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Gregory Schwartz
12:00 PM on 02/26/2012
There must be a lot of love in that family! How many fathers take such an active role with their children? The photos will be cherished for so many years to come. Mr. Lee and his daughters are having so much fun, creating the memories of a lifetime! What a lucky family!
11:58 AM on 02/26/2012
This was one of the most ADORABLE Photo shoots I personally have EVER seen. Thank you so much Mr. Lee for sharing this with all of us. Please continue to be creative and share more stories like this.
11:53 AM on 02/26/2012
Will wonders never cease? HP actually posted a GREAT story! Thank you.
I comment on here for the lolz
12:11 PM on 02/26/2012
Exactly what I was thinking.
03:44 PM on 02/26/2012
11:40 AM on 02/26/2012
Such a creative photographer with a great sense of humor. Of course, two beautiful children helps.
Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stranger :P
03:30 PM on 02/26/2012
True:) But aren't all children beautiful?:))
The Purpurescent Pimpernel
11:40 AM on 02/26/2012
Oh my gosh! I got cavities just looking at these photos. Very sweet!
11:30 AM on 02/26/2012
Haha that Angry Birds one and the Mario one made me laugh!
11:28 AM on 02/26/2012
This is probably the most wonderful article I have read in a very long time. I appluad Mr. Lee for the love of his mother, his beautiful children and his wonderful creative mind. It's both a beautiful story that is truly told through his wonderful photography.
Nothing new under the sun.
11:25 AM on 02/26/2012
Real cute photo's about time I finished trying to figure out the photo trickery my kids would be adults.... lol So the basic caught off there guard will have to do for their Granny.
11:06 AM on 02/26/2012
These are such cool pictures. There is a lot of talent involved in creating something so different -- but oh, so much fun to look through them.
Sweet & Sassy!
10:55 AM on 02/26/2012
Way too cute! Very creative and fun.
10:51 AM on 02/26/2012
Oh my gosh, these are adorable! Congratulations.
10:48 AM on 02/26/2012
Love these Kid pictures. I think they are unique and precious. Good photography & looks like alot of fun.
10:46 AM on 02/26/2012
I just went thru these pictures & could not help but to smile
10:45 AM on 02/26/2012
We loved every one of the pictures. What a wonderful gift your daughters are? They looked like they had a great time doing the pictures.
10:29 AM on 02/26/2012
I cannot believe this. I see another Oaklahoma City bombing all over again. Putting your kids on TNT. That is not only crazy, his kids should be taken away by child services, and he should be mentally evaluated