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07:52 PM on 02/25/2012
Tomato marmalade doesn't belong on an American standard. I would like to tell you in person where you should put it. Yuck! YUCK!!
09:21 PM on 02/25/2012
07:49 PM on 02/25/2012
I make the best grilled cheese sandwich in the house. 2 slices of cheese between 2 slices of bread, and cook that baby. You've just been schooled.
07:41 PM on 02/25/2012
two thick slices of cheese two thick slices of fresh tomato grilled to perfection one bowl of home made tomato soup comfort food at its best yum
07:29 PM on 02/25/2012
You forget about Cleveland, Ohio. We have a restaurant called Melt. All griiled cheese sandwiches. The best of the best.
09:27 PM on 02/25/2012
I agree 100%.
07:23 PM on 02/25/2012
I have several suggestions for the tomato marmalade...non have to do with a sandwich! Yuck!
07:09 PM on 02/25/2012
I find that if you microwave the sandwich for 30 seconds before you grill it (thus getting the cheese smooshy) makes for a better sandwich.
08:12 PM on 02/25/2012
Great tip!
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08:43 PM on 02/25/2012
Get your pan good and hot before you cook the sandwich, then there will be no need for the Micro Wave.
06:24 PM on 02/25/2012
I make a great grilled cheese sandwich... hearty multi grain bread baked at Costco, 3 year old Vermont cheddar cheese, real butter spread lightly on the outside, then grilled in my panini press until the cheese is melted. It's so good... no condiments needed. I usually eat it with a bowl of tomato soup ... this is a comfort meal of all American goodness.

Of course the sandwich can be cooked in a skillet, but it's best to use some kind of press on top, so the bread is slightly compressed. If you're using a skillet or griddle, use a small heavy pan on top as it cooks. I think the light pressure helps to produce a better carmelized tasting crust and the cheese sort of melts into the interior surface of the bread better. Sometimes it's the small things that make all the difference.
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08:37 PM on 02/25/2012
A nice side is Hellish Relish made from thin cut carrots, sliced savoy cabbage, thin sliced zuccini, chopped orange Holland peppers, a few paper-thin slices of Serrano peppers, and dressing made from teaspoon of sugar, quarter teaspoon of salt, and quarter cup of white vinegar....Al-
06:15 PM on 02/25/2012
The Grahamwich look really good, but I think I would ask you to hold the tomato maramalade.
06:09 PM on 02/25/2012
Not having Melt from Cleveland makes this list WRONG.
10:32 PM on 02/25/2012
Ryan, like Cleveland, you have no fans.
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05:46 PM on 02/25/2012
Finally, an article on HP where nobody went off topic to talk about something completely unrelated and no spam. Leave it to a article about grilled cheese to actually pull that off. YOU GO GRILLED CHEESE!!!
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killed and eaten by cannibals in a previous life
07:17 PM on 02/25/2012
I,m sorry cshunn I couldn't resist picking on you no harm intended.
05:33 PM on 02/25/2012
The fact that "Melt" in Lakewood / Cleveland Ohio is not included on this list invalidates everything.
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07:07 PM on 02/25/2012
If my mom & dad were alive, they would totally agree, they lived in the Cleveland, Lakewood area until my Dad died in 1975!!
05:29 PM on 02/25/2012
Mom's cheeze sandwiches are always the best. Made with LOVE !
05:16 PM on 02/25/2012
While some of the "best" grilled cheese sandwiches listed sound like they might be good, they are not grilled cheese sandwiches......cheese, bread, butter, grill.....that is a grilled cheese sandwich.
07:02 PM on 02/25/2012
I agree, the line between grilled cheese and panini is getting blurred!
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05:11 PM on 02/25/2012
Two slices of good Texas Toast, butter one side each liberally, 2 thin slices of Kentucky Legend double smoked ham, thin sliced Romano tomato, liberal amounts of Velveeta cheese. Get your pan good an hot before you cook it.
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07:46 PM on 02/25/2012
Don't forget the blood pressure gauge.
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08:14 PM on 02/25/2012
Good Lord person, not advocating that you eat this "every day"! Once in a while during the winter is all I eat it.
08:16 PM on 02/25/2012
Oh, lighten up.
Ohio mom
08:37 PM on 02/25/2012
Ewww...Velveeta is NOT cheese. It's "cheese" food product.
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10:37 PM on 02/25/2012
Ewww yourself "mom", Velveeta as everyone knows is not a "real cheese", but a lot of people use it in macaroni, cheese dips, etc.. To my way of thinking it is not "bad" for you if you don't eat it on a daily basis, and I don't think a lot of people do. I don't eat it on a bi-monthly basis if you must know. However, it does taste damn good to me, and makes a heck of a grilled cheese sandwich. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. To give you a little credit on your argument, I wouldn't recommend anyone eating it out of the package, like you would "real cheese", but Velveeta "comes into its own" when you "cook it", and to the best of my knowledge there is nothing in it that will hurt you, unless you are "lactose intolerant".
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05:09 PM on 02/25/2012
Less should be more. What's wrong with the old fashioned, plain grilled cheese sandwich. No wonder people have clogged arteries & hear attacks.
08:51 PM on 02/25/2012
Grilled cheese sandwiches cause clogged arteries? I guess, if you overindulge in said sandwich too often.

Hear attacks? Call the darn police in that case. ;)