/2012
I'm sorry. Where is that smoking gun you asserted you had? You claim proof but offer none. now Reminds me of your pal and boss Al Sharpton when Tawana Brawley admitted she made up those allegations against that white guy but Sharpton, instead of apologizing for slandering an innocent guy, claimed he still believed her thoroughly debunked story! All to avoid losing the defamation suit against him. He did lose, but he had his pals and supporters pay the bill for him. Now that's an opportunist. I also question the author's credibility seeing how close he is to the good Reverend. Looks like he learned a few things about smear tactics and defamation his mentor.
02:51 PM on 02/02/2012
Kinda makes one wonder if those letters weren't written on purpose just before Dr. Paul's battle to be elected in know when a certain someone didn't want him to win?
12:01 PM on 02/02/2012
Allegations are just that... supporting evidence... not conclusive. Unfortunately people make decisions with less than accurate information anyway and poorly written arguments such as this are allowed on the internet.
RonPaul2012, stop being brainwashed by media bias
12:00 PM on 02/02/2012
Earl Ofari Hutchinson is an author and political analyst. He is a weekly co-host of the Al Sharpton Show on American Urban Radio Network. Enough said!!!
Common And Sense Could Save You
03:45 PM on 02/02/2012
11:53 AM on 02/02/2012
y r u talking about something that happened like 30 yrs ago has nothin else more important happen since then hmmmmm yall r worse then the enquirer get it together
11:49 AM on 02/02/2012
a few lines of what MAY be considered racist will not make money, however due to the media im sure these articles are classic. earl i ask you to write about the ndaa and what it means to the american public. i would also appreciate if you would explain in detail, if you can, romney's involvement with bain's capitol and how it was achieved. from what i understand this capitol was not made by restructurieng the companies assets and had nothing to do with downsizing. can you elaborate on that?

Dr. Paul has been a staunch supporter for the american people for 30yrs+, give the man some respect. give him your vote.

11:46 AM on 02/02/2012
Is there actually some evidence that the newsletters were a "gold mine" for Paul? I've seen it said many times, but it's hard to believe and Paul has (sort of) disputed that they were. The balance of evidence that I've looked at suggests that the inflammatory content was published in a very limited period of time compared with the overall period of publication of the newsletters and was probably limited to one author.

The existence of the newsletters is, I suppose, interesting to know about. But even at its worst, it perhaps demonstrates a human lapse in judgment twenty years ago that is more than overshadowed by Paul's otherwise principled approach to his philosophy.

It is surprising and disconcerting after having done some research that Paul's past is so often misrepresented by the media. I guess it's an opportunistic way to sell newspapers, though.
11:35 AM on 02/02/2012
I just tried to remember in detail 20 years ago, what my teacher's names were, what I did. Give it a try yourself.
I still am not positive what grade I was in.
That secretary is not credible and the source source is "anonymous".