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SocialistDistortion 11:34 AM on 02/14/2012
At this rate, it won't just be recreational drug users who maintain that 90 percent quota. We'll start seeing dissidents, and possibly even g.ays and/or non-christians begin to fill the prison ranks if we continue to let the ultra-right wing of the GOP have their way and dominate the discussion. And this is not some tinfoiI-hatted theory, either. We've seen this type of thing before, and in recent history,  Read More...
09:12 AM on 03/02/2012
The term "corrections department" seems to refer only to the financial status of the prison system. Human beings, once charged with any crime, are caught in the revolving door of probation, parole and prison to keep the cash flowing into the corruptions department! A horror, and disgrace for our country!
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Cafe Con Leche Party
10:49 PM on 03/25/2013
The "land of the free" also has the title as the "land with the most incarcerated" and to add sugar, spice and everything nice, our only foot in Cuba, are the prisons at Guantanamo Bay..which is just ironic when we criticize the Cuban government...
09:23 PM on 09/30/2013
07:18 PM on 02/29/2012
Wow! ANOTHER way to 'stick it to the little guy'. Bottom line, privatization is for PROFIT. How obscene is it to PROFIT off the unfortunate and/or egregious actions of the least of us regardless of the crime. The wolves see an opening and (NATURALLY) run for it. The REASON privatization is a HORRIBLE idea is exemplified in the 'guaranteed 90%' clause. So, what happens if society realizes that 'correction' is not the answer, and the INCENTIVE FOR PROFIT is removed? Who gets sued? The PEOPLE. What a way to guarantee the profit motive...keep em' coming, keep em' coming, no matter what they've done (or DIDN'T do..) just keep em' coming... Prisons are NOT a 'cash cow' for the fortunate to suck off of at the expense of the less fortunate. This scheme is about as transparently disgusting as any other offered up by republican shills... Absolutely ridiculous...
03:47 PM on 02/26/2012
For profit, corporate prisons are one of the biggest abominations in human history. To be viable, a corporation needs to continue growing. Do the math, for a prison corporation to grow, it needs a continuous and ever growing supply of fresh meat. Ever notice how many more things have become illegal just since the '80s? The gov. sells all this to us as new public safety measures, but all that has happened is the US having the worlds leading incarceration rate and largest prison population. Coincidence? I think not.

With NDAA 2012, the "Patriot Act", the War on Drugs, the War on Terror, and all the other erosions of liberty "necessary for public safety", one half of the population will be working to house the other half in a prison. Think about that carefully when you go to vote. Hint: Obama wants more prisons, as do Romney, Santorum and Newt.
07:35 PM on 05/15/2012
You hit the nail on the head! This is the new slavery.

A majority of inmates are there for drug related crimes. More than half of our prison population are addicts. Born that way? An ever increasing budget for the War on Drugs since the 70's and this is where the money trail lead. What a country.
11:44 AM on 02/26/2012
From the article...

"Corrections Corporation of America, the nation's largest operator of for-profit prisons, has sent letters recently to 48 states offering to buy up their prisons as a remedy for "challenging corrections budgets." In exchange, the company is asking for a 20-year management contract, plus an assurance that the prison would remain at least 90 percent full"

Yes, I realize that states are in bad financial shape, but "an assurance that the prison would remain at least 90 percent full"?

Seriously? Think about what that kind of assurance would do to police practices. Arrest quotas will be the new normal for every community. And the drug war would be even harder to end. thanks.
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Cafe Con Leche Party
10:50 PM on 03/25/2013
The police quotas already exist in the minority neighborhoods, but no longer will they practice discriminatory and racist polices, but instead include all other Americans in the race to incarcerate everyone.
11:56 PM on 03/25/2013
That's actually a good thing. Problems tend to be addressed a lot faster when white Americans are included in the group of adversely affected Americans.
11:57 PM on 03/25/2013
But to be clear, I am completely against our march toward a police state.
Progressive Family for 4 generations
01:59 AM on 02/26/2012 page 8/footnotes

case against CAA for abuses in Detention Centers setup for illegal immigrants and their families/
Philip Perry (Dick CHeney's son-in-law) was General COunsel for Department for Homeland Security at a time when CAA received lucrative contracts to set up detention centers.
He then lobbied for CAA while working as an attorney for Latham & Watkins
To profit from human suffering is disgusting
Progressive Family for 4 generations
01:55 AM on 02/26/2012 Page 8 /footnotes
Case relating to abuses by CAA against immigrants in detention centers run by CAA fascinating reading ...but sad

Philip Perry(Cheney's son-in-law) was General Counsel for Dept. Homeland works for Latham & Watkins and lobbied for CAA and CAA is very involved in detention centers for illegal immigrants and their families.......CAA received lucrative contracts from the Dept. of Homeland Security...
Progressive Family for 4 generations
01:05 AM on 02/26/2012
And let us guess who is a big player in this Corporation/ DIck Cheney's son-in-law....
everyone please connect the dots!
Sempre ubi sub ubi.
02:44 PM on 02/22/2012
One nation, under lock and key.....
11:31 PM on 02/21/2012
In reading the essay “The Caging of America” by Adam Gopnik, our group had an overall response of concern to the commercialization of America’s prison system. Through the essay, the for-profit private company Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) was brought to our attention. CCA is paid by each state to manage assigned prisons, and increases their profits by maximizing prison space and minimizing funds spent per prisoner. While Gopnik touches on this in the essay, further research introduced the contract CCA recently proposed to 48 states to purchase and manage their prisons. This proposal outlined a 20-year management contract, on the premise that states would maintain a minimum occupancy of 90%, thus turning incarceration into a mere business transaction.

Gopnik’s essay made an excellent case for concern over the current structure of America’s prison system. The issue of CCA’s involvement leads us to also question the shift in methods of imprisonment. The substandard quality of life brought on by CCA’s severe cost cuts strongly reflects the shift to what Gopnik described as a “Southern” approach to punishment as opposed to the reform-based methods traditional of the “Northern” penitentiaries. It is in this Southern approach that Gopnik suggests that our current prison system is a direct reflection of the structuralist oppression that was previously demonstrated through slavery and is now hidden within our methods of incarceration.

The article can be found here:
It is, what it is!
04:48 PM on 02/21/2012
Without reading other comments first, I bet that few will recognized the inherent danger from judges and law enforcement official sending innocence people to jail to keep up the census. I believe two judges have already been tried for sending young people too long sentences for misdemeanors. This is prime breeding grounds for corruption. Peoples Civil Rights are going to be stumped on as never before. The inmates, yes some are criminals, and should be incarcerated for their original crimes but not perceived charges by prison officials to keep up the populations. In the south, they had chain gangs that were loan out to farmers for cash to the Warden. OIC this is the way Back to the Future Antebellum South.
BHO 2012
Mary Keefe
08:26 PM on 03/14/2012
bunch of godamn corrupted crooks
03:53 PM on 02/21/2012
Do you mean to tell me that our government can actually sign a contract that says it will supply a set number of "prisoners" !!!??? That must be illegal somehow .. if not, get ready for the return of "debtors' prisons" .. If you owe money that you can't pay dear debt slave, we will put you into our corporate greed grinder (remember Soylent Green?) .. How else will they supply these horror houses with bodies ?? More and more things will become "illegal" and subject to prison time .. Just recently the indefinite detention bill NDAA was signed into law .. It allows Americans to be sent to prison without trial and held indefinitely .. We must stand up people .. We cannot let this happen !!
11:45 PM on 02/20/2012
There is very new science on the brain, inflammation and ADHD (and many other disorders such as autism). If you've ever known anyone with ADD/ADHD, you know their odds of ending up in prison are very high...or at best, just wandering around aimlessly, not moving forward in their life.

21-45% of criminals in prison have ADHD 15 clinical studies from peer reviewed journals show. Only 8% of children and 5% of adults have ADHD. T

I would love to see a study where they put an entire prison population on a lactose/gluten free diet to see what changes take place.I have no doubt, that prison population would have a much higher incidence of college degrees and decreased recidivism...ADHD is in part,an impulse control problem...If these diets help autistic kids talk,you better believe they can change even more minor behaviors... Diet is huge....
04:30 AM on 02/19/2012
If you live in the US and have the opportunity to leave and find permanent residence elsewhere, do so immediately. Your freedom is for sale and if your own country won't defend it, then it's time to find one that will.
Parade Keegan
I Can Hear You
02:29 PM on 02/20/2012
Seems this is so.
Stop mass incarceration. End the phony drug war.
11:17 PM on 02/18/2012
Drug war profiteers. They profit on ruined lives created by failed federal drug policies. Shameful!
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07:21 PM on 02/18/2012
A big "Thank You!!!" to nine brave Florida Republican Senators who voted with Democrats to stop the attempt to fast-track privatizing prisons here - one was even stripped of his committee chairmanship because he voted against the party line. Very grateful for their integrity.