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04:35 AM on 02/04/2012
Must of tested a bunch of people with no sex drive, and dull lives.
11:53 PM on 02/03/2012
Flat tax back in the media again. Are Americans for it? No, not yet brainwashed enough to support a concept that favors the rich. It was the battle cry of the Libertarians. How did that work out.

Simplify the tax code but leave the tax brackets. Americans are not concerned that richer individuals pay higher rates. Get rid of all deductions and excludables. In other words everyone who earns $50,000 pays the same tax, etc. If deducted from wages as usual you are done; no return to file.

Much more efficient than the sales tax proposal and less loopholes.

So when someone pretends to care about tax reform, propose this.
Pot Smoking Political Junkie!
08:04 PM on 02/03/2012
I disagree....