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01:59 PM on 09/13/2008
Now now... I wanted to help rape victims and the environment. That's why I encouraged them to pay for their rape kits with wolf forelegs.

01:36 PM on 09/13/2008
This is just evil....
01:29 PM on 09/13/2008
The tragedy is that Obama won't take advantage of this. He's too much of a "gentleman" to make an and show it over and over again. Like John Kerry- he's to afraid of losing to get into a fight. Thats why I'm voting for McKinney. She would shove this article down Palins throat.
A fighting liberal and proud of it
05:08 PM on 09/13/2008
A vote for McKinney is a vote for McCain. I hear your point but we can't afford to waste any votes. Just look at what happened in Florida with Nader in 2000. Please reconsider.
CogitoErgoSum was taken when I signed up.
06:28 PM on 09/13/2008
This is what the 527s are for. They can take out ads on against a candidate that the candidate they support doesn't have to approve, since the campaign itself isn't taking out the ads.
I came, I saw, I commented
01:25 PM on 09/13/2008
Aside from rape victims, are there any other victims of crime who are forced to pay for evidence collection and analysis?
04:33 PM on 09/13/2008
Good question. If you live in Wasilla and your house gets burglarized, do you get charged for the fingerprint dusting kit? Also, aren't the Republicans supposed to be tough on crime? Does rape not count as a crime?
04:48 PM on 09/13/2008
It seems more like she's saying the girl is responsible for her rape.
01:11 PM on 09/13/2008
This is appalling and points out yet again the insensitivity and bad judgement of Sarah Palin. McCain's judgement was even worse in selecting her. What was he thinking or than how he can get himself elected and to hell with how this impacts the American people. "America First" my a--. Both he and her are loose cannons.
Do I Have to be Nice ?
12:59 PM on 09/13/2008
How many women where being sexually assaulted in Wasilla, Alaska , pop. ~7000 ?

What rate of these assualts nade it a budgetary issue ?
11:54 AM on 09/13/2008
Of course such a policy is certainly a slap in the face of the victim. I thought this was a fairly small city. How many rap kits are required? If the amount is so significant to require making such flawed policy, perhaps they should be looking at the cause and not the effect.

Something else that harms the victims in a rape case? It is not mandatory to advise the victim there is medication she can be given that greatly reduces the chances of conception from this hedious act. I'm would just about bet, not only are they given the bill but also not getting advised of ways to prevent a pregnancy.
11:49 AM on 09/13/2008
The rest of the country's women need to wake up and realize they:

1. Don't like being lied to.
2. Don't like being used.
3. Don't like being called names.
4. Don't like those who flip flops.
5. Don't like women who kiss up.
6. Don't like a woman telling them what to do with their body.
7. Don't like men who think they are complete dummies.
8. Know inside when someone is lying to them.
9. Know inside who they can trust.

When you are using your COMMON SENSE, you are in tuned to all of the above. If you're not, you need to WAKE UP!
11:29 AM on 09/13/2008
I'm surprised by the number of posts excusing Palin's behavior here because the evidence is not crystal clear that she knew the budget cuts she approved were going to lead to charging rape victims to collect evidence of the crime. The two biggest qualifications that Palin is supposed to bring to the McCain ticket are her "executive experience" and her "reformer" credentials. Yet her record reflects poor executive decisions and no real reform. Here, she made a terrible executive decision that made rape victims literally pay for the crime! Not knowing the consequences of her actions in approving that budget is a horrible excuse and almost sexist in its own right. "Poor Sarah, she can't be expected to understand that long document and all those pesky line items." Where is the accountability? I thought reform was all about accountability? Yeah, she was in charge and yeah she hired the guy who did it, but gee she can't be expected to know everything that goes on in such a big city of 6,500 and with an especially long multi-page budget document. Come on people. If executive experience is her strong suit, then she should be held accountable for making such a terrible one here. If reform is her other strong suit, then what did she do make sure that this horrible practice stopped?
11:08 AM on 09/13/2008
Why would she sign a budget if she did not take time to look at what was in the budget? In court if you put your signature on a document you are held responsible. Aren't you?
11:00 AM on 09/13/2008
It seems to me that Palin believes that the fetus has more rights than the mom.
10:58 AM on 09/13/2008
Someone needs to get the minutes of city council meetings.
10:56 AM on 09/13/2008
Did she ever think to actually charge the one who committed the crime?
avid reader
10:54 AM on 09/13/2008
To hear the Straight Talk Express Palin is the best thing since slice bread. I say a big fat not. The vetting of Sarah Palin must of been a rush job, real rush, because if it had been done right I don't think anyone in their right mind would of chosen her for the VP slot. What does this say about John McCain and his judgement?? Speaks volumes to me, well it's screaming that he has none.
10:50 AM on 09/13/2008
Maybe it was viewed as a way to reduce government spending. If all victims of crime were to pay for their own investigations it would result in lower property taxes and savings to the government. Heck, it should be extended to that dust used to lift finger prints. If you want to find the person who broke into your house, you will have to pay for the finger print dust, the crime scene photos, etc. If you want the person prosecuted, you should have to pay the District Attorney's salary. All this would save the tax payers money and reduce the government's budget. Every body just wants big government.

Yes, just dripping with sarcasm.