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Go God... Jesus rocks... the Spirit is very cool..
08:07 PM on 09/10/2008
McCain is scared and tired.

McCain has been learing at saint Sarah whenever he can.

McCain cannot find any way to talk issues so he has shut up and lets saint Sarah bring in the crowds.

McCain is going to bed earlier and getting up later - seems he is exhaused.

McCain has turned all campaign decisions over to the lobby industry.

McCain - the fake hero of 2008.

McCain - the has been hope of the GOP>

McCain - the only presidential candidate not able to use rovian political smear and fear to win the presidency.

McCain - a true american failure.
07:58 PM on 09/10/2008
Leave HIllary alone. You PUMA Republicreeps are trying to keep the Obama feud with HRC LIE going. Go after one of your own kind. THE LYING MCCain Republicreep Affirmative Action VP Pick
Queenie Palin.
We're all Bozos on this bus.
07:55 PM on 09/10/2008
Hey Sen. McCain!!....I've upped my standards, now up yours!!!
Keeping Calm And Carrying On...
09:12 PM on 09/10/2008
07:50 PM on 09/10/2008
This strategy worked for "Dick" cheney, why wouldn't it work for McCain? Instead of open, transparent truth-telling, McCain's campaign is busy honing its own peculiar brand of republican hypocrisy. Whotta hero....
Shiba Inu149
Be the change you want to see in the world
07:39 PM on 09/10/2008
If this man is this secretive when he hasn't been elected, what can we expect if he does win the election?

This is a very sad day for this country, that a candidate (and vp) for president would avoid the media because they might ask tough questions.

I only hope that the majority of this country (in each state) realizes what is going on, and that the media hamers both of them for this!
07:34 PM on 09/10/2008
Election has even happened and they're building a bubble.

ABBA - Anybody But Bush/McCain Again!
07:31 PM on 09/10/2008
We don't need them if this is all they are going to do; just turn on the Tivo and rerun the same speech.
We're all Bozos on this bus.
07:25 PM on 09/10/2008
Wow ! Both Republiturd candidates hiding from the press?

I guess they need more deference.

John McCain doesn't speak for the campaign.
07:22 PM on 09/10/2008

"I'm John McSame and I approve this message."
07:10 PM on 09/10/2008
McCain motto..."If you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit." or mooseshit...whatever
07:09 PM on 09/10/2008
Why give a press conference, when the press are your biggest fanboys.
07:19 PM on 09/10/2008
Their giving McCain a free-ride!!! I'ts funny how now all McCain and Sarah do are
Lofty "empty-suit-Speeches, to large crowds!! Maybe we should recycle that Celebrity Ad
07:22 PM on 09/10/2008
I hear McCain had a stroke and doesn't want the press to know - pass it on!
07:05 PM on 09/10/2008
He hasn't held a press conference, true, but he sure has been feeding heaping piles of ratshlt to the press, who has in turn eaten it up like dainty morsels.
07:06 PM on 09/10/2008
You've gotten the MSM in a shot!!! Did you see the Fed Ex Lemming commerical? Doesn't that remind you of the MSM?????
07:02 PM on 09/10/2008
The guy out in rallies is a clone. He's pulling a Kim Jong Il
07:38 PM on 09/10/2008
Are you suggesting he may have had a stroke? Maybe that's why he won't give an interview.
07:01 PM on 09/10/2008
He's trying to run out the clock straight into the Oval Office with that extremist VP of his. He really is Bush in sheeps clothing. Last week he was calling out the media for bias this week he goes Rovian with lie after lie. This was his plan all along to manipulate the media so he would get a free pass. His time we see McPOW for what he is, the next presidential failure!
07:05 PM on 09/10/2008
Thank you. I totally agree. I have been fighting this nagging thought in the back of my head today. It is a strange what if....What if the GOP thugs KNEW for a fact she wouldn't vet... and played out the VP pick clock watching the momentum that O got in his convention... when the crazy hail mary route complete with a plan to subvert the Alaskan legislature like they do Washington... hide from the media... start the smears.... Now this, THIS sounds like Karl Rove.
06:57 PM on 09/10/2008
Does the John Mellencamp song run through anyone else's head?? "....and the walls,come tumblin'down, and the walls, come tumblin' tumblin'....." The truth WILL prevail...hope it's not too late.