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01:56 PM on 09/15/2008
Fine, Rove said it once and Obama's people were able to put out a memo quoting him, ooooh!

We need a hundered ads calling McCain a liar. We need ads asking why he would oppose that "sex ed" legislation that sought to protect little kids from sexual predators. We need to stick with the truth, but people with the truth can still be passionate.
01:46 PM on 09/15/2008

I just read this and literally looked out my window to see if there were pigs flying by...with lipstick on.

Wow. brought this monster to life...don't pretend to be on the side of the villagers now.
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02:14 PM on 09/15/2008
Nope, I'll keep saying it: Rove ALWAYS used surrogates for the outrageous dirty tricks and lies, that couldn't be traced back to Bush's campaign, allowing "deniability".

McCain's campaign isn't getting that and Rove is letting him have it (and for ignoring Rove).
Joseph A. Palermo
01:36 PM on 09/15/2008
Wow! Rove pretending to care about truth or ethics in a political campaign -- I don't buy it -- he's setting us up for something else later, giving himself bona fides as a truth-teller -- he's coming to my town, Sacramento, to speak for an hour for $40,000 -- we'll be there too, placards in hand.
Salta prima di inacidire
02:14 PM on 09/15/2008
Whoa! He's being paid $40,000 to spout sleaze for an hour? I wouldn't want to listen to him for free. Couldn't that money have been put to better use by these Sacramento people who are paying this kind of money? Like helping out those who are losing their homes, maybe.
03:58 PM on 09/15/2008
He's worried about his own legacy. He let the genie out of the bottle and what the results reveal about the American electorate is not pretty. If McCain wins expect more of the same for years to come. He'll be Macnamara 20 years from now asking for understanding when history looks back at his actions and strategies with disgust.
12:56 PM on 09/15/2008
For all the damage he has done to our nation, as far as I am concerned, Rove can stick his opinion up his doughy butt, and twirl. I'm not even going to read what he has to say.
02:57 PM on 09/15/2008
>>Rove can stick his opinion up his doughy butt, and twirl

Okay, THAT? Was hysterical! Thank you.
12:55 PM on 09/15/2008
One notes that Rove said BOTH Obama's and McCain's ads have gone a step too far.
One notes that McCain can use a computer but avoids it because of pain in arms/hands from old war injuries and torture and subsequent arthritis. Was Obama lying? Will he retract?
06:54 PM on 09/15/2008
Mmmmm...How could he pick the phone at 3:00am or push the button? Further proof, he's not fit to be president...Not even of AARP.
12:46 PM on 09/15/2008
Rove says this drivel so he can maintain enough credibility to sell his useless biased Republican books, keep his place on Fox news and try to get some speaking engagements for$$$$$$$$$$$$$$..he is still the same old Karl...helping to run McSame's campaign. What a hoot!
12:43 PM on 09/15/2008
Republican doctrine is against equal pay for equal work for WOMEN! Who is SEXIST?
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Christian morality is an oxymoron.
12:13 PM on 09/15/2008
I hear even Satan is offended by all the lies.
12:44 PM on 09/15/2008
It's a hoodwink scam by Karl Rove, and the Obama campaign is getting suckered by it when they say "even Karl Rove admits McCain is not being truthful". Rove has been running John McCain's strategy for several weeks now, but he's trying seem independent. At the same time he's trying to make it seem like both sides are "in the bad", which is damage control for the sex-ed attack ad mistake... This works against Obama.
01:39 PM on 09/15/2008
The failure to notice that he's reprimanding the Obama campaign for dishonest ads is just priceless.
Rush Geek
12:12 PM on 09/15/2008
Another misleading headline on HuffPo.

Rove said that McCain AND Obama were going too far in their ads.

Obama has an ad critical of McCain for not being able to send an e-mail.

His injuries from being tourtured in the Hanoi Hilton prevent him from being able to type on a keyboard. They don't mention that in the ad.
12:06 PM on 09/15/2008
"Pot your black.." - Rove

"Thank you kettle" -McCain Camp
12:00 PM on 09/15/2008
Republicans and Rove are way too strategic and mischievous to have this man suddenly chastising his own party on campaign tactics. It's a double hoodwink--Rove is trying to sell the idea that he's not as linked to McCain as people claim, while at the same time getting the press to swallow the unbalanced view that both sides have EVENLY gone too far in telling lies, and thus "it's a wash on that issue". They are trying to keep McCain's sex-ed attack ad from backfiring more than anticipated (especially since suburban moms--a key constituency--seemed particularly offended by it's perverse implications)... Look, these guys didn't con the American public into buying 8 years of a broken down presidency without some sense of slick, dirty selling techniques. I've been in sales, I know when I someone isn't selling clean.
11:58 AM on 09/15/2008
Huffpo, please headline how Mitt Romney is even saying that McCain has lied:
11:43 AM on 09/15/2008
Watch out for a trick. He's got something up his sleeve.
11:11 AM on 09/15/2008
It's good to see that you now consider Karl Rove credible. Remember when you didn't trust him? Will you believe him next week when he springs his trap? Bwa ha ha!
10:53 AM on 09/15/2008
The process of deliberation has been eroded by the purchase of the 'free press.' ...............