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09:24 PM on 09/13/2008
I do think that Sarah Palin's religious beliefs are important. For example, how does her church feel about her consistently bearing false witness for personal profit? That's what she's been doing from the moment she opened her mouth to accept the nomination for vice president. And how does she herself feel about such things as the age of the Earth and the immanence of the End Times? If she believes the Earth is less than ten thousand years old, then we have a serious problem. We may be electing someone with a good chance of becoming president who does not believe in most of modern science, from astronomy to geology to physics. Many may not be bothered by this, but it's something we should know. Already we're aware that she favors the teaching of Creationism in our public schools, doesn't subscribe to a belief almost universal among scientists that global warming is caused by human activities, and has disregarded her own scientific panel's recommendation to keep polar bears on the endangered species list. I suspect that only a minority would support these positions, even including some very religious people. But whatever the case may be, it's something we need to know about someone who may become the most powerful person in the world. Only then can we make an informed decision on whether to vote for her.
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09:02 PM on 09/13/2008
"The original American revolutionaries mixed the universal elements of morality in a very particular way. The "self-evident" aspects of "human nature" that The Creator supposedly endowed us with -- including "inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" -- ..........................

Nevertheless, the new ideal of individual liberty required upgrading the element of individuality, that is, our innate awareness of individuals as self-motivated agents who can act on their own to achieve goals.

On paper.

The 'God Given Right'.
Adam and Eve exercised it.
God got pissed - removed the freebie lunch. Cursed the one and blamed the other.

Adam and Eve went on to use that free will and the rest is HIS-story.


They can try on the outside to 'control' it, but they can't take it away.

I suggest, that as a collective conscience, this country is in the middle of the 'TERRIBLE TWOS'.

When a child is around two years old, the two sides of the brain start 'communicating' for the first time.
Frustration ensues... communication is stunted by the lack of language skills - emotions bounce around - up......downs...up....downs

Lots of screaming, hold of breath....physical activity...........lack of balance in actions.

That's where we are collectively as a society in this country.

It ain't gonna be pretty, but those synapsis are going to be built between the two sides for survival.
And, if they don't - we will perish from our own physical actions.
08:39 PM on 09/13/2008
I am a Democrat...

Thank you...

Now I get it...

Sarah Palin is STILL NOT QUALIFIED to be either Vice President or President of the United States.

John McCain's poor governing leadership (I know it was a great tactical move) in choosing her makes him unqualified to be President of the United States.
11:18 PM on 09/13/2008
And either is Obama. Why are you worried about her qualifications? If you don't like her don't vote for her. You don't get to decide who will be our candidate.
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01:04 AM on 09/14/2008
If Obama is unqualified, so was Abraham Lincoln -- Palin, not so much. Much of the padding in her "executive" resume comprises a part-time small town council seat that's about as qualifying as chairing a PTA bake sale committee -- hers is nothing more or other than a stunt candidacy giving CPR to the moribund campaign of someone too old and too compromised to lead. I hope she stays in the race because all the negative news about her is starting to help Obama, but I have my doubts she'll last long enough to get thoroughly shredded by Biden.
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02:18 AM on 09/14/2008
Well somebody needs to, you guys obviously suck at it.
11:18 PM on 09/13/2008
McCain never has been qualified to be POTUS.