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03:50 PM on 02/11/2012
Sonny Steelgrave's (Ray Sharkey) betrayal and death in the original broadcast of Wiseguy was played to "Knights in White Satin." Tremendously affecting, but music rights issues caused it to be scrubbed on the dvd.
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03:45 PM on 02/11/2012
Funny you should pick the Grammys. The Grammys are the reason I stopped watching awards shows back in the 70s. Why? Aretha Franklin live back in 72[?] absolutely butchered Simon and Garfunkel's tune. Both of whom were front row center and looking like they wanted ro upchuck on their patent leather shoes. How bad was it? She was half way through the song before I figured out what she was attempting to sing.
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03:23 PM on 02/11/2012
Several omitted shows worth mentioning (too many examples in each to list all):

Miami Vice, Crime Story, & Breaking Bad.
08:12 PM on 02/11/2012
Agreed. The "In the Air Tonight" scene from Miami Vice would top my list.
03:21 PM on 02/11/2012
The Wonder Years was packed full of great musical moments. There is an episode that end at a junior high dance with the Righteous Brothers Unchained Melody. And another with Elton John's Seasons (Ain't it funny how young lovers start as friends). As a matter of fact, it is kinda funny, as I recall.
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02:44 PM on 02/11/2012
My vote: "Hey Hey My My" - Neil Young from the Sons of Anarchy season 3 finale.
Dion Tillmon
02:37 PM on 02/11/2012
The moments in "E.R." & "Six Feet Under" are touching but there two you forgot.

The one from "The Cosby Show" where Heathcliff(Bill Cosby's character) threw a 49th Wedding Anniversary celebration with his family and did a little entertainment lip synching Ray Charles' "The Night Time Is The Right Time" & little Rudy stole the moment with her lip synching "BABY"!!!!

The second one is from "Moonlighting" where David & Maddy final settle the sexual tension that had surrounded them ever since they meet. The song "Be My Baby" by The Ronnettes" is playing during this moment. I could count the episode where Billy Joel's "Big Man On Mulberry Street" was used in "Moonlighting" but "Be My Baby" was much better.
02:33 PM on 02/11/2012
i'm thinking about something from buffy the vampire slayer. angel "dies" & buffy sitting on a bus, angel by sarah mclachlan playing in the background ... someone fill in the blanks please. would love a link to the clip!
03:16 PM on 02/11/2012
The song is "Full of Grace."
03:35 PM on 02/11/2012
Totally agree, that was a much more memorable song for the series.
That's no cause for rejoicing, is it?
02:05 PM on 02/11/2012
after diane left cheers, irving berlin's "what'll i do" played over some images of the life that she and sam could have had. that's got to be one of the best uses of music in tv, right?
02:01 PM on 02/11/2012
Katherine didn't win an emmy for that episode, she didn't even win an emmy for that season, she won it for the episode about her biological daughter in season 3.
01:59 PM on 02/11/2012
Soprano's ending is probably my favorite ending to a TV series. That will probably change once Breaking Bad ends...
Tired of Willful Liars.
01:56 PM on 02/11/2012
I've never watched "Rescue Me" before, but that clip was really really intense and sad.
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02:50 PM on 02/11/2012
Rescue Me had some very great moments to it...
01:50 PM on 02/11/2012
Taxi, when Christopher Lloyd's Rev. Jim loses his father. Stevie Wonder's "You are the sunshine of my life".
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02:00 PM on 02/11/2012
My Dad danced with my sister at that song at her wedding. He told me then, that he had a different special song picked out me. Sadly, he died 11 months before I got married so I never knew what it was. But "You Are the Sunshine of My Life" always always reminds me of him. Thanks for the lovely memory.
01:49 PM on 02/11/2012
Why did I seriously wake up this morning singing that version of Over the Rainbow? And then it made me think of Dr. Green's death on ER. And now I see it on HuffPost. SOOO weird!! I haven't seen that episode in years, and it wasn't even a show that I watched regularly.

BTW, The Wonder Years is one of the greatest shows in TV history.
02:39 PM on 02/11/2012
Everytime that I see the scene in The Wonder Years where Brian - Winnie's brother - dies in Viet Nam, I remember hearing about the death of one of my classmates' brothers in Viet Nam.

They caught the feeling exactly.
06:35 PM on 02/11/2012
Wow. I'm sure it was very scary.
01:48 PM on 02/11/2012
There's a song missing from this list: Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits, played on Two Cathdrals, lasta episode of the second season of West Wing
Ignoratio Elenchi
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01:55 PM on 02/11/2012
"Crystal Bell"
01:55 PM on 02/11/2012
I was having such problem finding a good "West Wing" clip on YouTube! My personal favorite is "The Little Drummer Boy" scene from the ep "In Excelsis Deo."
02:41 PM on 02/11/2012
I always cry my way through that scene. Also, the scene where CJ's agent is shot and killed...I think they play "Hallelujah".

The West Wing is great and their use of music outstanding. I own the complete series.
02:50 PM on 02/11/2012
Found it...shooting of Mark Harmon in the West Wing with "Hallelujah"...
01:45 PM on 02/11/2012
West Wing....Hallelujah.....when C.J's body guard dies (Mark Harmon)