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American conservative
07:29 PM on 02/10/2012
She didn't blame the usual suspects
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Is that true or did you hear it on Fox News?
10:50 AM on 02/11/2012
Yes she does but not directly. In the full article,

third paragraph from the bottom, she points out that she thinks the students she interviewed are naive to think that race doesn't and wont shape their lives.

"I still think those teens are naïve to believe that race hasn’t and won’t shape their lives in any way, but at the same time I could kind of see why they would think that way. They’ve been lucky enough to live in a place where racial and social boundaries don’t seem as constricting as they feel to me, living in Brownsville."

She then goes on to say that maybe when she finishes college and makes six figures, she'll be able to let go of her pessimism (I say prejudice). She lives in a racially diverse area where poverty knows no race but still can't seem to see past the color of her own skin and her perception that racism has something to do with the personal success of Black Americans.

It's sad. I thought it was an outstanding article until I reached the end.
10:15 PM on 02/12/2012
I agee, graywolf.

I also think there is a very significant aspect of why her life is the way it is (unfortunately)vs. the other students that she has chosen to overlook...the choices made by their respective parent's.

She is angry over the fact her mother pay's her no attention yet, they have mother's who are involved and "make them snacks when they get home from school". Neither race or income is responsible for this as love/attention/affection/involvement/etc., does not require money, nor does it limit our ability to provide these basic needs to our children.
01:41 PM on 02/14/2012
I actually think you’ve missing many points. You expected the change to be complete at the end of the article. One can’t simply dismiss a mindset that was ingrained nearly from birth with a few interactions. You missed the fact that she actually see’s hope for herself when before she didn’t have any. You missed the fact that she’s aware that her mindset is flawed whereas before she didn’t even know she had a mindset. What you see at the end of that article is a person in transition…not completely there yet but is starting to see a small light at the end of a endless dark tunnel, if only if she could remove the cobwebs of negativity on the way. Remember, this is not a fortysomething or even a thirtysomething but a much younger version of the finished product. You gotta give her time to get there.
We need 21st century thinking!
07:26 PM on 02/10/2012
Thanks Natasha Santos for your very well thought out and well written article. Your story truly warms my heart in many ways. I am an older African American who grew up in Stamford, Ct. in the 1960's in a predominantly white neighborhood. I experienced so much of what you expressed and as a young black girl I had to have much therapy to build my self-esteem and accept myself and my challenging reality. The social and cultural context that I grew up in during the 1960's was certainly more physcially and psychologically demeaning and segregated than what you experience today, but I want to let you know...I made it and so will you. You have much more support today, plus you have the wisdom to see that it is about the mindset you choose to adopt. You know... as you see it, so it shall be. So keep on, keeping on. I can see from your writing that you have a depth to your thinking, and have a talent in how you express your thoughts and feelings. I can see you writing many articles, books and stories in the future. You definitely have a contribution to make to society. So again thank you. And by the way, I went to Brian McMahon Community College. From there I went onto Southern Conn. Univ. for a BA, all the way to a master degree from Bridgeport University and I just bought a new convertible series 1 BMW. :)
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American conservative
07:22 PM on 02/10/2012
Really hupo-I said nothing objectionable.The girl has hope if she can stop listening to libs like you-
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Stop the insanity: PEOPLE before corporations!!!!!
07:10 PM on 02/10/2012
Natasha; I really enjoyed reading your article, and you CAN make it. You CAN break out of the stereotypes! The key is not to fall into the trap of proving the negative images people may have of you as correct. No matter what pre-conceived notion someone has of you (whether it be good or bad) YOU have the power to change and shape their perceptions of you (by the way you carry yourself, if you are kind and polite or not, etc.) You can either confirm those notions as being correct or prove them to be very very wrong. It really IS up to YOU. It's all in your mindset. Keep on writing dear, you're off to a fantastic start!
07:09 PM on 02/10/2012
Excellent article. I've been on both sides. Race unfortunately is more of a tool used to cause harm in America. That tool can also be destroyed by hard work, self respect, and forgiveness. Great article on discovery.
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cheap politicians for sale
07:07 PM on 02/10/2012
there will always be those who think they are better than others due to race, financial status, education and more. The big problem is that it seems that too many of those kind of people are in positions of power in our country.

Your really in trouble if your not of their preferred race, disabled, and without a degree from their preferred institution. America has a Caste system, and its more apparent these days than ever before.
12:15 AM on 02/11/2012
Did you even read this young woman's essay?
Mad to live
06:58 PM on 02/10/2012
Eye-opening. Thank you.
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Keeping an open mind, one post at a time...
05:54 PM on 02/10/2012
Interesting article.

Personally, I think it's a mix of personal let down and a societal one. I can't deny that, yes, as a minority group, blacks can and do hold themselves back by falling into their own stereotypes. With that being said, at the same time those that do break the mold have a whole new set of challenges deal with as far as being a successful minority. This does not mean that other minorities have to go through it, but blacks typically have it the worst. And though you can get past those barriers that come with success, there are constant reminders that you aren't suppose to be where you are. Catch-22
10:17 PM on 02/10/2012
Agreed. Well said.
Equality in Opportunity, NOT in outcome
05:46 PM on 02/10/2012
SAT scores do have strong correlation with income, but also race. Nobody can claim in this country that Asians are richer than Whites yet the average SAT Score for Asians is 1635. Here are some stats from USATODAY.

SAT Scores

1636: Asians
1580: Whites
1444: American Indian or Alaskan natives
1369: Mexican and Mexican Americans
1363: Latinos (excluding Mexicans, Mexican Americans and Puerto Ricans)
1349: Puerto Ricans
1277: African Americans


As for why rich kids do better, their parents have higher IQ most of the time (not always). DNA is part of this picture as well as hard work which is preached among certain people from birth, while others propagate welfare.
06:06 PM on 02/10/2012
No, DNA is not part of this picture. Culture, discrimination, racism, lack of poer are pat of the picture, not DNA.
Equality in Opportunity, NOT in outcome
06:12 PM on 02/10/2012
DNA is a HUGE part of it, culture is just as important ...but culture and DNA are often related. As for discrimination and tell that to Asian kids who make up 80% of some Universities in California.
10:01 PM on 02/10/2012
No. Having 'culture', 'discrimination' and 'racism' as handy excuses for your laziness and mediocrity have a lot more to do with it than the actuality of those factors.
Have an unyielding faith in yourself
06:41 PM on 02/10/2012

This is a rather thoughtless assessment. Can you draw any analogy between the experiences of Blacks versus Asians in America? Since the answer is a resounding no, how can you jump to such an overgeneralized conclusion?
Equality in Opportunity, NOT in outcome
06:44 PM on 02/10/2012
O, stop already. Asians were not a privileged class in US yet they do very well. WHY, because their culture pushes them to succeed, while in black communities many (not all) propagate the culture of welfare.

I have no BID for Political Correctness, because it k!ll$ the truth.
Go out there and win an election... After 2016
09:03 PM on 02/10/2012
"Can you draw any analogy between the experience­s of Blacks versus Asians in America?"

Yes. People who focus on their education and work hard tend do do better in life.
It was true of my black grandmother in the 1940s and it's true of my contemporaries.
Work is the differentiating factor... the ONLY differentiating factor.
670 Economists(6 w/ Nobel Prize) like Mitt's plan
05:36 PM on 02/10/2012
Get ready to get beat up over this article. Liberals cannot stand it when people don't blame the white guys.
Birthers are nasty little creatures.
06:07 PM on 02/10/2012
As if one article explains the reason for the wealth and achievement gap. People like you want to believe in a fairytale version of the United States. You don't even know the country's history. If you did, you wouldn't make such a simplistic comment.
No better friend, no worse enemy
07:57 PM on 02/10/2012
If its a fairy tale than I'm Snow White. I come from a latino family, from the "hood". And through hard work, perseverance (and some discipline learned in the USMC) I've carved a very nice life for myself. Maybe you need to actually try it out and you wouldn't bee so bitter or felt like you were entitled to somthing.
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Shish Kebab, anyone?
06:17 PM on 02/10/2012
Who would you have us blame? Puerto Ricans?
No better friend, no worse enemy
07:54 PM on 02/10/2012
No, blame the left wing who is always telling us "minorities" that we need them to succeed in America.
05:26 PM on 02/10/2012
Great story, great ending to the story. But I think that the writer definately had a more of a bad start with the parents she was dealt than the poverty she was born into. Poverty doesn't make you not give a damn about your kids.