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Outspoken on equality
08:29 PM on 02/06/2012
What's that smell. Oh, it's the faint odor of selling out. I haven't smelled that since GLAAD sold out to AT&T.
07:55 PM on 02/06/2012
gave up on HRC a looong time ago
07:43 PM on 02/06/2012
Gays with off-shore bank accounts are still gay.

They're bad citizens, but they're gay.
Fight Back Against Oppression!
07:24 PM on 02/06/2012
Agreed. This tone-deaf move just reinforces the negative stereotype that gay people are all rich, white, childless men who have way too much discretionary income and care only about themselves.
07:22 PM on 02/06/2012
i agree. but hrc "seriously lost its way" a long time ago. they just are going from bad to worse. larry kramer
06:20 PM on 02/06/2012
Is this article about HRC, or a Goldman Sachs slam?
03:25 AM on 02/07/2012
The crisis in Europe a financial political conspiracy :
06:08 PM on 02/06/2012
Let's not look at Goldman in this light. From the NYT ->
"Under Mr. Blankfein’s guidance, Goldman has also pushed employment policies that promote equality. It reimburses employees for the extra taxes they pay on domestic partner benefits. In 2002, the company made headlines for offering gender reassignment operations to employees."

Goldman may have done some terrible things financially, but as a promoter of equal rights, it's one of the best in corporate America. Let's honor them for that.
07:26 PM on 02/06/2012
Let's not. They promote equal rights on one hand and tear at the fabric of our nation's economy with their cloven hoofs.
Sean Lawlor
05:36 PM on 02/06/2012
That's what happens when nonprofits become businesses, the money comes first. I remember how disgusted I was when I heard that Susan G. Komen was targeting smaller groups for using any slogan remotely similar to "for the cure" because they were worried that people wouldn't buy as much pink merchandise if they donated to the "wrong" charity.

I often think that if the country just had a complete change of heart and all of a sudden marriage equality was passed nationally tomorrow, the HRC might cease to exist...sure they do some other work but the bulk of their time and money goes to getting the rich and powerful to support "the dream" when there's really so much else to do.
05:34 PM on 02/06/2012
We should remember that the bulk of people that work in these evil empires are just working stiffs doing their boring jobs and not earning what those at the top are making. That CSR that opens your checking account or takes your loan application at B of A is not raking in the big bucks but he/she will be the first to go when the senior executives need to do some firing to make Wall Street happy.
What's this?
05:16 PM on 02/06/2012
If you hire a big cheese from there, then you need to give something back. Simple! Cronyism is alive and well in all large organizations! Just ask SKG!
Mark Van Kekerix
An Ordinary Gay Guy
04:57 PM on 02/06/2012
Quoted from above: "I'm not suggesting it is HRC's job to police the American economy, nor do I think an organization that represents the spectrum of LGBT opinion should become a mouthpiece for critiques of our economic system, but I do believe HRC should embrace fundamental progressive values."

Sorry, but the reality is that HRC's job is not to "embrace" progressive political values, but rather to advance the cause of LGBT rights. Let's not confuse the two. There is a great deal of overlap, but they are NOT the same.

The HRC award is for "workplace equality innovation", and even if Goldman is a big, evil bank as Mr. Beaver suggests - if they are truly deserving of the award, then give it to them.

The argument being made here is similar to one I saw recently that LGBT groups should support Palestinian causes over the Israelis - claiming that the Israelis had been "pinkwashing" their causes. That editorial and its backwash were an attempt to embroil LGBT groups in an issue that isn't theirs - and shouldn't be. I would encourage Mr. Beaver not to make the same mistake.

When I give my money to HRC, I know I am giving it to support things like the "Workplace Quality Innovation" award, and that such awards might go to companies that I wouldn't support in another context. I give my money to HRC to advance LGBT rights causes, period.
08:06 PM on 02/06/2012
I can appreciate your commentary. As I understand it, Goldman was one of the early supporters of LGBT Equality in The Workplace... beyond that, " reimburses employees for the extra taxes they pay on domestic partner benefits." -if that statement is true, they are certainly going above and beyond, and hopefully inspiring others to do the same until True Equality is won.
I may not agree with all of their business practices, nor am I thrilled to learn of ties to Mitt Romney -but if the honor was bestowed for "Workplace Equality Innovation", how is it that inappropriate??? I will continue to support HRC for the advancement of LGBT Rights/Causes. I will also continue to support GLAAD (even in light of speculation/controversy). Though we may not agree with absolutely EVERYTHING -trashing our allies is not a good strategy!
Illegitimi non carborundum
04:26 PM on 02/06/2012
And so it goes. It just seems that no matter which organization/business it is, the folks that are high in/on power just lose touch with those that got them there.

HRC doesn't get any money from me. I'd rather give to local/regional GLBTQ supporting groups. The best ones support and help homeless kids.
deus cinaedus est
03:37 PM on 02/06/2012
I think it's a great move. Goldman Sachs controls the country, if not the world. If they want marriage equality for whatever reason, marriage equality it shall be. Too bad for those Christians who have chosen to be anti-gay.
Fred Phelps represents all gay marriage opponents
03:34 PM on 02/06/2012
They couldn't just give JC Penney that award for standing up to that made up group trying to boycott them for having Ellen as a spokesperson? At least that would have been deserved. This certainly doesn't make the gay rights movement look very good.
no one really knows who anyone is here
08:29 PM on 02/06/2012
JC Penny is not reimbursing gay employees for the extra taxes due to DOMA and that it huge. While I agree that Goldman Sacs may be an evil corporation for financial abuse reasons, most of their employees are part of the 99% and I'm glad they are getting treated fairly in this regard.
EDUCATION is a national security issue.
03:08 PM on 02/06/2012
The HRC's actions are not markedly different from "Log Cabin" Republicans, are they? Like lambs trying to cuddle up to lions...