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I have seen the writing on the wall.
08:42 PM on 02/16/2012
Well duhhhhh, you don't think that drinking 14 teaspoons of sugar desolved in carbonated water will adversely affect your health ??
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Norma Corlis
change my name here to something else. Thank u
07:28 PM on 02/16/2012
Never drink that stuff. Not good for the body ect.
Sue Bryant
06:56 PM on 02/16/2012
I gave up drinking sweetened beverages (except for rare occasions) years ago, and I've found it much easier to maintain my weight.
06:38 PM on 02/16/2012
Drinking more water hasn't really helped me weight wise but it seems to help toning up my muscles more.
The greatest thing you'll ever learn...
07:17 PM on 02/16/2012
Funny, it really helped me losing a lot of weight. Along with a diet of course, but I found drinking a big glass of water when you're actually looking for food helps to appease the stomach, you can feel the conforting sensation. So I found. I shed 48 pounds. Still helps me keep my weight.
07:35 PM on 02/16/2012
Well you are most likely younger than me and don't have medical issues.I am in fairly good shape but unfortunately inherited my Father's little bladder.I,like my late Mother HATE the taste of tap water.Only in a few cities does it taste good.When you get to a certain age,over 50 the body fights anything you try.I have been drinking lime flavored Perrier water which I do like but its a pain buying the bottles,esp the glass ones.Some stores do have the plastic bottles.Congrats on your 48 lb weight loss.If I could only get 30 lbs/ 40lbs off!!!!! As least I walk each day,well most days.
and that's all that needs to be said...
02:05 PM on 02/17/2012
good job!

I think that's awesome. And I bet by drinking water when you THINK you're hungry, you are more in tune with your REAL hunger signals and you eat when you're hungry (and for no other reason!)

I've been experimenting with this myself. I'm a bit of a food addict, sweets in particular, but i've been skipping meals every other day and drinking water instead. I no longer need to worry about what to eat half the time and the water keeps me hydrated and healthy. And i dont even get hungry until my normal eating time --- i guess my body has adapted.

the final realization i had was that we just don't need to eat all day like people suggest. The body is just fine and as long as you eat SOMETHING every once in a while and not go into a fasted state for more than 48 hours, your body will not go into 'starvation mode' which seems to be a buzzword for people who don't know what they're talking about.

The problem with water and weight loss is that people think that they can lose weight by JUST drinking water. gotta change that diet.
05:42 PM on 02/16/2012
08:50 PM on 02/16/2012
Yeah! Really; exactly! Can you believe it?
The greatest thing you'll ever learn...
06:36 PM on 02/17/2012
Go lose 48 pounds, then you can come back and say Duh!