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04:44 PM on 09/19/2008
Loved your response Arianna. Provocative party patter trumped by reality, a towering inferno.
04:42 PM on 09/19/2008
Telling it like it is - Serious issues for a serious time!!

Thanks Arianna!
Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand..FD
04:42 PM on 09/19/2008
Arianna....You go girl! LOL...the line about "we suddenly realize the house is on fire" is hilarious. And you make an excellent point about women having to make life work for them even more than men (especially considering the rate of single/divorced moms out there), and holding down the fort even when they are married. Palin does not represent our interests at all.

You were wonderful and the bloggers that post to your site deserve a lot of credit for the turnaround. I notice that this site picks up and breaks a story sooner that others (Washington Post, NY Times, CNN, Even from the saw the smoke and haven't missed a beat since.

Everyone should watch the entire clip.
The entire clip is here (Thanks Waltb31)
No Facebook so...
04:37 PM on 09/19/2008
Palin is not qualified. No matter how many times it's repeated, or how many people repeat it, saying she's qualified remains a lie. A baldfaced lie. Shame on every one of you. Show some concern for America why don't ya?
Painting the house blue in 2014.
04:34 PM on 09/19/2008
A dinner guest that won't go home.
04:33 PM on 09/19/2008
When are we going to start talking about what's REALLY SCARY about Sarah Palin?

She's a young-earth creationist, believing that the earth is 6,000 years old, and that man and dinosaurs roamed the world at the same time.

This means that she rejects rational thought. How frightening is that?
04:21 PM on 09/19/2008
It's worth watching the whole interview. McCain's bubble-headed shill rehashes every distraction the McCain campaign has thrown out there and yet never gets around to answering *why* Palin's approval rating among women voters has dropped 11% in a single week. That ain't no bounce, kids. That's a THUD.
12:01 PM on 09/20/2008
I have a sense that most women dislike women who get out of fixes by coasting on their looks and trying to play the girl. Palin has evaded scrutiny by playing the girl. By playing the damsel in distress whining about how mean the press is to her. Sending out "Protect me ! Help me !" signals with the skill of Mary Astor's character in "The Maltese Falcon" works with lots of men, which is why Republican men are crazy over her. But we're not going to be fools for her like Jaccoby, Thursby, and God knows who else.

She has been the beneficiary of a conservatism that distrusts "book larnin" and "pointy heded intellekshuls" and sees ignorance as proof of sincerity. She has been the beneficiary of a dangerous sentimentalism that thinks that self confidence and perky optimism are the answers to every problem. Especially problems that the "eggheads" can't fix. Matt Damon put it so well when he compared her candidacy to a "bad Disney movie".

There is nothing like the prospect of living in your car and eating cat food for the rest of your life to sober people up.
04:15 PM on 09/19/2008
The immediate reaction to Palin was, WTF? Are you serious? Mayor of 7000? Beauty pageant queen? And what's up with her preggo daughter and Mom's abstinence fervor, her secessionist husband (and her own secessionist/John Birch leanings), etc. Then the media got the memo that they needed to be nice to her. And then her "knockout" speech (that I thought was cheesy and bitchy) and the wingnut media gushing over their new star.

This is just people realizing they've been had or reverting to their initial impression of her. And way too few people know enough about her yet. When they learn more, those numbers will hit Bush/Cheney levels, because she is cut from their pscyho cloth.
05:01 PM on 09/19/2008
I din't know I have never payed much attention to Politics but always supported Hillary. When she was running this year I started paying very close attention, studied her voting records and took a close look at what she had promised the people of my state when I voted for her. I shortly figured out that she really doesn't represent the real American woman and is a robotic politician saying and doing what she must to get elected. I think most people saw through her and that is why she was at a ribbon cutting ceremony in Rochester NY today and not on the campaign trail. However, learning what I have so far I see this Palin person as nothing but a very typical American Woman - something Washington needs for a change - she is the real thing. For those trying to make her look bad - sorry it just comes off like a serious case of jealousy.
If we only had a "free" press!
05:27 PM on 09/19/2008
Hmm, so this is what you are learning? And after paying attention?
Be who you are and say what you feel.
05:55 PM on 09/19/2008
Angiedean, don't worry, love. I'll be embarrassed by your point of view enough for both of us.

Now please stop talking. Follow Palin's lead: Just smile and look perdy.
04:14 PM on 09/19/2008
Arriana, Emmerson once desribed a dinner guest with the following quote. The louder he spoke of his honor the faster we counted the silver.'
04:13 PM on 09/19/2008
*cheering loudly*
Once again, Arianna has brough the issue straight home. Our house is definately ON FIRE. America needs another four years of Bush like it needs a hole in the head.
04:11 PM on 09/19/2008
Arianna shows one of Her Skills once again!!
Still My Bleeding Heart
04:24 PM on 09/19/2008
I'd rather have Arianna as VP than Sarah Palin, nationality be damned. She's far smarter, has more integrity, cares more about the country, KNOWS more about the country and foreign affairs and last but not least, is far prettier than Palin ever was.
If we only had a "free" press!
07:07 PM on 09/19/2008
Who wouldn't ?
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04:04 PM on 09/19/2008
Dateline Washington DC - March 1 2009

Newly-elected President John McCain announced today that he was appointing Vice President Sarah Palin to oversee the continuing US financial crisis and Wall Street bailout. "Economics is not my strong point," the President said. "Sarah Palin was a working Mom who had to deal with real family budget issues. She is perfect for the job."

The president also stated that the appointment would free up more time to attend to the "worsening Spanish crisis in South America."
03:59 PM on 09/19/2008
Then at the party we noticed this Sarah guest wanted all the other guest's pay her 300 dollars a piece, per diem
03:58 PM on 09/19/2008
Right, Arainna; Palin was not vetted by the McCain campaign, and now McCain/Palin are paying the price. Whether they like it or not, Palin is being and will be vetted as the stories come out from AK. This "shining star" of the GOP has turned out to be more of a bottle rocket: a loud whistle, a stream of fire climbing up into the sky, then a flash, pop, and gone. She's become a major distraction, and makes McCain look like a doddering old fool.
04:33 PM on 09/19/2008
For me she is like the "dud firecracker" that you ignite and it fizzles out before it can get going.
03:45 PM on 09/19/2008
I think Arianna got it wrong. It's like being at a dinner party with an entertaining guest, THEN you find out everything she has been telling you is a lie.