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10:21 PM on 02/08/2012
All I can say is that this is long over due.
09:59 PM on 02/08/2012
makes me wish i was a good person
06:45 PM on 02/08/2012
What a wonderful man Danny Thomas was and what a wonderful daughter he raised to carry on his generous and inspiring legacy.
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03:30 PM on 02/08/2012
All I can say is that any charity that treats kids and turns no one away, especially those who are too poor to pay, is a blessed organization and is a clear example of what should be supported by us all.
01:24 PM on 02/08/2012
10:26 AM on 02/08/2012
Your father was ageat man and a inspuration. I knew nothing about ST. Jude untill I met my wife, now it's like a daily word. Keep up the great work your dad would be proud. I wish I could meet you in my lifetime just to thank you and your family. My wife donates every chance she gets and thank god none of our family has been hit with this horrible health issue. God bless you and your family.
Dan & Jackie Risley
Im speeking for my wife also she is at work........
"Read the books of DT Suzuki." -- Kerouac
07:24 AM on 02/08/2012
...thanks for such an amazing collection of photographs; and to see the enduring legacy of Mr. Thomas is an inspiration to create positive change wherever possible. Namaste.
07:17 AM on 02/08/2012
God bless Danny and thank you for St Jude Hospital! I'll but the stamp in bulk ---
03:20 AM on 02/08/2012
This stamp is going to save the United States Postal Service. Thank you, Danny.
Revise your meme.
12:51 AM on 02/08/2012
Oh. I should've said. My mom was a huge fan of your dad's.
Revise your meme.
12:51 AM on 02/08/2012
Awesome! Thank you for sharing, Ms. Thomas. Keep up this wonderful work that your father started.
Saucy strawberry blonde
11:34 PM on 02/07/2012
May the saints preserve the Thomas family for giving the world such an amazing gift!
St Jude is one of my family's favorite charities, and St. Jude is a favorite saint of mine.
St. Jude has answered 2 very needed prayers for my family, and one of the promises
my husband and I made to St. Jude was to include his name in one of our children's
names. We have 2 kiddos, and our son's middle name is Jude.
11:10 PM on 02/07/2012
Thanks for continuing the carrying of the torch ! I used to think the olympics had all the greatest athletes and the marathon runners .......... it's apparent that I was wrong ! Marlo I Love You and My Boss Loves You Too ! He's keeping a Grand Mansion for You and He Is Enjoying Your Dads Company ! Stay Healthy and We'll All See You When We Get Home !
09:28 PM on 02/07/2012
What a wonderful story! You brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing such a refreshingly uplifting story about a wonderful man!
09:28 PM on 02/07/2012
god bless him and his faith. We need more catholics to believe in st jude and god everyday.