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03:51 AM on 09/13/2008
stupid is as stupid does

well it was a great experiment

I mean a republic

and a well thought out consitition kind of

had to write a bill of rights later

left one thing out

the greed of a nation

greed over took love of fellow human

and what do you get: america

47 million without health care says it all about americans

ok two illegal wars says more

ok made heros out of those that bombed women and children

only industrialized country without universal health care

why profits over people pure and simple

I got my health care too bad you dont the american manta for 60 years

pure and simple greed

and to think we call ourselves a christian nation: go figure
01:06 PM on 09/13/2008
All those wonderful programs you talk about (which by the way all presidents believe in) cost a fortune. What president wouldn't want to offer Americans all these wonderful things? It would make the prez a hero. The reason it hasn't happened is because of this hurdle - who will pay for all this? The middle class? That's the only place the money can come from when you're talking about programs on such a sweeping scale. Are you aware that in these other industrialized countries that offer medical care their doctors and medical care workers make far less (FAR LESS) money than they do in the US? How are you going to get doctors here to spend a decade studying to be doctors, spend a fortune going to school and then be okay when their salaries are just mediocre? It's not going to happen and Obama knows that. However in the meantime he'll cash in (or try to) by getting votes from disgruntled people by offering solutions he knows he can't deliver.
Life is hard. After all, it kills you.
03:10 AM on 09/13/2008
I guess we'll find out in November just how stupid we are as a collective nation.

It's no wonder so many people have been disillusioned about politics and have tuned out, and if we, after 8 years of Bush and the smears of the last two campaigns, fall for it again, voters will be more disillusioned than ever. I fear for us in many respects if we as a nation, not the Democratic party, blow it again.
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02:51 AM on 09/13/2008
If we weren't stupid, we would have the brains to look at the last eight years, and vote against the party that has been in power. It doesn't take alot of brains to figure that out.. Its like driving to work on the most traveled street during rush hour and getting stuck sitting in traffic, when the street down one block has no traffic. We all have the brains to figure that out. We should all have the brains to figure out that the purpose of voting people into public office isn't to try to coerce them into putting chief justices into the Supreme Court to vote against abortion laws. Religion and government aren't related and if people could just grab onto that idea, they might see the sense in going down one block to get on a street that will lead them to a sure way to safety and prosperity for the majority. That is really what government is meant to do.
02:14 AM on 09/13/2008
The reason we will lose is not our stupidity, except for the few of us who live in Ohio and Pennsylvania.