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religion, ideology, partisanship are delusional
09:37 PM on 02/07/2012
Better comparison to Clint Eastwood is Lee Iacocca, the previous spokesman for a Chrysler rescued from bankruptcy. Same tough-talking vaguely jingoist ads.
09:34 PM on 02/07/2012
Well written. I didn't see the Michigan commercial as I'm on the east coast, but it sounds like something some kids from my sister's 4th grade class might come up with during lunch.

The Clint Eastwood commercial...I cannot believe what lens Republicans must be looking through to construe that as either partisan or specifically Pro-Obama. It's just silliness.
All politics is loco
09:33 PM on 02/07/2012
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09:28 PM on 02/07/2012
Yeah, this incident really reveals a lot. Many Republicans now seem incapable of putting the interests of the country before partisanship. The sad legacy of the scorched earth philosophy of Ailes, Rove and Limbaugh.
You have to be too kind to be kind enough
09:26 PM on 02/07/2012
Nice title - on Dickens's birthday!
Angie Daniels
PFLAG and dog rescuer.
11:48 PM on 02/07/2012
Is it really? Cool.. learned one more thing today :) Kudos!
left of the Right & right of the Left.
09:20 PM on 02/07/2012
This article is directly on point about Republicans poor judgment with these two commercials. Anyone with a brain should be able to how this will hurt GOP/TP chances in the 2012 elections. Of course, why should these commercials be any different from the poor political judgment shown by Republicans during the last two years of obstructions, non-compromise and anything to hurt Obama mentality in the sad hope of trying to limit him to just one term.

The best person to be in the White House is already there and will be there until his term expires in January 2017.

OBAMA 2012.
07:22 AM on 02/08/2012
09:04 PM on 02/07/2012
I was moved by it when I first saw it and now that I know Karl Rove was offended by it I like it even better.
B Campbell
They're just words ... calm down.
11:34 PM on 02/07/2012
Thank you for stating my feelings!
Business is Good, People are Terrific
09:51 AM on 02/08/2012
I knew that this commercial nearly burst Karl Roves jugular vein when he threw out the phrase "Obama and his minions..." He must have been reading some of these posts about Grover Nyquist and his "minions." I had to laugh. When Conservative Republicans are afraid of something, they copy the language of the opposition and try to twist it into soundbites for the Right Wingers. OMG! Too funny...
Never test the depth of the water with both feet
08:58 PM on 02/07/2012
"...the Republicans find themselves disagreeing and yelling foul at a commercial urging Americans to keep fighting and never give up while being reduced to making fun of names and accents in their campaigns."

Wow, that just says it all.

I look forward to the general election, to watch Obama go into action against whichever of these pathetic persons squeaks by to get the nomination.
Angie Daniels
PFLAG and dog rescuer.
11:49 PM on 02/07/2012
We just have to make sure our votes don't "disappear"
Never Surrender...
06:37 AM on 02/08/2012
" The reason the ad could work for either party is because the sentiment is one behind which most Americans can, and want, to get. Americans want to believe it is only halftime in America and that the game isn't over yet. Americans also want to believe that we are a people who cannot be defeated easily and with resolve and hard work can continue to rebuild our economy and our country. Fortunately, for Obama and the Democrats this does not seem to be the message on which the Republicans are basing their campaign."

Can't let go of that Southern Strategy...
08:57 PM on 02/07/2012
Well said.

This ad is about revival—the revival of Detroit and the revival of America. And, for Chrysler, this is not necessarily about patriotism. It's about differentiation against their Asian competitors in a time where many American consumers view Asian cars as being of higher quality than American cars. Chrysler knew that it was critical to turn this perception around by playing to America's strengths: its grit, can-do spirit, and determination to win. Clint Eastwood personifies this archetype. So, as political as the ad may or may not be, it sets a new tone for the American consumer by saying, "We're back."

That said, Rove was clearly off his game, as he turned what might have been a nonchalant water cooler conversation into viral, internet sensation, providing Chrysler (and, in his eyes, President Obama) with millions in free advertising, which, in turn draws attention to the fact that, three years ago, Willard "Mitt" Romney—and many other Republicans—would "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt," in one of America's darker hours.

NOTE TO GOP: President George W. Bush supported and continues to support the automotive bailouts, arguing in his book: "The immediate bankruptcy of (Chrysler and GM) could cost more than a million jobs, decrease tax revenues by $150 billion and set back America’s Gross Domestic Product by hundreds of billions of dollars."
My micro-bio is running on empty.
11:29 PM on 02/07/2012
Shh. Republicans don't want to admit that W was ever President, much less a Republican one. Similarly, his father has also been made a non-person. It's as if there hasn't been a single Republican since Reagan in office for them.
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Pauline Seville
04:18 AM on 02/08/2012
Excellent Post. Faved. and your 1st Fan.
Not born in Maine, but I have a right to choose
08:41 PM on 02/07/2012
Exactly the kind of article I like--one that echoes what I said elsewhere! How wise you are!