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Let Freedom Ring
10:15 AM on 09/12/2008
So she basically said that sheikh Mohammed was the mastermind of 911 in an attempt to argue the importance capturing OBL’s lieutenants. I’m not sure I understand the problem. Sounds like a true statement to support an uncontroversial argument.
Not so much Liberal as I am anti evil.
01:34 PM on 09/12/2008
Except that we were told by these same folks that OBL was the mastermind.
Bush said on numerous occasions that he would follow him wherever he went and bring OBL to justice.
I guess Invading Iraq, which had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks was the prudent thing to do.
03:14 PM on 09/12/2008
My god you are a pathetic GOP-apologist! And your comments about Palin on other threads are simply absurd...her interview showed significant weaknesses, and very little that could be seen as an advantage.

Like Perino, spin, spin, spin...that's all any of you have to work with after eight years of failed BushCo policies.
10:01 AM on 09/12/2008

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL: Yes. Hold on a second. And a deadly series of church bombings in Indonesia and the Philippines in December 2000. He's a leading suspect in the bombing of the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Jakarta earlier this month. He's also -- Hambali is a close associate of the September 11th mastermind, Khalid Shaykh Muhammad, KSM.

August 14, 2003
I rant ... therefore, I am.
10:01 AM on 09/12/2008
I'm dumbfounded & speechless - she can't possibly be this stupid. OMG ...
09:40 PM on 09/13/2008
She's not, but the American public is.
08:51 AM on 09/12/2008
Yeah, Osama bin Forgotten wasn't the 9/11 mastermind. It must've been Bill Clinton....or, or, Jimmy Carter.....or, or, those LIBRILS in San Francisco who don't wear flag pins on their buttocks.....or, or (etc., etc.).

08:33 AM on 09/12/2008
Okay. With that scenario what is the need for a president in this country? Get it Dana? Without the support and money and influence of Bin Laden that plan never would have come to fruition. Never forget... torture is and was being used to get Khalid's confession. (don't let them tell you it wasn't)I bet I can get Dana to admit she is Goerge Bush's mother. Any information received under torture is basically worthless. I know I would say anything to get it to stop. Alas, a desperate attempt to deflect the horrific job "Dubya" is and has been doing.
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08:06 AM on 09/12/2008
Please put this girl out of her misery, has ever a "press secretary " been so clueless?
08:01 AM on 09/12/2008

"McCain campaign admits mailing 1 Million bad ballot applications to voters in Ohio"
Practicing my sarcasm management skills
08:18 AM on 09/12/2008
I sent it to Rachel and Keith, thanks IslandGyal!
I rant ... therefore, I am.
10:11 AM on 09/12/2008
Do you have Keith's email address? I have Rachel's, but can't seem to find Keith's on the MSNBC website ...
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Freedom from fear - the philosophy of human rights
09:09 AM on 09/12/2008
Thanks for the link.

Now is a real Democracy, this would be taken care of

BEFORE Election Day.

McBush has learned how to steal an election. Lord, knows he can't win on his own.

07:50 AM on 09/12/2008
One thing I heard during 9/11 that I think many have forgotten about or were so shocked by what had happened and it didn't register was the Administration saying we knew they were going to hijack planes we just didn't know they were going to do this.

They knew that planes were going to be hijacked and they did nothing.

They knew peoples lives were going to be in jeopardy and they did nothing.

They made a decision not to do anything based on money it would cost the airline industry to much to beef up security or cancel flights on 9/11. The assessed the collateral damage based off of how much it would cost the airlines.

It was acceptable for people to be taken hostage but it was not acceptable to put the airline industry out.

Maybe if Bush cared more about the people of this country more than the businesses 9/11 never would have happened.

Now we have a choice this election and if anyone watched both conventions then it should be clear do we want our next president to be some one who cares about the people in this country or one who cares more about the businesses in this country because the last 8 years it has been business before people and look where and what that has gotten us.
07:38 AM on 09/12/2008
I thought that Saddam Hussein was the mastermind, Dana.
10:19 AM on 09/12/2008
Not a problem, we got him too.
09:41 PM on 09/13/2008
Just in case, right?
07:37 AM on 09/12/2008
The Republican Party: reauthoring reality for simple minds in the 21st century.
06:39 AM on 09/12/2008
And so ... here we are the day after 9/11 ... 2008 and we find Osama Bin Laden was not responsible ... Sadam Hussein was in no way connected ... and George Bush is still president.

What's wrong with this picture.
10:25 PM on 09/12/2008
everything. : (
06:11 AM on 09/12/2008
Eons ago a cartoonist, Walt Kelly, had a character say something about "a pretty face wif nought behind." That's Dana and Sarah. If their intelect were converted to electricity they couldn't light a sixty watt bulb.
08:47 AM on 09/12/2008
However, if we could harness the spin we could light New York
05:18 AM on 09/12/2008
Well technically she is right. Its kinda playing semantics though. While mastermind isn't the right term, he was certainly the largest and most powerful force behind helping make it happen.
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05:24 AM on 09/12/2008
Its like saying Bush is not responsible for the Iraq War Many people contributed, but Bush made the decision and implemented the plan.

If bin Laden was not responsible for 9-11, why to Bush pledge to bring him to justice?

How do we stop the Bush-Rove-Clinton-McCain culure of LIES?
10:20 AM on 09/12/2008
How about major financial backer? This is like saying Bush isn't responsible for Iraq because Rummy drew up the plans....

01:21 AM on 09/12/2008
No. It was David Rockefeller.
01:07 AM on 09/12/2008