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He of the smoldering eyes
04:14 PM on 09/14/2008
John McCain, who is shameless about promoting himself as America’s ultimate patriot, put the best interests of the nation aside in making his incredibly reckless choice of a running mate. But there is a profound double standard in this country. The likes of John McCain and George W. Bush can do the craziest, most irresponsible things imaginable, and it only seems to help them politically.

-- Bob Herbert, NY Times
04:03 PM on 09/14/2008
It's nice to see at least somebody stood up.

A shame they were crushed.

If these monsters are not prosecuted under the rule of law I will move. As god as my witness this country will have no moral fiber left and I will move.
04:57 PM on 09/14/2008
Wanna meet in Toronto? Say, around the 20th of November or so?
01:40 PM on 09/15/2008
Nah, I'm heading up to Vancouver for the Chinese people.
An extreme moderate
03:29 PM on 09/14/2008
Blah, blah, blah! Unless someone is willing to prosecute these goons for their treasonous, illegal activities, I've given up reading articles like this. Nothing has been done by the spineless Congress to stop these people and no one seems to be willing to do anything about it. Unfortunately all I have to say is "so what".
04:02 PM on 09/14/2008
A good point. But nobody is going to do that since the neocons run the show. They have money, power, Media, they choose politicians and appoint judges. To sue these bastards you need to be super rich, like them. HuffPo is just an emotional outlet for 5% of the population.
04:26 PM on 09/14/2008
Yes DXM, though I would describe Congress as sneaky and treacherous, rather than spineless.
For as we speak the Congress, once again with Nancy Pelosi doing Bush's bidding, is moving legislation forward for offshore oil drilling.

Funny though how there is no news about it here. Maybe it is the fact that Obama supports this pro business anti-American move to drill for oil on some of our most treasured coastline?

But as you know, we are not supposed to talk about such direct policy issues here.
We are required to join in the chorus of superficial Palin bashing, analyze the pig lipstick comment, and generally engage in simplistic gutter politics. Chase the bright shiny objects so Congress can get on with its job. Selling out to big oil.
03:23 PM on 09/14/2008
FACTS are my catnip; along with good baklava
03:02 PM on 09/14/2008
How unfortunate! First, the Vice President's office catches on fire, then Alberto Gonzales and John Yoo get a case of amesia, and now THIS!

We know how hard our current VP has worked for the security of the country, and securing our "rights".

PLEASE!! Wake up America while we still have a choice. Do we want more of this??
starting over at 60
03:51 PM on 09/14/2008
Does anybody even wonder about that fire and how it started? I certainly do.
02:43 PM on 09/14/2008
We should be asking Pelosi why she agreed not to investigate the Bushies and we should be asking whether her opinion has changed
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02:56 PM on 09/14/2008
I will never understand why 25% of the American people became so evil or just so plain stupid to vote for such vile filthy evil bastards as bush/chenny?
Is greed enough to make republicans sleep good at night?
Do they ever think of anyone other than themselves?
republican = insanity!
03:45 PM on 09/14/2008
Shortest answer is she's in on it.
starting over at 60
03:52 PM on 09/14/2008
I second that!
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02:41 PM on 09/14/2008
No shite!
02:31 PM on 09/14/2008
Addington needs to be hanged. Along with his master.

Oh, and by the way, "hanged" IS the correct preterite tense for executing someone via hanging.
02:44 PM on 09/14/2008
At the very least, Addington needs to be indicted and Cheney impeached. If they are found guilty then they should be hung on gibbets (hanging is much too quick). But they should go down alone... there's plenty of people to keep them companying starting with John Yoo and let's add Gonzales to the party. As John Dean noted a few years ago the Bush administration's law violations are "Worse then Watergate" and he was very accurate with that description.
Someone who cares - to his unending regret
02:55 PM on 09/14/2008
I don't mind if he - and the rest of Bush, Cheney, & PNAC, LLP - gets hung first, and then the job has to be repeated several times until he and they have been properly hanged.
He of the smoldering eyes
02:21 PM on 09/14/2008
Pretty good story. Wish it wasn't written in the jokey breezy manner it is, but still informative.
02:49 PM on 09/14/2008
I agree. I've been fed up with this novel-writing style of reporting news for years. Seems that it's when PBS FRONTLINE, for example, produces documentaries on these matters in a serious way that we are better able to measure the effect of such actions on our government and our society.
02:15 PM on 09/14/2008
“Lie’s, Lie’s, Lie’s Yeah”

Some of you old school folks will remember this song but It’s a new GO P anthem.

I"m John McCain and I approve this message

Our New Anthem
02:12 PM on 09/14/2008
Anyone who thinks all this spying was for national security hasnt been paying attention.Does anyone truly believe this administation given the power wouldnt use it against their domestic enemies{us}?Remember how they got Spitzer?
02:48 PM on 09/14/2008
You're absolutely correct, which is why domestic spying has been illegal for decades. What our present crop of rulers and would be tyrants can't grasp is that in the matter of domestic spying no one can be trusted. FISA Courts were established to carefully examine the justifications for very limited domestic spying and I really can't imagine why anyone would wish to change a system that has worked quite well for decades; unless the changes were desired for less than honorable reasons. It's much to easy for any administration to turn domestic spying into a tool for anti-Democratic purposes and for that reason alone it should be strictly controlled and kept out of the hands of men like Addington.
02:07 PM on 09/14/2008
This is what happens when the President isn't smart enough, concerned enough, interested enough, or energetic enough, to think about difficult problems.

And "Media-Hound-McCain", at age 72 (to 80?), is unlikely to be anymore energetic or interested in policy than Bush? He'll be doing the fun stuff like Letterman, Leno, and SNL. He'll just delegate everything else.

"The command center of "the president's (domestic spying) program," was not in the White House. Its controlling documents, which gave strategic direction to the nation's largest spy agency... lived in a vault in...the Eisenhower Executive Office Building... where the vice president headquartered his staff. The vault was in... Cheney's lawyer's (office)... because he was the one who wrote them. It is unlikely that the history of U.S. intelligence includes another operation conceived and supervised by the office of the vice president. The staff secretariat, which kept a comprehensive inventory of presidential papers, classified and unclassified, possessed no record of these."
starting over at 60
03:12 PM on 09/14/2008
Have you noticed how the office of the president and vice president seems to be reversed? George is sent off to where ever to do the fluff (chief mourner) & distraction (look how stupid I am when around other countries leaders) while the spyder (cheney) sits in DC spinning his webs. I guess that's what you get when the VP is smarter than the Prez. Anybody think the McCain/Palin ticket will be any different?
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Assimilated by the bong long
02:06 PM on 09/14/2008
This is what happens when honest people who want to do their job run up against crazy people who don't care what the law is and simply want to get their way. What are those people doing in the office of the Vice President? They know no honest people are allowed in there, for goodness sake...
01:58 PM on 09/14/2008